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The “Brahmin” hero, Parag Chakraborty – my, my, what a great man!

A man committed to trumpeting own greatness – as a “Brahmin” – by name of Parag Chakraborty, came to one of my blog posts the other day and put out some of the most amazing comments I’ve received on my blog:

Comment 1

One first class typical low IQ Indian has created this blog and typical low IQ low caste people have commented.

Hey Ganesh:You idiot Bengali Brahmins with 2 million population have already produced 3 Nobel prize worthy work from India.Tagore,IVF pioneer Subhas Mukhopadhyay,Amartya Sen.

In USA Bengali Brahmins have 5000 population and from that population we have 1200+ patents which is best stat in the world.In USA we have also won 14 grammy awards(Ravishankar and his daughter Nora Jones),2 Pulitzer winners and one of the greatest microbiologist dr Anandamohan Chakraborty.

In 2012 Ashoke Sen working in India won world’s richest scientific prize $3M-Milner prize.

So don’t comment about your superior MASTER Bengali Brahmin and stay under our feet.

Comment 2

Oh Idiot! Among 1200+ patents in USA,our family has 330+ patents.

Google this name:Inventor Arpan Chakraborty.At age of 32 he(my cousin) has 190 patents.He will go down one of the greatest inventor of all time.My uncle inventor Amit Chakraborty has 113 patents and I have 48 patents at age of 26.

Read this blog-Indian/Chinese IQ puzzle(comments 949-981).I wrote about it there and since then whole world follow us on twitter.

We are not third rate Brahmin as you first class idiot have commented,but we are best in the world.Now be jealous of your superior MASTER.

He then took my bait [see this] and provided some of his details. I now have a bit of a profile about him.

Worth discussing briefly, and placing this on the public record.

I do so not out of malice, but out of pity. For him. For his pathetically weak sense of self-worth, for his need to have his “accomplishments” praised, for his need to attribute his accomplishments to “Brahminhood”, and for his comprehensive failure to analyse society or economy or to even understand what I wrote on my blog post.

A sad case, to be much pitied.


His nickname is Sampan. A graduate of Pune University, he currently lives in Sunnyvale [probably one of these places].

His Linkedin profile: [Screenshot]

His F6S profile:

His patents:

His twitter account: [Also this, which he “jointly” operates:]

His blog:

His google page:


This is the screenshot:

sampan chakraborty

I’m sure there is some convoluted argument by which 8 (eight) followers translate into “several” millions.

But that’s not the point. The point to note is that someone cares so much that a large number of people “follow” him, that he makes that the key qualifier of his profile.

I have a suspicion the man failed to compete with his peers in standard, well-regarded approaches in his field (e.g. IIT entrance exam?) and has made it his life’s mission to chrun out petty patents on every topic under the sun, and to boast about his being “Brahmin”, in order to prove his “greatness”.

Note also the account: which he jointly operates with his “inventive” family. [Science geeks@bosemicrowave. Account run by Sampan Chakraborty & 3 of world’s most prolific inventors. Arpan Chakraborty (192 patents), Amit Chakraborty(114 patents), Sambit(48 patents).]

He has set up two accounts: One account praises his other account (i.e. himself!)



A man much to be pitied.

I encourage him to not feel so inferior. He has tried to rise from the pathetic socialist education system of India and has moved to the USA where anyone who puts in some effort can do well.

I wish him well in his future endeavours.

In particular, I recommend he try to understand basic economics and political philosophy (and biology). Doing so will show him why some countries succeed, and others don’t. America doesn’t have “Brahmins”, but the average American has produced wonderful stuff, including innovations in every field of life.

What matters, dear Sampan, is FREEDOM. When you’ve understood that, your fever about your greatness, or the greatness of “Brahmins” will disappear.

In relation to “Brahmins”, I hereby anoint all Dalits as Brahmins. And I challenge anyone to oppose me. These ignorant fool “Brahmins” have made India the socialist hell hole it is. The filthtiest place in the world. The poorest place in the world. These fools don’t understood the basics of economics or governance and flee to live in the West, since they can’t do anythign about their own country.

The only Indian in pre-Independence India who understood economics was Ambedkar, the man they oppressed and ridiculed.

And they try to tell others they are “superior”. Such fools are to be deeply pitied. They know not, AND CAN’T KNOW what they don’t know.

I encourage Sampan to abandon religion, which is the most false and spurious idea ever invented. Sampan, if you understand even the BASICS of science, you’ll give up the nonsense of religion. The fact that you don’t, says it all.

Unfortunately, some people may be fundamentally ill-equipped to understand. Understanding economics, political philosophy and biology is not for everyone.

But I encourage you to do whatever little you can, with the equipment you have been born with.


Sampan Chakraborty, Parag Chakraborty, Arpan Charkraborty, @bosemicrowave, @cultofcreations

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STOP your taqiya, Maajid Nawaz. There is NO Islamism. There’s ONLY Islam.

This man Maajid Nawaz is carrying out a MASSIVE campaign of disinformation to promote Islam through subterfuge (see his article: Battle with radical Islamism is a clash of civilisations).

In Islam this approach is specified – it is called taqiya. He is DEFENDING Islam while trying to throw up a red herring called Islamism.

THERE IS NOTHING CALLED “ISLAMISM”. That word is the purest form of nonsense ever invented. There is ONLY Islam.

The Quran and Hadith are 100 per cent clear: that MURDER (aka jihad) is the only way to deal with kafirs. MURDER is a Muslim’s primary duty. The more devout a Muslim, the more he/she murders. That’s all there is to it.

Maajid says, blithely, attempting to throw wool over people’s eyes:

“We must come to terms with the fact that we are in the midst of a generational ideological struggle to distinguish Islam as a faith from the political ideology of Islamism and its violent manifestation, jihadism.”

“We can distinguish Islamist extremism from Islam by clarifying that whereas Islam is simply a religion, Islamism is a theocratic desire to impose any version of that religion over society.”


Sorry, Maajid, you can’t mislead anyone who has read the Quran and Hadith. These documents are 100 per cent clear about the requirement of Muslims to MURDER others – and to murder their own people who may wish to leave Islam.

ISLAM IS MURDER. Period. Let’s not look further than the Quran and Hadith on this matter.

The miracle is that so few Muslims implement Mohammed’s murderous directives. They don’t follow Islam faithfully. That’s the only saving grace we have, today.

We must educate the world (including Muslims) about Islam’s murderous directives. Let Muslims revolt and leave this monstrous murderous cult of death.


My note on FB on 27 March 2016


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Hindu “gurus” and “swamis” – mostly a bunch of racketeers

Someone asked me a few questions re: Ramdev yesterday. I told him about the low ethics and values that this man has. He constantly engages with and takes money from the corrupt and criminal; he promotes the corrupt and shuns the honest; and there is 100 per cent certainty that he has repeatedly broken the law, used subterfuge, threats, bribery and other methods to grow his empire; further, that his direct family members have benefited inordinately, and amassed vast amounts of black money.

But I also said – and I would like to go on record for this – that almost all (there ARE one or two exceptions to this rule) Hindu “gurus” and “swamis” engage in such ultra-low ethical behaviour, even as they talk about ethics to their followers.

Sai Baba was a lowly magician who fooled his followers through the most ordinary magic tricks. This trickery is 100 per cent proven but there are many other (quite believable) stories about his criminality and deception.

Asaram Bapu ran a racket till he was arrested for rape. Witnesses in his case have been dying like flies. You can make your own deductions.

Sri Sri Ravishankar runs a racket based on deception and cheating. He is once again in the news with his misuse of government funds and other such rackets, including destroying the environment of the Yamuna river.

And in Australia there were these Hindu “yogis” (“Swami” Satyananda Saraswati and Akhandananda) who were involved in criminality.

And while Deepak Chopra is no criminal, his entire operation runs on blatant lies and unproven claims.

And so on.

Hinduism is particularly prone to such racketeers since the concept of ethics in Hinduism is extremely flexible. In Hindu mythology, there is repeated glorification of actions which would be considered immoral according to modern Western standards. The ends justify the means, in Hindu scriptures. Lies, subterfuge, in order to achieve one’s goals, is considered quite acceptable.

Hindu temples like Tirupati receive hundreds of million dollars worth of donations of gold, precious stones, and cash from the criminals and corrupt. Such people, instead, are fast tracked to receive “God’s” blessing!! (Recall the rackets run by the Pope before the reformation?).

Yes, there ARE some exceptions, e.g. Vivekananda, Gandhi and Swami Om Poorna Swatantra. But at least the first two are far more Western in their training than Hindu. Gandhi’s mind was made by the Bible and Thoreau, not by the Hindu scriptures.

I have written a lot about “Hindu” racketeers in various blog posts. Let me compile a few:

“Leaders” of Hinduism: a rogues gallery. Knaves, blackguards, clowns and morons.


Ramdev is a ढोंगी. A fraud. 100% clear now that he DIRECTLY SUPPORTS BLACK MONEY.

Is there something fishy about Ramdev and his “empire”? #1

Is there something fishy about Ramdev and his “empire”? #2

Is there something fishy about Ramdev and his “empire”? #3

Ramdev and Modi only wanted power. The ploy to get back black money was a CLEVER WAY TO DECEIVE India.

Ramdev lied blatantly. On what basis did he claim that Modi will bring back black money in 100 days?

Ramdev was an RSS member even as he lied to me about his NOT directly supporting corrupt BJP

Preliminary draft RTI to Deputy Commissioner Haridwar – for public comment

An ayurvedic doctor says ayurveda is a crime against humanity and is KILLING THE POOR. Wake up!!

Sri Sri Ravishankar

Art of Living’s Sri Sri Ravishankar – con man PLUS enemy of the truth. A total BETRAYAL OF HINDUISM (Advaita and Satyameva Jayate).

Sai Baba

When is this cheap magician, Sathya Sai Baba doing to die?

Mr Sai Baba – that cheap magician – lusted acutely for money and gold

Criminal Australia-based yogis

Criminal Indian yogis: “Swami” Satyananda Saraswati (1923-2009) and Akhandananda (d.1997)


Asaram Bapu

Ahmedabad: Not only rape, Asaram Bapu charged with unnatural sex too


Rampal arrested by Haryana police from his ashram in Hisar

Prabhupada (the ISKON man)

“It is not that the woman do not like rape. They like sometimes. They willingly. That is the psychology. Outwardly they show some displeasure, but inwardly they do not. This is the psychology.
(-Srila Prabhupada, Morning Walk, May 11, 1975, Perth) [Source]

Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra’s gravy train – from duping millions of IGNORANT gullible Americans!

Deepak Chopra, is my fist to your face a ‘normal’ or ‘paranormal’ experience? (cf. his challenge to James Randi)

I don’t have more time to search my writings on this topic, but this should clarify that “Hindu” gurus/swamis generally come with a HUGE ethical deficit. They will readily associate with killers and looters.

And yet, all of them are enormously powerful speakers and highly intelligent. They KNOW they are cheating, and consider it to be quite “OK”, to achieve their goals.

The last thing on their mind is the reform of ethics.

When people like Ramdev start a movement against corruption, they are doing so PURELY for political goals. There is no greater supporter of corruption than Ramdev.

Such is the nature of “Hindu” religious leaders.

You engage with such racketeers at your own risk!

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Let the religious “God” be investigated for “his” misdemeanours and crimes against humanity

An innovative approach by a court in India: A Bihar Court Wants Lord Hanuman to Appear Before it.

My FB comment:

This appears to be an innovative and sensible way to deal with “God”’s misdemeanours and encroachments.
More generally, I think it would help if cases are filed with the police against “religious God” for incitement to murder and various other such crimes. There is ample proof against such “God” in most religious books, and in interpretations of his books.

Let the religious “God” (including of Judaism, Christianity and Islam) appear to explain his immorality and crimes against humanity.

That a religious “God” is a bogus concept, invented by man – (God created in man’s image) – will then become obvious to the billions of people who worship a false and dangerous delusion.

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Be not mistken, Christianity has been a far more violent religion than Islam has ever been

I’ve been further researching Islam and there’s no doubt this pestilence must be eradicated. E.g see my Facebook posts of the past couple of months.

But like I pointed out in The Discovery of Freedom, Christianity takes the cake for as most brutal religion of all time. Nothing comes remotely close, not even the brutal human sacrifices (e.g. Sati, decapitation of humans to appease Kali) practiced in Hinduism (sometimes, even today) and the religion of the Incas.

The Holocaust is just one example of Christian brutality (I’ve written extensively about it on this blog). The Inquisition is another (I’ve covered it briefly in DOF). Now for some gory details about what Christians CAN do (have done) to “heretics”.

You now face punishment proportionate to the severity of your crimes: flogging, a pilgrimage on foot to the Holy Land, forfeiture of property, or, more likely, a period of long imprisonment, probably for life. Your “accomplices” will soon be rounded up for torture.

Or you can maintain your innocence, which is almost certainly the truth (after all, it is the rare person who can create a thunderstorm). In response, your jailers will be happy to lead you to the furthest reaches of human suffering, before burning you at the stake.

You may be imprisoned in total darkness for months or years at a time, repeatedly beaten and starved, or stretched upon the rack.

Thumbscrews may be applied, or toe screws, or a pear-shaped vise may be inserted into your mouth, vagina, or anus, and forced open until your misery admits of no possible increase.

You may be hoisted to the ceiling on a strappado (with your arms bound behind your back and attached to a pulley, and weights tied to your feet), dislocating your shoulders.

To this torment squassation might be added, which, being often sufficient to cause your death, may yet spare you the agony of the stake.

If you are unlucky enough to be in Spain, where judicial torture has achieved a transcendent level of cruelty, you may be placed in the “Spanish chair”: a throne of iron, complete with iron stocks to secure your neck and limbs. In the interest of saving your soul, a coal brazier will be placed beneath your bare feet, slowly roasting them.

Because the stain of heresy runs deep, your flesh will be continually larded with fat to keep it from burning too quickly.

Or you may be bound to a bench, with a cauldron filled with mice placed upside-down upon your bare abdomen. With the requisite application of heat to the iron, the mice will begin to burrow into your belly in search of an exit.

Should you, while in extremis, admit to your torturers that you are indeed a heretic, a sorcerer, or a witch, you will be made to con­firm your story before a judge—and any attempt to recant, to claim that your confession has been coerced through torture, will deliver you either to your tormentors once again or directly to the stake.

If, once condemned, you repent of your sins, these compassionate and learned men—whose concern for the fate of your eternal soul really knows no bounds—will do you the kindness of strangling you before lighting your pyre.

THE medieval church was quick to observe that the Good Book was good enough to suggest a variety of means for eradicating heresy, ranging from a communal volley of stones to cremation while alive. A literal reading of the Old Testament not only permits but requires heretics to be put to death.

Source: Sam Harris, The End of Faith: Religion, Terror, and the Future of Reason (2004)


Muslims can take comfort that their religion is at least somewhat less brutal and criminal than Christianity.

In sum, there is no doubt that ALL religion must be eradicated. Religion is a mental disorder without parallel. It quickly converts ordinary good people into the most vicious killers imaginable.

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