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Yes, so there were these so-called “Aryans” who migrated into India. The proof is now conclusive.

I have commented extensively on the “Aryan” migration theory over the years. My well-researched position has been that:

a) Archaeological evidence points 100 per cent to inflow of “foreign” migrants into India (e.g. see this blog post)

b) Linguistic evidence is overwhelmingly clear (100 per cent) that modern Indian languages (including Sanskrit) came to India from outside (e.g. see this post). Attempts to suggest that Sanskrit originated in India result in pure gibberish (e.g. see this post, this one, and this one [My analysis disproves the “Out of India” theory of the recent Hindutva fanatics]

c) DNA evidence has been relatively unclear so far but the science is very new and surely more will be learnt soon.

Now, even DNA evidence has become very clear. This article confirms it.

R1a is distributed all over Europe, Central Asia and South Asia; its sub-group Z282 is distributed only in Europe while another subgroup Z93 is distributed only in parts of Central Asia and South Asia; and three major subgroups of Z93 are distributed only in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and the Himalayas. This clear picture of the distribution of R1a has finally put paid to an earlier hypothesis that this haplogroup perhaps originated in India and then spread outwards. This hypothesis was based on the erroneous assumption that R1a lineages in India had huge diversity compared to other regions, which could be indicative of its origin here. As Prof. Richards puts it, “the idea that R1a is very diverse in India, which was largely based on fuzzy microsatellite data, has been laid to rest” thanks to the arrival of large numbers of genomic Y-chromosome data.

QED. The proofs are ALL clear now.

But note that I use the word Aryan in quotes. That is because I do not consider that the idea of “Aryan” is robust or well-defined enough in any meaningful way. What exactly is it? A cultural idea, a linguistic idea, a “race” idea? No one can say for sure.

All we can say at best is that FOREIGNERS from Central Asia (including from as close as Iran) came into India.


Do read Sanjay Sonawani’s write-up (about which I became aware after writing this) here:

Also our discussion here:

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My open wager with ANYONE about this “prediction” about World War 3 starting on 13 May 2017

Someone forwarded this on Whatsapp:

Clairvoyant horacio Villegas, who predicted Donald Trump’s victory way back in 2015, has now predicted May 13th as the advent date of WW3. According to a report published in Daily Star, Horacio has prophesied that WW3 would begin on the 100th anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima’s visitation which falls on May 13th and that Donald Trump will be crowned the “Illuminati King” .

He also foretold that Donald Trump would be the man responsible for WW3 . World Leaders will attack Syria which will then get Russia, China and North Korea also in the battle fray.

According to his statement,

“The main message that people need to know in order be prepared is that between May 13th and October 13, 2017, this war will occur and be over with much devastation, shock, and death.”

Even Nostradamus had earlier predicted,

“Mabus will soon die, and then will come, a horrible undoing of people and animals, at once one will see vengeance, one hundred powers, thirst, famine, when the comet will pass.” Mabus here is Bashar Al Assad, the Syrian president.


Happy to bet against this nonsense. Rs. 2 lakhs that there will be no WW3 on 13 May 2017. On 14 May we will get the results.

Actually, if the prediction is true, this is the best time in the last 70 years to short shares. Crores waiting to be made for the believers.

Bryan Caplan has a rule: if you make a prediction (or support it) put your money where your mouth is. I follow that rule. I have wagered with AK and Modi (of course, none of them dare take on the bets). Happy to wager with any spiritualist/ ghost believer/ telepathist, on anything which is supernatural. Easy money to be made.

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The mega-criminal Eugenio Pacelli, Pope Pius XII – the Catholic Pope who supported Hitler AT EVERY STEP

Continuing from here, I conducted 2 minutes of further research. I came across an extremely well researched document by John Cornwell that states:

Eugenio Pacelli, Pope Pius XII, the Pope during World War II … was patently, and by the proof of his own words, anti-Jewish. … He had helped Hitler to power and at the same time undermined potential Catholic resistance in Germany. … He had implicitly denied and trivialized the Holocaust, despite having reliable knowledge of its true extent. And, worse, … he was a hypocrite, for after the war he had retrospectively taken undue credit for speaking out boldly against the Nazis’ persecution of the Jews.

I think the matter is 100 per cent clear – that Christianity has unequivocally been the most murderous religion in human history. Islam comes only a feeble second.

Now, of course, Modi and his Hindutva gangs are determined to enter this competition for murder and mayhem. But Hinduism remains a distant third – in comparison to the havoc caused by Christianity and Islam.


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Hitler was not only executing the Protestant Christian agenda, the Catholic Pope required his birthday to be celebrated through special prayers

I’ve mentioned on many occasions on this blog that Hitler was a Christian and how the anti-Jew pogrom he was carrying out was nothing more than the execution of the plans of Christian leaders such as Martin Luther. (e.g. see The racist Rushton was funded by Pioneer Fund, supporter of Adolf Hitler’s race policies)

Today I chanced upon the following video by the inimitable and greatly mourned Christopher Hitchins. In this he notes that not only were the Protestants right behind Hitler, the Catholic Pope himself was right behind him:

Fascism, the original 20th century totalitarian movement is really historically another name for the for the political activity of the Catholic right wing. There is no other name for it…  It’s the Catholic right. Mussolini. You can’t quite say that about Hitler – National Socialism – because that’s also based on Nordic and pagan blood myths, leader worship, and so on. Though Hitler never repudiated his membership of the church. And prayers were said for him on his birthday every year till the very end on the orders of the Vatican.”

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