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Data sources on Indian judiciary

Data sources on the justice system are either not available, or essentially useless. Comparative international statistics are almost out of the question.

Some sources

National Court Management Systems – Policy and Action Plan (2012) – outdated

National Judicial Data Grid (This provides data from lower courts. Total cases pending in district courts as at 17/08/2016: 22,351,063 =2.2 crores 

State of the Indian Judiciary report (2016) – available online.

International comparisons

International Statistics on Crime and Criminal Justice



Justice Delivery in India – A Snapshot of Problems and Reforms – Bibek Debroy

‘District courts will take 10 years to clear cases’

How A Third of India’s Judiciary Just Does Not Exist


Practice and procedure of the Supreme Court

Further, these are detailed rules of the Supreme Court. [An OCRd text version, here]

Rules of the Bombay High Court.


Supreme Court Bar Council – here and here (2016)

Bombay High Court – here

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Data sources on Indian police

This is a placeholder post. Some data that I’ve located:

Data on Police organisations – full list of reports on Police by Bureau Police Research & Development – the 2015 report (pdf) on my server.

Table on number of police personnel by State (xls).

Various police reform reports – a high level list (pdf)

The System of Policing in Independent India


Red Herring in Police Reforms by Mihir Desai, Vol. 44, Issue No. 10, 07 Mar, 2009, Economic and Political Weekly [text]

Police Commemoration Day: 21 October

In early 1957, one CRPF company was sent for border security duty on Indo-Tibetan border near Hot Springs in Ladakh. It was CRPF which bore the brunt of the first onslaught of the Chinese at Hot Springs on 21 October 1959 when a small CRPF patrol was ambushed and overwhelmingly outnumbered by the Chinese. In the encounter, ten CRPF men were killed. In memory of their martyrdom, 21 October is observed throughout the country as the Police Commemoration Day. [http://bit.ly/2bYKKRz; also see


Hundreds of policemen are killed each year in India (mostly in road accidents). This event commemorates them.

Table 15(A) is illuminating:





DELHI POLICE WELFARE SOCIETY Delhi Police Welfare Society is governed according to Standing Order No. A-7 issued by Delhi Police on 25.10.2010.


POLICE FAMILIES WELFARE SOCIETY The Police Families Welfare Society was established in 1972. At present, the society has four Welfare Centres situated at New Police Line, Vikaspuri, PTS/Malviya Nagar and Pitampura, Delhi.http://delhipolice.nic.in/police-families-welfare.html

J&K Police Wives Welfare Association ( J&K Police Pariwar) 

Police Families Welfare Centre, Srinagar/ Jammu. Help line 0191-2450026

http://policewb.gov.in/wbp/ips-welfare-society.php  West Bengal Police

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Initial stocktake of private cities

To my mind, a city can be called a private city when it meets the following conditions:

  • it is “owned” by a private company or a consortium of companies on perpetual lease from the main territory in which it is located.
  • the city’s territory is ultimately owned by the territorial government. Allocating this land to the city on lease does not involve forcible acquisition of land from existing private residents. If any private residents already live there, their land is purchased by the private city. In any event, no coercion is used.
  • security of territory is assured by the territorial government
  • the lease agreement contains a commercial quid pro quo, e.g. a share of “revenues” raised by the private city.
  • all other institutions of the are designed privately, not imposed by the territorial government.

As far as I can see, there is no private city in the world today. Jamshedpur perhaps started off as a private city but I’ve not had time to investigate. In any event, it is not a private city today.

Here is a stocktake of some related efforts. I’ve not had time to study/list all of them, so this will remain a placeholder post.


Greater Springfield, Ipswich (Brisbane)

Charter cities

  • the concept explained by Paul Romer

Seasteading [website]

  • a talk by Joe Quirk

The key idea behind seasteading is that governments will not permit private cities on land, so the cities must be started in the sea.

LEAP-zones (e.g. in Honduras)

LEAP Zones: Faster growth with less conflict -by Michael Klein July 12, 2013

There Are No Peasants Here: Honduras’ brave new economic experiment is buoying an era of development by kicking poor farmers off their land. BY LAUREN CARASIKOCTOBER 23, 2015

The Blank Slate State

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Radical Greenies are not just destroying amenity, they are KILLING thousands of people.

This is an article that everyone must read. “100 Nobel Laureates Demand that Greenpeace Stops Killing Poor Children: The scientists denounce Greenpeace’s opposition to modern crop biotechnology as a “crime against humanity””

People like them have killed millions from avoidable malaria. Now they’re preventing thousands of cases of preventable blindless. My FB comments:

RADICAL GREENIES ARE KILLERS. OUTRIGHT KILLERS – of humans. And no ethical person can associate with them.

I agree that “Greenpeace and other anti-biotech activists such as Naomi Klein and Vandana Shiva have long surpassed that threshold” [of being declared as perpetrators of a major crime against humanity].

Btw, in India, politicians like Arvind Kejriwal are at the forefront of this crime against humanity (see my blog post here).

I’ve written a lot on this issue. Just a few posts, below. But first read this book: Eco-Imperialism by Peter Driessen (on Kindle).

Will the fool Vandana Shiva now apologise for grievous harm she has caused India?

Communist strategies of propaganda – now used by eco-imperialists

Genetically modified crops are AS GOOD AS NORMAL CROPS

“GMO Myths and Truths” bogus analysis masquerading as science

The argument that the Seralini paper was retracted due to Monsanto’s influence is not proven

Organic farming: a rip-off

Organic farming: a rip-off #2

Greenies have systematically destroyed the quality of life in the West in an insane attempt to impose their delusions on everyone

George Monbiot – an extreme greenie leftist with a long history of lies and other distortions. One more example.

Oil is “infinite” and here’s why (because soon no one will want it).

Is there enough meat for everyone? YES. And don’t fuss about “environmental” impacts and such bogus red herrings.

Donna Laframbroise puts the final nail in IPCC’s coffin

Whole Earth Discipline: An Ecopragmatist Manifesto

A preview of one of the world’s greatest books: Julian Simon’s The Ultimate Resource


Greenpeace Is More Dishonest And Dangerous Than The Mafia


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Greenies have systematically destroyed the quality of life in the West in an insane attempt to impose their delusions on everyone

Greenies have become the most intrusive sub-species of man, intent on imposing their distorted worldview on everyone.

These freaks are systematically destroying amenity and quality of life in the West and putting to severe risk human health. That they are destroying all vestige of liberty in the process is a separate issue.

These “experts” have destroyed water systems across the west already. Toilet flushes store so little water they’ve stopped cleaning. Showers provide so little water you don’t get the sense you’ve bathed. Showers at public swimming pools switch off automatically in a few seconds, so you can’t even clean yourself. And now toasters that won’t toast. These people have gone berserk.

The “common people” have been bamboozled. These laws are made with a 2-3 year window. The people don’t know about it and all of a sudden the stuff has changed in the market.

One fine day when I went to get incandescent bulbs, there were no more bulbs in the market. And yet, it is these bulbs that are best suited to the human eye. Today I have to use a bright halogen lamp in my room to compensate for low light from LED. And on the other side are those bright LED lights in cars which send a piercing beam into the eye at night. It is intolerable that well-functioning incandescent bulbs were forced off the market by these loonies. Now you can’t get proper light at home and you get a fierce beam of bright light into your eyes at night.

The agenda and approach of the greenies is not market driven at all – and it has NOTHING to do with the environment. It is always based on bogus cost-benefit analyses, with the benefits grossly exaggerated and the costs not even properly identified.

These “experts” don’t trust the market at all, although people will naturally pay for greater energy or water efficiency – so long as there is no loss of function. The market solution would be acceptable, but these experts are “rushing” things and in that process destroying basic amenity and quality of life in the West.

Toilets across the West have started stinking. Water is choked and one can’t even wash one’s hands. A total disaster imposed on society by crazy lunatic greenies.

The West has turned into a stinking Third World, and I’m sure people’s health will soon be adversely affected as they can’t even wash their hands with high-restriction taps.

I’m quite sick of constant meddling by “smart-alecks” into the daily lives of the people in every possible way – that too on entirely spurious grounds.

The world needs to fight back against these bureaucracies which have entangled politicians in their grip. There seems to be no one left to block paternalistic interventions by governments.

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