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I call upon the Lok Satta party to dissolve itself as it serves no purpose except to suck up to BJP

First JP started sucking up to Modi – before the May 2014 elections. Now Surendra Srivastava is sucking up to Kiran Bedi (cf. his email sent out today).

The Freedom Team of India removed Lok Satta from the list of approved parties for its members.

I was hoping Surendra would change the situation, but he is a BJP toady as well. 

We need a LIBERAL PARTY IN INDIA, not a bunch of toadies of a corrupt, communal, illiberal outfit. 

I call upon Surendra and JP to dissolve Lok Satta which serves NO useful purpose now but to suck up to BJP.

BJP is mega CORRUPT and anyone who supports it directly is tainted. I'm sorry but Lok Satta is now in shambles and must wind up, or join BJP. I don't care, but don't mislead people like me – and god knows how many others.

BTW, despite 100s of reminders to JP and LSP etc. these people didn't think ONCE about endorsing the SKC agenda.

But they bend over backwards to endorse MEGA CORRUPT ILLIBERAL BJP!!!!!!

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Warning to BJP: stop being obscurantists and focus on whatever (little) development you are capable of

I'm increasingly upset at the way things are going with BJP. I was expecting discussions regarding system change and policy reforms. At least that what one had hoped, while recommending BJP over other parties for the 2014 elections (given no active liberal party was available on the horizon) – despite my strongly held view that Modi is responsible for the mass killing of innocents. 

But BJP is just not into development/ system reform. It is, instead, a bunch of medievalist nitwits who are creating a mindless cacophony about so-called "religion", "scriptures" and other forms of obscurantism. The lunatic fringe has taken centre stage in India. There is an ALL OUT ASSAULT ON RATIONALITY AND SANITY.

I'm posting a few of my recent comments on Facebook, for the record.

The time is fast coming when even the idiot Rahul Gandhi would be preferable to Modi's BJP – till a proper liberal party is established and made operational.


With reference to this (BJP, RSS seek ban on Tamil novel, arrest of author):

These people just don't it. India is an INDEPENDENT country, and its people are FREE citizens. They can write whatever they wish. Others don't have to read what they don't like. Calling for a ban is reprehensible. Calling for arrest is fascist. DOWN WITH BJP AND RSS. Show these people the door. I'm now increasingly upset with BJP and would rather support ANY other party than them. Modi should shut down these goons else there is no hope of BJP returning in 2019 or ever afterwards. [Link to my comment on FB]

With reference to this: Planes discovered in Vedic age, it could fly between planets, says speaker at Indian Science Congress

Mentally deranged allowed to speak at a science congress. India is fast become a psychiatric clinic. All these RSS types should be bundled up and sent to Agra. <>[Link to my comment on FB<>]

<>With<> <>reference <>to <>this: A new vision of India, 100% Hindu 

Well said. What RSS wants is not a Hindu rashtra, but a nation where Hindus are converted into Hindutva followers (whatever that means).
"And we shouldn’t lose sight of the even more slippery and sinister part of the RSS’s sinister agenda: the simultaneous conversion of a few hundred million people from Hinduism to Hindutva, the rancorous, intellectually and morally impoverished version of Hinduism that the RSS propagates." [Link to my comment on FB]

With reference to this: All political parties should agree to anti-conversion law: Sushma Swaraj

Well, Swarna Bharat Party is very clear: there should be NO religious law passed in India. Conversion is NOT a matter for the government to get involved. I think the BJP is pushing the accelerator on its Hindu Rashtra mantra.
Why is religion their ONLY conversation with India today? What about governance reform and development that they promised but for implementing which they have not shown the slightest inclination.
The same ROTTEN system continues. I was told yesterday by someone very close that the same bribery which was part of the pre-Modi days is continuing unabated.
The people are watching. And they don't like this one bit. BJP should be prepared to be thrown out. And this time a liberal force – DEDICATED to the rule of law and good governance – will arise. [Link to my comment on FB]

Further comment

Democracy is about EQUAL FREEDOM of all citizens, not about MAJORITARIANISM. In democracy everyone is king, and has equal rights as others.
RSS/Hindutva are founded on the philosophy of majoritariainsm. That's statist and totally undemocratic/ illiberal.
The tamasha of having a "national scripture", prevention of conversion, are all parts of the majoritarian Hindu Rashtra idea of abominable statists like Sarvarkar and Golwalkar.
Let us reject BJP's majoritarian ideas and reclaim democracy. [Link to my comment on FB]

Further comment:

(My comment on another thread)
The government is not governing. The current relationship is what Pakisan's was, with the Taliban. The government is actively promoting its fanatic fringe and disrupting any hope of peace. Business needs, above all, a sense of peace. With Godse being honored, conversion becoming a key agenda for BJP, and complete superstition now being touted as public policy, we are entering a stage very similar to when Islamic extremists took over Pakistan government and ISI. All key personnel in government are RSS followers/ members. The governor of UP is talking about Ram Temple (he is a governor!).
Raghav, this is not about stray incidents. The pattern is clear. Modi doesn't want to govern. He wants to make India a Hindu Rashtra. [Link to my comment on FB]

With reference to this: Outfit demands ban on PK for "hurting Hindu sentiments"

Copybook Taliban style – these people from the RSS/ Hindutva parivar (Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) in this case). ABSOLUTE FREEDOM OF SPEECH is a minimum requirement for a civilised society. These alleged Hindus know nothing about India's great culture which was the first free society in the world. They are aping (many) Muslims of India who continue to block free speech.
Let all bans be lifted and no book/ movie/ anything be ever banned again.
I'd never waste my time watching movies but given this call for a ban it is probably worth watching. [Link to my comment on FB]

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BOOKLET: Angrezon ke Pille: The pro-British imperialism ‘Hindu’ Taliban: RSS, its parivaar and associates

I'm done with RSS. Not ONE worthwhile thing they have done or said. Mostly involved in criminal activities, and insanely incapable of looking at others as HUMANS. Only "Hindu-Muslim". And their opposition to freedom fighters and martyrs is just too much to stomach.

I've compiled my preliminary notes regaring the RSS into a booklet and will continue to update over time.

I now particularly want to explore the "COSMOLOGY" and "SCIENCE" of these anti-Muslim maniacs.

Angrezon ke Pille: The pro-British Imperialism ‘Hindu’ Taliban: RSS, its parivaar and associates

(Also available on the right hand column of this blog. I might change the URL and/or title, so always get the latest version from the blog.)

The NEW URL:!8143&authkey=!AGNbkK9oPYeUXeg&ithint=file%2cdoc

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Savarkar’s definition of Hindutva was mainly RELIGIOUS (some political). Nothing to do with geography.

The other day the RSS made the claim that all Indians are Hindu. That's true – but only in the original geographical sense.

It is definintely not true in the sense Hindutva was used by its creator, Savarkar.

Hinduism, Hindutva and Hindudom: –  In expounding the ideology of the Hindu movement, it is absolutely necessary to have a correct grasp of the meaning attached to these three terms. From the word 'Hindu' has been coined the word 'Hinduism' in English. It means the school or system of religions the Hindus follow. The second word 'Hindutva' is far more comprehensive and refers not only to the religious aspect of the Hindu people as the word 'Hinduism' does but comprehends even their cultural, linguistic, social and political aspects as well. It is more of less akin to 'Hindu polity' and its nearly exact translation would be 'Hinduness'. The third word 'Hindudom'means the Hindu people spoken of collectively. It is a collective name for the Hindu world, just as Islam denotes the Moslem world or Christiandom denotes the Christian world. [Source]

Savarkar makes clear that Hindutva is ROOTED IN THE HINDU RELIGION. Make no mistake about it, at any point in time.

What that religion is, is a matter even Hindus themselves won't agree, but that's where it all begins. This makes it radically different to the geographical meaning of Hindu which I agree with.

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Slightly updated SKC agenda (including draft executive summary) and other updates/ requests

Copy of an email (slightly edited) I sent out a short while ago:

Dear reformers
As requested by a few people, I've prepared a short executive summary for the agenda. I have also elaborated on policy frameworks, limits to eminent domain; and improved the land rights section, added a section on the abolition of reservations for small scale industries, and slightly improved health policy. 
This updated version is now available here:
A few more suggestions for improvements are currently under consideration, which I'll incorporate during November, 2014.
1. Funds for printing 1000 copies of the agenda
Rs.1 lakh is needed to print 1000 copies of the First Edition of the agenda in December 2014 for distribution to the media and eminent people/ potential donors. Rs. 68.6K has been committed but Rs. 31K is still needed. Please commit funds to help print of the agenda. (
2. Endorsing the agenda
Over 220 people have endorsed it, to date (list here). By (in-principle) endorsing the agenda you can express your support for the policies enunciated in the agenda. You can endorse it either by completing this short form ( or by writing to me. TAKE A STAND FOR LIBERTY. 
I'd like to thank all those who have endorsed the agenda, and have committed funds for printing. This is turning out to be a truly collaborative venture, with hundreds of people involved from across the country.
3. Request to proofread the agenda
I'd like to thank Rakesh Pujari for taking up the task of proofing the agenda. I'd appreciate if others can also assist. The more the eyes that are cast on the draft, the better it will read. I'd like us to remove all typos and unnecessary duplication. Let me know if you can help. This is urgent.
When published, this will be India's first COMPREHENSIVE liberal agenda (other similar agendas, by the Rajaji's Swatantra Party, India Policy Institute and Sharad Joshi's Swatantra Bharat Party, were good efforts in this direction, but none comes close to this particular agenda). When published, the agenda will, hopefully, get coverage by the media and provoke debate and discussion.
When all the dust and fury of politics settles, only the underlying POLICY remains. Today, there is no policy agenda in India that comes even close to the SKC agenda in terms of quality and ambition. Let's demand the best for India. This is a landmark document in India's history. Be a part of this document.
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Ramdev and Modi only wanted power. The ploy to get back black money was a CLEVER WAY TO DECEIVE India.

A few weeks ago, I accosted Ramdev for his repeated lies regarding black money, when I asked: Ramdev lied blatantly. On what basis did he claim that Modi will bring back black money in 100 days?

It is now many months since Modi became PM. Where is it??? The lakhs of crores of black money?

But even on the disclosure of names the BJP is backing off. 

This is what BJP said in 2012: BJP to name Swiss account holders if voted to power.

And this is what Modi tweeted on 14 March 2014:

This was a clear allegation that the names of the Swiss account holders were from Congress party. But now the government is HIDING behind all kinds of excuses and refusing to divulge the names of CRIMINALS AND SCOUNDRELS who have stolen India's taxpayer money for 65 years.

And here's the BJP leader Swamy (the anti-Muslim bigot) making tall claims about disclosure of names:

TOI has made the link that BJP is NOTHING BUT UPA MARK IIModi govt toes UPA line on black money disclosure, faces opposition fire

I hope NO ONE will believe in these liars any more. I am sick of these double standards.

We need INTEGRITY in public life.

Instead, I have by now heard many believable claims made that both Modi and Ramdev are themselves floating in black money. I'm investigating the Ramdev issue separately through RTI. Re: Modi's crony capitalism and corruption – there are already a massive number of claims in the public domain, including by Arvind Kejriwal. 

Let me just say that I KNOW that BJP is fully corrupt and awash in black money. Now, even their leaders are going to be implicated, is my sense.

We need a TOTAL reform of India's governance system


UNVERIFIED: I've just read on FB that "Modi said that he would "bring back every single rupee in foreign countries deposited by Indian citizens as black money" and that "each citizen can get Rs 15-20 Lakhs. The GDP/capita for India is (only) Rs 92,000".



This is an extensive article (blog post) in Times of India on Modi's fraudulent claims over the years: War on black money.

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