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Enough is enough. Between BJP and Congress, BJP was slightly better. But now I may reverse the position.

Things have reached rock bottom for India.

India has two major bad parties – Congress and BJP. Both are almost equally bad. Both are deeply socialist. Both are deeply corrupt. Both are deeply communal.

There was no real choice available to India in 2014. The only point was that BJP seemed slightly better than Congress. Very slightly better. There was a feeling that Modi might bring some economic reforms, hence I had ordered parties in the following manner: BJP > Congress > AAP.

But BJP has been actively working to level the playing field. Both BJP and Congress are now neck and neck.

While Swarna Bharat Party is definitely the party for the next 100 years, it is taking too long to get off the ground. I’ll spend another 10 years on building it, and then I’m done. But I no longer visualise a rapid take off for SBP. 2019 is looking too close, and the party is simply not prepared.

What’s to be done in the interim? Well, if BJP doesn’t get its act together in the next year or so, I’m going to start backing Congress as the (relatively) better alternative for 2019 (unless, by that time, SBP has shown some serious signs of life – in which case, of course SBP would always be 100 times better).

India faces the most hopeless situation – and it looks like the situation is not going to get better any time soon.

You wish to see a new India? Then start getting behind SBP. Remember, both BJP and Congress will continue to destroy India.


and so on.

BJP has now overtaken Congress in black money/ corruption; always was ahead on killing innocents. And rabid anti-socialist. What’s left?

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Hindutvas are all of India’s low IQ, zero ethics Hindus. Further proof.

It is shameful but there is a Hindutva fanatic (surely a Modi bhakt, as well), who has set up an account to impersonate Prof. Richard Fox Young.

These cowards, with zero intellectual ability and integrity, tend to lie, cheat, plagiarise and even threaten death (and some of them actually kill – like the cowards they are). The lowest level of scum, such is their highest standard. No animal is as lowly as the Hindutvas.

Shame on such people. They are a blight on Hinduism and on the fair name of India.

Five shameless Hindutvas are also following this impersonator.


2015-08-26 09_35_20-Greenshot

Screenshot of followers (there are more than 5 now)


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I support the Ambedkar-Periyar study circle, and encourage them to ACTUALLY understand Ambedkar

I finally found time to review the note from APSC that led IITM to derecognise them. That such derecognition is BEYOND SHAMEFUL goes without further comment. 

My interest in this blog post is to review the note and provide further thought. Download the note here

Text conversion and analysis, below, followed by further comments (Download Word version here).


Ambedkar-Periyar study circle

IIT Madras

(An initiative by IITM students)

Contemporary relevance of Dr. Ambedkar

Speaker: Dr. R. Vivekananda Gopal, Diravidian University

Venue: HSB 352; Date: 14-04-15; Time: 5.00 p.m

“CASTE” is a word which has no significance for most of the urban elites in current times. The statement, “I don't think caste and caste oppression exist today” is popular among academic fraternity. Contrary to this, according to a recent survey, 21% upper caste population occupy the 75% of power and influential positions in government and private sectors in UP. Similar scenario exists in other states and even in central government organizations. On the other hand, all lower grade and manual jobs are exclusively reserved (i.e 100% reservation) for Dalits permanently! Though several ‘reformers’ have fought and are fighting against this rotten stinkard caste system, a scientific and scholarly approach towards caste was initially taken, and its sole authority of brahmanical hegemony was rigorously exposed by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar.

[Sanjeev: the idea of reservation is antithetical to a country with citizens who are equal in all rights and obligations under the law. The Sone Ki Chidiya agenda lays out a clear strategy to eliminate reservations upon ensuring equality of opportunity for all]

Caste in contemporary times has become a political tool for the ruling class to severe its social oppression over Dalits and also for economically exploiting the working classes. The Modi government, while carrying forward its Hindutva agenda, it is simultaneously assisting the multinational corporates to loot mother India. [Sanjeev:  I fully agree that Modi government is a crony capitalist, i.e. socialist government] While implementing pro-corporate moves like Land Acquisition Bill, Insurance Bill, Labour laws [Sanjeev: I’m afraid, we need very radical reforms of labour laws, which are creating massive unemployment and loss of productivity], corporate favor budget, 100% FDI in PSUs [Sanjeev: I wish! FDI is not accepted by the Modi government, and second, it is a shame that we still have PSUs] etc and paving way for the corporate to loot the livelihood of the children of India, it is communally polarising the common people by the ban on cow slaughtering, gar vapsi program and promoting Vedas etc.. In the name of ‘Swadesi’ they are selling mother India and dividing her children in the name of communalism. As part of this, now they are revisionising Ambedkar and projecting him as an icon for their vote politics. Ambedkar proposed to annihilate the caste by destroying Hinduism. He says, “You must destroy the Religion of the Shrutis and the Smritis. Nothing else will avail”. “Hinduism is a veritable chamber of horrors and it must die for caste to vanish”. But in the contemporary days, when caste is supporting the economic exploitation [Sanjeev: the solution is to implement Sone Ki Chidiya agenda, with equal opportunity. As far as Hinduism is concerned, my personal view is that it should be treated as a historical curiosity], it can only be annihilated by taking forward struggle against caste simultaneously with the struggle against recolonization.

Contact info:



The point that this society has entirely missed is that Ambedkar was, above all, an economist; largely classical liberal. He knew the value of markets. He had a good understanding of liberty.

Accordingly, the APSC is well advised to promote the SKC agenda, rather than harp on reservations and divisive language of this sort.

In my mind, Ambedkar was a BRAHMIN, even as many "brahmins" are not fit to be spat on.

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My email to a senior Congress leader. Can the Congress revert to the glorious days of Gokhale?

For the record:


Good things must be appreciated. I commend your party's position on fighting the beef ban.
If you can help ensure that your party follows world-best principles of governance and liberty (as detailed in the SKC agenda), and punish the MANY severely corrupt people who are given shelter by the party, I'd even be willing to join the party. 
Till then, I will continue to fight for India's future through alternative ways, in my limited capacity. I am with truth and liberty, for India deserves the best. 
Gopal Krishna Gokhale was a key leader of the Indian National Congress in its early days (1890s-1910s). He was an outstanding economist and promoter of liberty. If the party can revert to the ideology of liberty that people like him stood for, I can support the party. 
Of course, that would also mean allowing talented people to rise to the very top – as they used to in the early days of the Indian National Congress. People like Rahul Gandhi can't be allowed to lead any liberal party. 
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