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Ramdev and Modi only wanted power. The ploy to get back black money was a CLEVER WAY TO DECEIVE India.

A few weeks ago, I accosted Ramdev for his repeated lies regarding black money, when I asked: Ramdev lied blatantly. On what basis did he claim that Modi will bring back black money in 100 days?

It is now many months since Modi became PM. Where is it??? The lakhs of crores of black money?

But even on the disclosure of names the BJP is backing off. 

This is what BJP said in 2012: BJP to name Swiss account holders if voted to power.

And this is what Modi tweeted on 14 March 2014:

This was a clear allegation that the names of the Swiss account holders were from Congress party. But now the government is HIDING behind all kinds of excuses and refusing to divulge the names of CRIMINALS AND SCOUNDRELS who have stolen India's taxpayer money for 65 years.

And here's the BJP leader Swamy (the anti-Muslim bigot) making tall claims about disclosure of names:

TOI has made the link that BJP is NOTHING BUT UPA MARK IIModi govt toes UPA line on black money disclosure, faces opposition fire

I hope NO ONE will believe in these liars any more. I am sick of these double standards.

We need INTEGRITY in public life.

Instead, I have by now heard many believable claims made that both Modi and Ramdev are themselves floating in black money. I'm investigating the Ramdev issue separately through RTI. Re: Modi's crony capitalism and corruption – there are already a massive number of claims in the public domain, including by Arvind Kejriwal. 

Let me just say that I KNOW that BJP is fully corrupt and awash in black money. Now, even their leaders are going to be implicated, is my sense.

We need a TOTAL reform of India's governance system


UNVERIFIED: I've just read on FB that "Modi said that he would "bring back every single rupee in foreign countries deposited by Indian citizens as black money" and that "each citizen can get Rs 15-20 Lakhs. The GDP/capita for India is (only) Rs 92,000".



This is an extensive article (blog post) in Times of India on Modi's fraudulent claims over the years: War on black money.

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A public dossier on corruption and the use of black money by BJP

We all know that the Congress is the king of corruption, but BJP has always been the Prince of Corruption. It is following rapidly in the footsteps of Congress (plus additional bad qualities). Yesterday, former chief of BJP and current BJP Minister – Nitin Gadkari – CONFIRMED the widespread view that political parties bribe journalists and newspapers with LARGE PACKETS OF CASH (BLACK MONEY) at the time of elections. No one knows where the money comes from, and no declaration is ever made. The stories in the media are falsified and the people of India taken for a ride. Such is BJP.

"In the next 10-12 days, you journalists will have 'Laxmi darshan'," Gadkari said at a poll rally in Sawantwadi in coastal Konkan on Saturday. "Be it reporters or editors, there are separate packages for reporters, newspapers and their owners," Gadkari said. "Diwali has come. I have one request, keep whatever you get. Eat whatever you can," ['Source]

I'm going to keep track of BJP's mega-corruption on this blog post. This is a placeholderI have no time to prepare a comprehensive post on BJP's corruption: there are SO MANY SCAMS, difficult to count; just a few notes here. Please send your findings/ comments/ links through the comments section or by email.


Journalists should accept 'packages', says Nitin Gadkari


Why is Ramdev still supporting super-corrupt BJP? चोर की दाड़ी में तिनका? (9 September 2014)

BJP – a party flooded with black money – claims it will bring back black money from abroad! Nice joke. (12 May 2014)

Further DIRECT proof of BJP’s extensive corruption and use of black money (May 14, 2014)

Let Ramdev fall by his own sword, for betraying his own demands against supporters of black money (22 April 2014)

Swami Ramdev should now disconnect entirely from BJP and revert to Swarna Bharat Party (15 March 2014)

Almost ALL Congress and BJP MPs and MLAs are corrupt. Here is proof. (3 February 2014)

Of course Advani is corrupt. 100 per cent corrupt. (19 May 2013)

BJP’s corruption re-confirmed (for the fools who thought it was not) (28 April 2012)

How corruption works – a case study of BJP’s expertise in corruption (18 September 2011)

BJP is 100 per cent corrupt. Please don’t pull wool over our eyes, Advani (August 26, 2011)

BJP is totally corrupt – not just Congress (28 July 2011)

The greatest joke of all – BJP calling the Congress corrupt! (16 June 2011)

Congress and BJP are equally corrupt (22 November 2010)

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You ask: So HOW should Modi clean India? Well, here’s how I’d do it. I don’t think Modi can ever understand.

Instead of just singing the praise of Modi, as most people seem to doing these days (I get a sense of deja vu. I first saw this mindless euphoria about Indira Gandhi, then Rajiv Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Anna Hazare, Arvind Kejriwal, and now Modi) – someone on FB actually asked a question:

"what do you suggest.. to change people's mindset about cleanliness".

Another asked a similar one on Twitter: 

Well, it is good that SOME people are not just defending my criticism of Modi's JHARU PROGRAM to solve fundamental governance problems with India, and are willing to ask questions. I do not vigorously criticise AAP, Congress and BJP for nothing. There is a reason why I criticise these socialists.

Now, if you had read BFN and SKC agenda, you'd not ask about this, but let me not assume too much and summarise the key plan of action.


I had already alluded to the solution in this post. Let me elaborate.

Step 1: Implement basic system reforms outlined in SKC agenda.

It is impossible to clean India without fixing the underlying system. Key reforms in this area include (but are not limited to):

-    Electoral system reform to ensure we get clean politicians. If not, they’ll ALWAYS interfere in every decision and try to make money from EVERY project at EVERY level.

-    Bureaucratic system reform to ensure we get a COMPETENT and accountable bureaucracy. Today no one is accountable for anything, and most bureaucrats are trying to make money from the system. We need to ensure that everyone at ALL levels will need to be accountable. Bureaucrats at all levels will have absence of tenure, and contracts that insist on performance.

-    Local government reform. This will include total empowerment of local governments with elected members, allowing them to hire and fire their own CEO, with capacity to raise rates and local property taxes to fund their work. 

This is merely a sketch. Details are outlined in BFN/ SKC agenda. Without putting in place these basic reforms Modi CAN NEVER DELIVER a clean India. No matter how many jharus he uses. Modi has shown NO INTEREST in reforms. So he can never get to the second step.

Step 2: Ensure that cleanliness is a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) in the contracts of the CEOs of various municipalities

Now that there are accountable bureaucracies, we insert cleanliness (and absence of corruption, etc.) into the contracts of CEOs. They will need to work out ways to deploy resources to deliver these KPIs, or be sacked.

Step 3: Let local governments establish a CONSTRUCTIVE COMPLIANCE STRATEGY

This will involve things like:

- ensuring waste bins are installed at numerous strategic places across the cities, and are regularly cleared

- ensuring there are well-equipped (e.g. with cameras) compliance officials who impose on the spot fines on those littering the city (such fines exist in the statute books of most municipalities but are not enforced). Raj Samadhiya village in Gujarat is perhaps India’s cleanest village. Nobody throws any paper on road or dirties common lands or water. That is because incentives work. It follows a draconian (almost Singaporean) law that if those who litter are fined Rs.1000. 

- ensuring professional cleaning services for streets etc. tendered through open competition, and successful bidders held to account for delivery through stiff penalties for non-compliance.

- establishing incentives (if needed PPPs) for recycling plants that will sort out the rubbish and recycle before it goes to landfill

- ensuring international standards are met re: the kind of material that enters landfill (to avoid polluting underground water).

This, again, is merely an OUTLINE. But these three steps are ENTIRELY BEYOND MODI'S FEEBLE UNDERSTANDING. 

Hence my wagers to him, and hence my ASSERTION without any hesitation that he will TOTALLY fail to clean India.

I believe that cleaning India and making it beautiful can become one of the largest job generating programs in India's history. But India is not prepared to deliver. Its house is not in order.

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Yet another wager for Modi. Clean India by 2019 and I’ll give you 1 lakh rupees.

There is – as usual with India – a sense of misplaced euphoria about some random symbolic things. Earlier it was about "I am Anna" caps and such delusions. Now there is this euphoria about cleaning India with jharus in an ad hoc basis (on 2 October each year?). The people of India DESERVE what they get. They just don't have the ability to think, being readily taken for a ride by every demagogue or actor that comes their way.

Two comments from FB illustrate this delusion:

1) In India, people keep them homes clean…but they do not care about cleanliness outside their homes and in public places…they throw things where ever they want…assuming that someone will pickt up after them and cart it away…unless this mentality changes…nothing will. But a good intention and a good start… Modi

2) If there is zero to minimum scams/corruption, cleanliness in India (the one that they have started now) and economy is up, his five years will be worth.

And so on. You get the point. People keen to DELUDE THEMSELVES.

Well, I've made MANY wagers to Modi over the past months. Here's one more.

Clean India by 2019 and I'll give you 1 lakh rupees.

I GUARANTEE he can't since he has no clue about how to do it. System reform is completely unknown to him. 

Time permitting, I should compile my wagers into a booklet and publish on my blog. The man, Modi, is a joke (apart from being a criminal). And India is so gullible and easily fooled. There is simply no culture of critical thought in India. 


I found I had already made this wager on 11 June 2014: I wager Rs.1 lakh that India will remain a GARBAGE DUMP after five years of Modi

I've started a Twitter hashtag for Modi's GREAT achievements in cleaning Gujarat ‪#‎ModisDirtyGujarat‬. If you are in Gujarat, please upload photos from Modi's DIRTY Gujarat. Let's pin down the fakester for his constant lies.



Now for the solution: 

You ask: So HOW should Modi clean India? Well, here’s how I’d do it. I don’t think Modi can ever understand.


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Look at your FILTHY Gujarat, Modi. What happened to your FAKE Nirmal Gurajat campaign?

"You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time" – Lincoln.

In 2007 Modi had launched a similar campaign which CAME TO NAUGHT. As can be readily expected. System change not theatrics, is needed

Mr. Narendra Modi had also launched similar campaign ’Nirmal Gujarat – 2007 and made tall claims during that campaign. But reality is best seen in Ahmedabad at illegal solid waste dumping site, the ‘Gyaspur-Pirana Dumping Site’ – a Waste Mountain near Sabarmati River adjacent to the main road. [Source]

Some pictures of the garbage in Gujarat. These are just SOME of the photos from Gujarat. Click through to the source.There are MANY other such images across the internet.




Now for the solution: 

You ask: So HOW should Modi clean India? Well, here’s how I’d do it. I don’t think Modi can ever understand.


There was a photo I had taken through google search from here – [full screenshot today, here, for my record]. I've since removed it, and also removed the Tweet. Thanks to @Moksh_Ind

I've also kept a screenshot of, here.


On Rajkot


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Even a 75 year old sweeper understands the stupidity of Modi’s jharu campaign. Modi should start reading about BASICS of governance.

A report from Promod Chawla on why Modi's idea of having everyone sweep India's streets [Source]:

Kailash 75, who has cleaned & polished Shoes of High & Mighty for 45 yrs, stated Watching TV, 
8.35 am Oct 2:

- Prices are rising, Life is Miserable for Poor – New Govt, now in for about 200 days, is a failure as 
Persons Ruling are not interested in addressing any issue to logical end, they instead hob nob with 
crony capitalists.

- Interactions led to answering & clearing doubts on How Inflation Occurs ( Bania’s Hoard ) Most from
the Capitalistic Class have No empathy for needs of the Poor.

- All five fingers are Not the same in a Hand, so likewise, Non of us are equal in talent & ability.

- If PM starts cleaning & uses the broom, what will the ones who do this Job, do? Where will they
find Jobs?

- Symbolic gesture done yesterday & today are seen as Theatrics. We have made both Ganges & 
Yamuna Worse & taken Children to lift Garbage on the banks, close to 7000 Crores have been spent 
& we are starting afresh ASSUMING bygones be bygones & People will continue to forget – believe us,
in sincerity of Effort!!

submissions, Promod C

Even an untrained sweeper understands the concept of comparative advantage. But he doesn't know – and that's what WE need to explain to such people – is that it is SYSTEM REFORM that will change things. Let's help the people of India understand good governance. 

And as I just wrote to Bhagwad Jal, who was enthused by this "campaign":

Bhagwad. You are too young. Many such things have been tried, done before. NEVER makes a difference. This is NOT the way to fix things. Only systems can deliver, not nautanki. 


I've started a Twitter hashtag for Modi's GREAT achievements in cleaning Gujarat ‪#‎ModisDirtyGujarat‬. If you are in Gujarat, please upload photos from Modi's DIRTY Gujarat. Let's pin down the fakester for his constant lies.


Now for the solution: 

You ask: So HOW should Modi clean India? Well, here’s how I’d do it. I don’t think Modi can ever understand.


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