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If Hindutva = Liberty, then I’m its greatest fan, else I’m its GREATEST enemy.

The USA was founded on the concept of LIBERTY, the idea that every American could lead his or her life as he chooses in the pursuit of happiness. 

Regardless of what ill-informed barbaric people from India often say, the USA is NOT a Christian country. Never was. 

Its foundation is in John Locke, whose signature idea is tolerance. Locke is best considered a kind of agnostic and was a close friend of Isaac Newton, a pantheist.

Every sect, as far as reason will help them, make use of it gladly; and where it fails them, they cry out, “It is a matter of faith, and above reason.” - John Locke, An Essay Concerning Human Understanding (1690)

Although Locke's natural law refers to God, he insisted on the separation of the Church and the State. 

It was Locke's idea that influenced Jefferson, and therefore created USA as the world's first nation committed only to PRINCIPLES – of liberty, tolerance and equality.

It is because USA is committed to liberty in its Constitution that even Obama the socialist is unable to destroy it entirely. If the USA will survive as a great nation it will do so because of Locke and Jefferson. And LIBERTY.

Unlike this idea of liberty, the idea of Hindutva is fraught. It claims that there is something different about Indians – their "Hindutva". This idea takes inspiration not from Locke and Jefferson but from Hitler's racist idea of a German (Aryan) identity. 

Hindutva is a FUNDAMENTALLY ILLIBERAL IDEA. Reading Savarkar, Golwalkar and others who founded this idea makes it clear that they were not looking for liberty but for RACIST AGGRANDISEMENT.

Hindutva is a collectivist idea, a group idea, an idea also based on religion – the so-called "Hinduism". I use the term "so-called" because it Hindutva has NOTHING to do with Hinduism as I know it (and yes, I do know a bit about the religion into which I was born). Hindutva is a shallow racist and hateful idea that makes use of mythologies (such as Ramayana) not to promote good behaviour and good character, but because that's the way for its promoters to gain political power. Hindutva has NO basis in either the history or philosophies of India. 

No matter how one looks at this idea, it is DANGEROUS AND HARMFUL.

Let's oppose Hindutva and BJP tooth and nail.

Let's insist on liberty for all Indians in India – regardless of their beliefs (if any), gender (if any) or language/ colour/ other superficial distinction/s.

Hindutva, I'm your GREATEST ENEMY. This dangerous and vicious idea must LEAVE my motherland. Let's revert India to the state of liberty when it was genuinely a great place to live.

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To regain the respect of the world, Islam must do what Christianity did: separate the state and religion

Despite many failings, the original Islam had plenty of good things going for it. It was a reforming religion which got rid of distinctions between rich and poor, low caste and high.

As a result of the higher levels of civislisation brought to the world through Islam, both mathematics and science received a significant boost during the middle ages, a time when Christianity had worked hard to destroy all remnants of civilisation in the West.

But today Islam is on the back foot. It is rare (very rare!) to find any non-Muslim who respects Islam.

And why?

Because it is the POLITICAL leaders of Islam and those who kill in the name of Islam who have brought it to its knees.

MY COMMENT FROM FB today [link]

How does the common man distinguish between one variety of Islam and another? That's the problem.

In a country like India, driven by a constitution that should (but doesn't always) separate religion from government, there is some chance that good Islam will be seen. But in "Islam states" there is almost zero probability of seeing good Islam.

Islam should do what Christianity did: after centuries of fighting and killing, Christianity accepted that the state and religion must be separate.

Only by following a liberal constitution in which the government enforces the rule of law (not Sharia law) and has nothing to do with religion, can Islam regain the respect of the vast majority of the people in the world. Today, because of Saudi Islam, Irani Islam, Taliban Islam, Pakistani Islam, etc. the world no longer respects Islam.

Wherever Islam has become political and runs governments, it becomes evil.

The kingdom of God and the kingdom on earth must be kept separate. Unless this happens, the only places where good Islam will be seen will be countries like USA, Australia, India – where the government is supposed to uniformly impose the rule of law, and keep religions separate from governance.

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I wager Rs.1 lakh that India will remain a GARBAGE DUMP after five years of Modi

Extracts from FB:

My post

My comment on a blogger's comment

FB friend responses

SH Sir, it's really tragic that the crowd is so dis-connected due to the deeply cosmopolitan inflow. As a reason no soul feels a belongingness to the soil. Ministers & bureaucrats are busy into real estate business a big time, given the huge flow of dollars from a small class of IT sector who believe no world exists beyond them. Above all people are the "most tolerant" of anything that comes up. Meri biwi, mere bacche, mera ghar.. no further thinking along. National sense is absent in totality, with response to anything as – "Why should I..!?" Let the city pay for it self centric greed. And yes, 10 astrologers are giving their darshan daily in all regional channels providing "aashwasan" to all problems of life..!!

Loknath Rao Pune is 100 % same story. Spilling of garbage all over the streets seems to be an intentional act of vandalism. It is done on purpose.. may be frustration or just plain arrogance of pathetically paid people who report in to no one. This country has still not understood that garbage collection and city management is not a mere "safaai" work obligation but needs the same efforts that are put in by large corporations to plan, produce and sell goods and services. We need to shut down these municipal corporations and corporators org structure that exists now. Its a sham.

SH-ji, you are right in that most inhabitants of these cities behave like tourists, temporary workers waiting for their next big chance somewhere in the Americas but these are not the people responsible for making this mess. Mere belonging ness does not keep the city clean. Movement of people from outside is integral to the economic activity that the state and city greatly benefit from. People are self-centric everywhere..even in New York city. The problem is the state and the city is completely unprepared for the REALITY that the cities cannot be kept clean with broomsticks and dumping trucks... the way it was done 40 years ago. The cleaning and management of the cities like Bangalore MUST be a few million dollars high tech industry that needs professional management at par with running the likes of Infosys… actually much more.


Sanjeev Sabhlok The professionalism you refer to, Loknath, is DAILY business for local governments in the West. We have created impotent, hypocritical structures at every level in India. 


I am willing to WAGER Rs.1 lakh that India will remain a GARBAGE DUMP even after five years of Modi.


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