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CRIMINAL Modi has **FURTHER broken the law** by not publishing the Nanavati Report till today

The Indian media is a scam. It is 100 per cent bought out by criminal politicians.

Modi became PM on the back of the most corrupt and rotten “investigative” machinery ever cooked up in independent India. His Nanavati commission abruptly, and without hearing all parties, shut down the inquiry after Modi became PM – WITHOUT A FINAL REPORT. Job done. Crime hidden.

More than one year ago I asked for its findings to be made publicly available. But more than one year after the “report” was provided to the government it has not been published.

The media has kept quiet. Totally bought out by Modi.

R. B. Sreekumar sent a letter to the CM of Gujarat to flush out the report. [PDF copy]

Extract below:

The Section-3, sub section-4 of the Commissions of Enquiry Act, 1952 stipulated thus – “The appropriate Government shall cause to be laid before the House of the people or, as the case may be, the Legislative Assembly of the State, the report, if any, of the Commission on the enquiry made by the Commission under sub section(1) together with a memorandum of the action taken thereon, within a period of six months of the submission of the report by the Commission to the appropriate Government”.  Since the Act had used the term “SHALL”, the State Government has NO discretion or option for not presenting the Commission Report along with “a memorandum of the action taken thereon” to the State Assembly within the prescribed time frame, i.e.; “within a period of six months of the submission of the report by the Commission to the appropriate Government”.  Already one year is completed on 18th November, 2015, since the submission of the report by the Commission.  Strangely, the State Government did not even care to  make a statement in the State Assembly or to the citizens, explaining the reasons for such inordinate inexplicable delay and unlawful refusal to publish the Commission’s findings and action taken thereon, so far.

Guess what? NO ONE in the media is going to bother to raise this issue. PAID ACCOMPLICES, NOT “MEDIA”.

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Swarna Bharat Party supports Admiral Ramdas’s letter and calls for Modi’s resignation

My email sent out a few minutes ago to a number of people across India:


Dear friends

It is extremely unfortunate that the PM of India has not come down like a ton of bricks on the fanatic elements of his ownorganisations (RSS and BJP, and their many affiliates) who have raked up the bogus issue of beef to bulldoze the religious minorities and dalits of India.

Swarna Bharat Party has now repeatedly called for Modi’s resignation, since he is directly complicit in vitiating the atmosphere of camaraderie and mutual tolerance that is essential if India is to make any progress as a modern nation.

Examples of SBP’s call:

I also write to you as one who was brought up in the Hindu faith. However, the Hinduism I knew and experienced was gentle, inclusive, and filled with extraordinary diversity. My religion taught me values of love and respect for all beings. My brand of Hinduism was not filled with the kind of violence and intolerance represented by the current brand of “Hindutva” that seems to be fanning the flames of division and fear across the country.
Today, as a veteran in my eighties, I am forced to hang my head in shame as I witness a series of incidents and assaults on our fellow citizens, especially minorities and dalits. Our armed forces which I have had the honour to serve for nearly 45 years, have been an exemplar of India’s secular ethos. Be it in ships and submarines, or in planes and battle formations, we do not discriminate on the basis of caste or religion – we train, we fight, we live, we eat and we die together.

So why are we bearing witness to increasing attacks on minorities across the country,ever since the present government came to power in May 2014? It appears that certain communities are being singled out for special attention.

I am not Hindu (just a human) AND I RELISH BEEF (just an ordinary protein, as far as I’m concerned). I do have the privilege of knowing Hinduism inside out, both from a practical perspective (having been brought up in a deeply religious Hindu family and married to a deeply religious Hindu) and from the theoretical perspective (having read amazingly gifted writers like Radhakrishnan and Gurcharan Das on the subject).

I know only this, that Modi and his entire group are wrong. Hinduism does NOT lead to forcing one’s preferences on others. Instead, it leads to the kind of conclusion that Gandhi had arrived at re: beef eating:

The assumption of the Hindus that India now has become the land of the Hindus is erroneous. India belongs to all who live here. If we stop cow slaughter by law here and the very reverse happens in Pakistan, what will be the result?[Source:]

The problem has been exacerbated because of the fundamentally flawed concept of Directive Principles. These policy wishlists have no place in a liberal constitution. Many of them (e.g. an appeal to prohibit the slaughter of cows and calves and other milch and draught cattle) represent a direct attack on individual liberty.

We need to be mindful that in the Arthashastra, beef is legally sold. The restriction applies to cows able to give milk; not to barren cows. But that’s not the point. It is IMPOSSIBLE to have freedom in a country when a group of people want to impose their views on others. This vitiates the very concept of India, and makes us another Pakistan.

We urgently need to abolish the Directive Principles and seriously reinforce Fundamental Rights, else India is likely to rapidly advance into becoming another Pakistan. Not sure if that’s what people want: murder and mayhem on a daily basis; and the victory of a Hindutva Taliban.

Once again, SBP calls upon Modi to resign and hand over the government to those who love and care for India. I condemn all religions (all of them: no exception), as being the most divisive and superstitious creations f man, but I’m happy to enjoy and actively participate in the cultural achievements of all our religions.

I’m happy to enjoy and celebrate Diwali, Id-ul-fitr and participate in the langar in the gurudwara. To the extent religion reaches out to the BEST in all of us, I’m happy to join the feast.

But Modi’s government has misused religion in order to plumb the extreme depths of hate and violence – creating echoes in the atmosphere today of the partition of India, which my family suffered – and has directly experienced the ghastly killings that accompanied the event.

In 1947 we committed to live together as a SINGLE NATION, dedicated to liberty. We never committed to be a Hindu nation.

I rededicate my life to serving INDIA (or Bharat or Hindustan, whatever you call it). but will have nothing to do with Hindu India.

Yes, I live in Melbourne, but as you know, my heart (and mind) is in India. And today my heart bleeds for India.


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Prashant Poojari, member of Modi’s violent Bajrang Dal, has become martyr for the Hindu Mahasabha of Houston

Just for my record.




Abe S. Dube

Achalesh Amar

Amit Raj

Amit Sharma

Amit Singh

Anurag Saluja

Ashish Malviya

Avinash Tripathi

Devi Kalyan Mishra

Dilip Mehta

Gajanan Gaikwad

Hitesh Tiwary

Indu Kalhans

Krishna Singh Bhadauria

Lavan Reddy

Manjari K. Gangwar Warty

Pankaj Sinha Bdk

Prasenna Kannan

Punit Bharat Modhgil

Rajiv Varma

Ramakant Tiwari

Raman Yadav

Shashidhar Prasad

Souptik Mukherjee

Subhash Pandey

Suneel Peddibhotla

Tanya Bagai

अनंत श्रीवास्तवा


Birinder K. Mohindra
Chittaranjan Jena
Himadri Choudhury
Jayadeep Kotian
Manish K Pandey
Manish Pratap Prajapati
Marut Mitra
Sameer Panda
Srinath Raju
Surjeet Pandey Sunny
Ved Vyas

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Modi is very good at baiting Muslims. Muslims should not fall prey to his “action-reaction” bait.

In the face of repeated violence by Modi’s goondas against innocent Indian Muslims, some Muslims have acted – in the entirely wrong way.


This Bajrang Dal terrorist was killed by some Muslims

Mohammad Sharif, Mustafa Kavoor, Mohd Mustafa and Kabir (among others) are alleged to have killed Prashant Poojari of Mangalore. [Newsreport] Prashant was ember of the RSS affliate Bajrang Dal which has repeatedly been involved in terrorising Indians on the issue of the “holy” cow.

Prashant Pujari has become a “martyr” for extremist “Hindu” organisations as far away as in the USA. Large amount of funds are being collected for him by the Hindu Mahasabha:

















So all that the Muslims who killed have done, is to create a hero out of a most despicable coward.


Similarly, a Muslim has stabbed a constable in Yavatmal.

This is extremely wrong. Taking the law into one’s own hands is a SURE way to exacerbate the situation.


Modi has kept quiet so far, as his goondas keep increasing their provocations.

But he will speak up – at the right time. That speech is already written in advance. It will be about “action-reaction”.

That speech will occur when some more incidents by Muslims retaliating against the Hindutva provocations take place.


Use political means to kick out BJP.

NEVER take the bait.

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