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Sharad Joshi’s writings and videos (Swatantra Bharat Paksha and farmers’ leader)

I was looking for Sharad Joshi’s writings on the Swaminathan report. I know he opposed it but can’t readily find reference. I found an email in which Dr.  Ashtekar mentioned: “I remember Sharad Joshi saying that Mr Swaminathan is an agritechnologist and not an agro economist …  much to the chagrin of the latter”.

Anyway, let me make a list of his writings, and hopefully will find the relevant reference.




Three articles here.


Two articles here.


One article here.


Interview here.

Agricultural scientist MS Swaminathan has opposed the decision of allowing FDI in retail on the grounds that it might create monopoly.  

When there are many players in the market, the question of monopoly will not arise. Within two years, we will see (Gujarat chief minister) Narendra Modi and (Maharashtra chief minister) Prithviraj Chavan competing for attracting FDI in retail in their states.

The concern that the Indian farmer is illiterate and hence more prone to exploitation is not correct. Though the farmer is illiterate, he is wise.


Why do markets succeed when Planning Commissions fail?


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Why Arvind Kejriwal and all socialists are clowns and Lee Kuan Yew was a genius

Fortunately, we never attempted to subsidise rice or other staple foodstuffs. Those governments which have done so face grave problems, as more and more of their revenue goes into feeding more and more mouths at subsidised prices, generating overpopulation, under-education, low economic growth, massive unemployment and resulting social unrest. And this is what has happened because elected governments in several new countries have baulked at taking unpopular decisions. -Lee Kuan Yew

The poor know that you don’t get manna falling from heaven, not in Singapore anyway.- Lee Kuan Yew


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Enjoy your TB and other Third World “perks”, India! A “great” country, indeed.

This is an email I sent out a moment ago to a few thousand people:

Dear friends
The Modi government’s TOTAL incompetence is evident every day in every way. Even those who had some hopes from it are now thinking the unthinkable – that even the UPA was better. Of course, we know that all these ultra-socialist parties are super-incompetent – by default. They don’t even understand basic governance, how can they implement even the simplest thing?
Anyway, this press release (below) from SBP talks about the GREAT SHAME WE FACE IN INDIA – of five lakh Indians dying from ENTIRELY preventable TB. We need a national emergency to fix this issue but, of course, the Modi government is totally incompetent and can do NOTHING.
Please share this press release widely so at least even if Modi won’t do anything, some of your friends and colleagues will learn something useful.
And no, you are not exempt from TB, either! One of our brightest Indians who studied in Stanford University has got multi-drug resistant TB, most likely from travelling in Indian public transport. He is now taking 15000 pills and hundreds of injections, and even then his survival is uncertain. What a disaster is India – a Third World nation that boasts about its “first world” superpower capabilities.
In Hindi there is a word for all this – dhong. Dhongi babas are ruling India! And yet people are happily voting for them. Please continue to enjoy your TB and other Third Word “perks”!
Btw,  you’ve not watched this, please do so:


National Press Release – to be released across India

28 May 2017 – for immediate release

Swarna Bharat Party calls for a national emergency to stop 5 lakh Indians dying from TB each year

Mr Rahul Pandit, President of Swarna Bharat Party, India’s only liberal party, said that tuberculosis is a totally preventable Third World disease. It is basically a disease of acute misgovernance. It is a great shame that five lakh Indians die from this preventable disease each year. And yet the government is doing nothing to eradicate TB. Its “targets” do not even talk about eradication.

SBP believes that government has a significant role in preventing infectious diseases. India needs an intense and ceaseless public awareness campaign against TB. We need active monitoring of everyone who has the disease, we need people to put masks over their face while travelling in public transport. We need a dramatic increase in the resources allocated to this fight. This needs to be declared a national emergency.

The government rightly cares for the life of every soldier but why is the preventable loss of life of nearly five lakh Indians each met with indifference?

India’s TB rate is 180 times that of the USA (noting that the overwhelming majority of American TB cases arise from foreign-born patients). Our multi-drug resistant TB rate is 500 times that of the USA. We get 28 lakh new cases of TB each year compared with around 10,000 in the USA. Even if foreign born Americans are included in the American statistics, India should get at most 40,000 cases of TB each year. The suffering of over 27 lakh Indians is entirely preventable.

The most problematic situation relates to multi-drug resistant TB (MDR-TB) which is caused when people stop taking medicines for normal TB when they feel a little better. At that stage their TB morphs into a drug resistant form and requires hundreds of injections and 15,000 pills to even attempt a cure. In this regard the USA gets less than 100 new cases each year of MDR-TB (with over 85 per cent of these being foreign born), compared with at least 80,000 in India. These 80,000 Indians undergo extreme suffering, and almost half die despite the treatment. We cannot allow MDR-TB to develop in the first place

Mr Rahul Pandit said that the Modi government needs to stop its idle boasts and start performing. There was time for boasting but three years after coming to power, the incompetence that was the hallmark of the UPA has now become the hallmark of the Modi government.

Mr Pandit said that the only way to ensure competent basic governance in India is for the Modi government to implement all aspects of the SBP manifesto. Else India will continue to remain a Third World country with a totally broken system of governance.

Notes for Editors

SBP is India’s only liberal party, committed to defending liberty and promoting prosperity.


Rahul Pandit (Hyderabad) National President, +91 9703425422

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