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Facebook response to their rejection of my anti-Modi “boost” to a post is amazingly obtuse. Have asked further questions.

Update on my previous blog post on this topic, here.

The following is what I received back from FB:

Hi Sanjeev,

Thanks for writing in to us. I took a look at your account and noticed that the content advertised by this ad is prohibited. We reserve the right to determine what advertising we accept, and we may choose to not accept ads containing or relating to certain products or services and will not allow the creation of any further Facebook Ads for this product. We appreciate your cooperation with this policy.


Facebook Ads Team.


I’d appreciate if you can elaborate on “content advertised by this ad is prohibited”.

What content is being advertised? It is merely my tweet. What’s the issue with this tweet? It is merely challenging Modi, who bans beef in India because the cow is apparently his “mother”, to take his “mother” home.

A plain English explanation would be useful, so I can understand what is bothering Facebook in this very simple case of questioning someone who interferes in people’s dietary choice.




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Modi’s bootlicking lackey and enemy of liberty, Madhu Kishwar, has totally lost the plot

I’m really sorry at my huge misjudgement about Madhu Kishwar, whom I once mistook to be a classical liberal.

Apart from her extremely poorly researched and boot licking Modinama, on which I’ve commented elsewhere, she has made the following comment on twitter a few days ago:

Yes, all innocent human life is the same, and we regret its loss, but we do distinguish the loss of human life and liberty on a daily basis. Thousands die in hospitals and due to natural causes each day. Hundreds die from car accidents. We may (at best) note this loss of life. Another few hundred die from routine social crime (murders). We observe whether these are personal or family feuds or have social implications.

If family feuds, we condemn and make note but then pass on to the police for investigation and justice. Some of these murders are religion-motivated, e.g. the regular (daily) attacks by brahmins/high castes  on dalits, or by some Muslims against some Hindus (the case Madhu Kishwar points out). We condemn and express outrage on any religion-motivated crime. I have done so tens of times and so have others. I have not spared any religion, nor any religious motivation for killing innocents. My condemnation is outright and scathing.

But then there are terrorist crimes and power-plays to destroy the liberty of entire societies. These are in a different league altogether, because the focus is not the destruction of a particular life or lives: the focus is destruction of liberty ACROSS THE ENTIRE SOCIETY. That is why the entire world watches such crimes and forms a moral force against such actions.

This is such a basic distinction, but Modi boot lickers like Madhu Kishwar will never see the obvious. Blind entirely to Modi’s crimes.

Lynching someone on the pretext of beef eating is UNMITIGATED TERRORISM. This is terrorism practiced by a mass organisation, called RSS and branches including Bajrang Dal and BJP.

This is the same organisation that has organised mass scale arms training to create civil war conditions in India – and spreading the most vicious lies.

Two examples below: and

Imagine if any Muslims were undertaking such mass sacle armed mobilisation and spreading lies that Hindus eat their wives.

Madhu – I’m sorry to say I wasted precious time on her – has become not just a bootlicking lackey of Modi and RSS, but a DIRECT ENEMY OF LIBERTY.

Has she ever condemned the MOST VICIOUS ATTACK on personal liberties by the RSS/ Modi gang? Does she support a ban on beef eating in India? Is it alright for a group of community to FORCIBLY IMPOSE their preferences on the entire country? Has she ever asked Modi to being his naked, hungry mother home? 

She is now clearly aligned with the ENEMIES of India.

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Modi’s/ BJP’s/RSS’s photoshop factory of lies and propaganda. Hindtuvas = biggest LIARS on earth.

Everyone knows that Hindutvas are the BIGGEST BUNCH OF LIARS ON THIS PLANET. Everyday a new set of lies. Lies. Lies. Lies.

I’ve compiled innumerable doctored and false statements by Modi/BJP/VHP/RSS in my booklet here, but that doesn’t include many other mass scale lies, e.g. about Macaulay, that I’ve extensively commented upon earlier on this blog. These skunks can stoop lower than the lowest in human history. Skunks, one and all.

Someone sent me a zipped file of images that are examples of the colossal falsification that has been promoted by Modi in order to mislead the voter.

The only good thing is that one can’t fool all the people all the time. The people of India have learnt their lesson. I think BJP will never regain its 2014 electoral performance again. And, with some perseverance, truth (SBP) may indeed win.

This is a placeholder post. I’ll keep adding, time permitting.

There are just too many lies spread by this gang of rascals bereft of the most elementary ethics. This is only a small sample.

A zip file you can download.

[Of course, this is a TOTAL lie – as Wikileaks clarified]

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