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Bribing a judge should be punishable with DEATH. And any judge who accepts a bribe should be HANGED.

Copy of my email sent out widely a moment ago. The free society needs TOTALLY IMPARTIAL AND HIGHLY INTELLIGENT JUDGES. Without that there is no hope. No possibility of a free society.

Proof that Modi bribed 33 High Court judges and "Justice" Nanavati. And "Justice" Suganya Bhatt?

In a mindless rush to exonerate Modi for his crimes, many people have forgotten that the proof of his BRIBERY OF JUDGES is sitting right out in the open. It is worth asking whether bribed judges can EVER act as judges.

It should be made a criminal offence punishable by DEATH to bribe a judge. 
Judges should be paid very well, but then let them act as JUDGES, not as supporters of crime. I fully agree with Deepak Khosla's view, that 
High Court judges’ monthly salaries should be raised to Rs 21 lakhs [See his excellent ideas here: http://www.legallyindia.com/201308073894/Interviews/deepak-khosla-profile]. But once they are paid well, it should be a criminal offence for anyone to give them ANY more financial incentive.
Want proof of Modi's SERIAL BRIBERY? It's out there. In the open. His own people clearly say so.
[There's MUCH, much more, of course - of bribing witnesses, etc.]
I am also wondering now whether "Justice" Suganya Bhatt is fully bribed, as well, given she has not delivered the Mansi Soni snoopgate report by 26 February (she had three months) YET. This was an open-shut case of Modi's DIRECT criminality, but the report is not out! What's going on!!
We need to make bribery of judges a crime PUNISHABLE BY DEATH. Nothing less will do. And any judge who takes a bribe should also be HANGED. Justice is so vital for a free society to exist, but our justice system itself has been destroyed.


Did Suganya Bhatt take cheap land from Modi? Does anyone know?

In any event, ALL 33 JUDGES WHO TOOK THE BRIBE IN THIS CASE SHOULD BE HANGED. The proof that they took land from Modi is out in the open. The punishment should be swift and immediate.

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Nanavati is FULLY bribed by Modi. Modi’s legal counsel: “They run the Commission for years… he wants money, nothing else…”

Consistent with the bribery of High Court judges (and may others) this is FURTHER PROOF that Modi is in the habit of bribing judges. [I've already covered this in the booklet Truth About Modi. Also don't forget to read this: Modi’s bribery of Nanavati and his TWO sons so Nanavati will DELAY and OBFUSCATE the truth].

The give-away line is that "They run the Commission for years… he wants money, nothing else… "

The Commission is continuing FOR EVER. Never to complete. That's the plan. Let all witnesses die of old age. Let time pass. Then people will forget. And one must wonder whether Suganya Bhatt the snoopgate "judge" is also FULLY BRIBED. Else what's taken here FIVE months to report on snoopgate?


TEHELKA: Who was at the forefront during the riots?

Pandya: It will be wrong to say some were there and some were not… Practically everybody who went to the field was from the Bajrang Dal and the VHP…

TEHELKA: Did Jaideepbhai go to the field?

Pandya: Jaideepbhai had also gone… Which leaders went where, who had a role, who had a suspected role — we have before the Commission all these details, all the mobile numbers, who went where… We have the locations…

TEHELKA: Yes, some controversy also took place…

Pandya: It’s still on… And I know whose mobile numbers were there… who talked to whom, from which location… I have the papers…

TEHELKA: So can there be some problem for the Hindus because of that… for Jaideepbhai etc…

Pandya: Arrey bhai, I am the one who has to fight the case… don’t worry… don’t worry about this, there will be no problem here. If there will be a problem I’ll solve it… I have spent all these years for whom… for my own blood

TEHELKA: Can the commission’s report go against the Hindus?

Pandya: Nahi, nahi… it can create some problems for the police… it can go against them… see, the judges who have been selected are from the Congress…

TEHELKA: Yes, Nanavati… and Shah

Pandya: That’s the only problem… our leaders at the time got into a controversy in a hurry… what they thought was that since Nanavati was involved in the Sikh riots… that if they use a Congress judge there will be no controversy…

TEHELKA: So is Nanavati absolutely against you people?

Pandya: Nanavati is a clever man…He wants money… Of the two judges, KG Shah is intelligent… woh apne wala hai [he is our man]… he is sympathetic to us… Nanavati is after money…

TEHELKA: You are saying he wants to make money…

Pandya: It is an internal matter…

TEHELKA: The Nanavati-Shah Commission can go against Hindus….

Pandya: They run the Commission for years… he wants money, nothing else… He is a Congressman…

TEHELKA: And Shah?

Pandya: Nahi Shah to apnay hain [No, Shah is one of our own]… but Nanavati is a retired Supreme Court judge and Shah is a retired High Court judge…

• • •

Pandya: I have been the government’s special AG [Advocate General] in these riots… I kept note of just two things… I told the VHP that none of you have to come to the Commission ever… you keep in touch with me, that’s all… I told the BJP too to keep in touch with me, that’s all… I have also told the Sangh that whenever I hold camps at various places don’t come there with a big strength and don’t bring a known face. You keep in touch with me on phone… [Sanjeev: it becomes crucial to find out who has been calling Arvind Pandya.] If I’ll need anything, you’ll just receive a call, not more… I also went to all the places where the camps were held. I also held my own camps. I went to the camps to win the local people’s favour… how it should be done, what is to be done.

TEHELKA: It would have created problems otherwise…

Pandya: The style of working is different… I am the one who has created this whole mood of the Commission… that is why all these lectures the Muslims give to their activists… It’s written in many lectures, some have also been recorded by the IB [Intelligence Bureau] that if a Hindu or a Hindu leader gets involved then it is dangerous, but if Arvind Pandya gets involved it is 2,000 times dangerous…

TEHELKA: Has there been any inquiry against you?

Pandya: One was TEHELKA-related… I had threatened the police officer, RB Sreekumar… that leaked out and it ran on TV all day… but that was the last tehelka…


Arvind Pandya: [The Muslims of Godhra] thought they could get away with it because the Gujarati is mild by nature. In the past, they had beaten the Gujarati, they have even beaten the entire world, and nobody has shown any courage… Nobody had ever resisted them… They thought they’d get away with it just like they always do, but they used to get away with it because there was Congress rule here earlier… To get their votes, the Congress would suppress Gujaratis and Hindus… But this time, they were thrashed… It is Hindu rule now… All of Gujarat is ruled by Hindus, and that too from the VHP and the BJP…

TEHELKA: They miscalculated…

Pandya: No, what would have happened… If it were a Congress government, then they would have never allowed Hindus to beat Muslims, they would have used their administrative force just to drag the Hindus down… They never stop [Muslims] from violence… They’ll tell Hindus to maintain peace but will never do anything to touch them [Muslims]… They would never have done anything, even in cases like [Godhra], but in this case, there was a Hindu-based government and… so, people were ready and the state was also ready… This is a good connivance [sic].

TEHELKA: This was the good fortune of the Hindu community… the entire Hindu samaj.

Pandya: And let us say the ruler was also strong in nature because he gave, just take the revenge and I am ready… We must first salute Kalyan Singh because he accepted every kind of liability before the Supreme Court, saying… I did this, I was the party….

TEHELKA: Later on, when he changed the party…

Pandya: He did, but he was the founder person, he just stood before the Supreme Court boldly and said that I am the person…

TEHELKA: Took sole responsibility.

Pandya: Thereafter, the second hero by the name of… Narendra Modi came and he gave oral instructions to the police to remain with the Hindus, because the entire kingdom is with the Hindus.

TEHELKA: Sir, is it true that when Modi went to Godhra on February 27, that VHP workers attacked him?

Pandya: No, they didn’t. It’s like this… There are 58 bodies… and it’s evening… people are bound to say, what have you done…

TEHELKA: From 8 in the morning till evening, he didn’t land up… So, when things got heated, then Modi ji got angry and he…

Pandya: No it’s not like that… Modi’s been on our line for a long time… Forget that matter… But he’s occupying a post, so naturally there are more limitations… and he has quite a few… It is he who gave all signals in favour of the Hindus… If the ruler is hard, then things can start happening…

TEHELKA: Did you meet… Narendra Modi after he returned from Godhra on the 27th?

Pandya: No, I will not answer queries on this… I shouldn’t…

TEHELKA: Sir, I want to know what was his first reaction?

Pandya: When Narendra Modi first heard it over the phone, his blood was boiling… Tell me, what else do I say… I’ve given you some hints and I can’t reveal more than that… nor should I say it…

TEHELKA: I wanted to know this… what his first reaction was…

Pandya: No, his reaction was like this: if he were not a minister, he would have burst bombs… If he had the capacity and was not a minister he would have detonated a few bombs in Juhapura [a Muslimdominated locality in Ahmedabad].




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Modi bribed Gujarat High Court judges with land worth Rs.1 lakh per sq.m. which he have them for Rs.5000 per sq.m.

This is absolutely shameful. Gujarat High Court judges were given land worth Rs.1 lakh per sq. metre at a measly Rs.5000 per sq. metre. All accepted except one. These are the kinds of people – moral pygmies without the slightest sense of integrity - who will "judge" corruption cases in India! A judge is expected to decide matters of life and death, matters of people's rights vs. the (often false) claims of a corrupt government. And they take HUGE BRIBES from the government?! How can they possibly provide impartial justice?

The justice system DOES NOT EXIST in India any more. The judges, now obligated to Modi, have followed Modi in every single thing thereafter. And of course, there is direct proof of bribing "Justice" Nanavati. These CROOKS are expected to provide India with justice!

This is kal yug; Modi's kal yug.

I would also like all such subsidised allocations of land to government employees to be entirely banned and declared illegal. This is criminal from MANY angles, apart from the bribery involved. It also involves the loot of the public exchequer.

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Why should anyone support you, JP of Lok Satta? One day you run after Kejriwal the other day after Modi.

A few days ago I had written the following email to a group of people:


Recall that the same JP has in the past aligned with Communists, and also tried to align with AAP. That's because there is a strong tinge of leftism in the party. Lok Satta is a social democratic/ social liberal party, not classical liberal.

Lok Satta's aligning with BJP (despite its extremely leftist agenda) is part of the same story. I think JP is trying to make the best of a very bad situation, without losing his identity as a somewhat liberal politician.

Even Swatantra Bharat Party of Sharad Joshi did all these confused things. In 2004 Sharad Joshi aligned with Vajpayee's NDA but I know (since I was part of the party) that he met Sonia Gandhi as well, seeking support. In January 2014 Sharad Joshi's party spoke about aligning with AAP (http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/pune/Sharad-Joshi-to-join-hands-with-AAP/articleshow/28914494.cms). I've now been sent Swatantra Bharat Party latest agenda and it is positive about BJP. I know that Sharad Joshi also met Modi sometime last year.

Then, if you note, even I went and interacted with Swami Ramdev, knowing well that he had been out there in Gujarat elections, supporting Modi. So long as the party we were going to create was to be liberal, I was OK with it. Even supporting NDA at a later stage was OK if we were able to get a purely liberal party up and running, independently. But the moment he decided to literally JOIN BJP, I split all links. I DO NOT JOIN BJP, and made it clear 10s of times to Ramdev. We want to DESTROY BJP AND CONGRESS. And replace with a liberal party. That's the only acceptable goal.

So what you are seeing is the tortured journey of liberals in India. Unable to get the support of good people like Nandan Nilekani (who are otherwise liberal) or any big funding source, unable even to get together on a single platform, these liberals are suffering deeply, and the 2014 elections won't fix this problem. 

So JP refused to join Swatantra Bharat Party in 2004 (when I invited him for a 5-day workshop), but then went and floated his own party in 2006. Sharad Joshi's party couldn't get the urban liberals together, so is still struggling to get off the ground. Bharat Uday Mission turned out to have a significant number of socialists and split into pieces. Jago Party did not have the ability to bring people together and squandered big money without any results. Shekhar Tiwari's Navbharat Party has a different strategy but I'll be surprised if it wins even a single seat this time (I'd love to be proven wrong).

Do not read too much into JP's "support" for BJP. He is either (a) confused on such matters or (b) forced by the sheer requirements of electoral politics to do what he is doing – or (c) both.

In the end, though, you are absolutely right. If liberals can't stand SEPARATELY, then they are doomed. If they side with Congress/BJP they are going to get tarnished, and their future will be in tatters.

The liberals are not ready, and are totally confused. I don't want to add to the confusion by endorsing you against JP.

Let all liberals assemble in June/July (I can come over if needed to conduct the 4-5 day workshop – that's the minimum time I'll need to sort out the mess that is going on in India) and then let's move forward.

A HUGE amount of money has been wasted through un-coordinated efforts over the past 10 years by the liberals (how much money did Jago/LS/Navbharat waste!). Let's learn to work together. Only in unity is strength. 

It is inefficient to bicker amongst liberals. Results are very unpleasant for India. 

JP has NOT joined BJP, to the best of my knowledge. Let's give him the benefit of doubt. Confusion is natural to the liberals. Let's avoid adding to the confusion!


But since then it has become clear that Ramdev has sold his conscience by directly supporting black money, thereby joining the enemy camp. [PS: I've just received info on this which might make me change my mind. Watch this space.]

And now JP of Lok Satta mentions this today on FB:

It was a pleasure meeting Mr. Narendra Modi today. We are united by our development agenda and commitment to economic growth. This is our common and repeated refrain that transcends party and alliance lines.

We spoke about the necessity to create one crore new jobs across India to revitalize the economy and give it the much needed push. Both of us agreed that bold reforms, be it on land acquisition or labour laws coupled with significant infrastructure creation are needed to make one crore jobs a reality.

Modi is the best choice for India and Loksatta is the best choice locally. Ours is the only party that has a vision for the region’s economic progress. I'm confident that Malkajgiri will create even bigger history than Kukatpally did in 2009.



How hopelessly confused are you, JP! Not long ago I thought you could be the leader behind whom all liberals, or a Third Front, could assemble.

I’ve kept up my support for you despite huge confusion from your end. One day you run after Communist Party, the other day after Arvind Kejriwal, and the third day after Modi

I’m WILLING to understand seat sharing subject to a common minimum programme. But in none of these cases have you insisted on a CMP before wildly praising the said party/person. Even when running after AAP I was informed you did not insist on a CMP. 

Now for JP to say that a man (Modi) so badly tainted (and almost certainly criminally involved in many crimes) is the “best choice for India” is just too much to take.

If Modi was so great, why did you – not many months ago – RUN after Arvind Kejriwal?

JP is clearly not a classical liberal. He is after power. A common politician more bothered about his seat than about principles. 

I withdraw my support for JP of Lok Satta for Malkajgiri. I cannot countenance this kind of wild confusion. SHOW ME THE CMP then I can reconsider. And if Modi is God's gift to India why do you still run a separate party? Merge with BJP. At least one will know what you stand for.

At this stage it is now up to the remaining liberals to unite under one umbrella and be very clear from the very beginning about what they will do in case required to ‘align’ with another party. But that is part of a strategic discussion for July this year (IF we do assemble).

I will still invite JP (Lok Satta) for that meeting but JP can NEVER be given any senior role in the liberal movement in the future.

We need a NEW AND CLEAR-HEADED leader.


See this news item. My comment: "Amazing. JP stoops and crawls in front of BJP, and BJP-TDP REJECTS HIM. JP has got what he deserves. No friends, no supporters. JP should stop talking about Dharma. He has no dharma but self-advancement. He CAN NEVER lead India. But if he is willing to be guided, he may form part of the liberal movement." 

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Is Jagdish Tytler innocent?

Preet Bedi mentioned on FB: [click each image for a larger view]

I provided the following responses:

And the following: [Source 1] [Source 2]

Also wrote: Attn: Preet K S Bedi. Download Madhu's article from here

The following exchange thereafter took place:


Now, I've not got time to read the Nanavati report. But I'd like to request anyone who has time to confirm whether Madhu listed Tytler's name out of her hat, or had any evidence. 

I'll also send to Madhu for comment.

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Anupam Kher did pass “The Final Solution” after the Board banned it. But he shouldn’t have allowed the ban.

I find it astonishing that controversies can arise even on basic facts. I decided to explore the facts myself.

The facts

October 08, 2003: Anupam Kher appointed chairman of Censor Board.

MAY 2004: UPA comes to power.




A committee of four people, "including a Muslim gentleman", viewed Rakesh Sharma's film, he said. Asked on what basis the viewing committee was selected, Mr. Singla said that this depended on the availability of members of the Board. "I know people are not happy," he said. "But what can we do. Sometimes we are termed liberal, sometimes very harsh." [Source]

It is possible that Anupam Kher might not have been personally involved in the original decision to ban the movie, although it is odd that such a thing could have happened. He should NOT have allowed the ban.


"The fact that movie was passed only this week, that only by intervention of Kher himself, was too late too little for the left."


October 13 2004: Veteran actress Sharmila Tagore was today appointed Chairperson of the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) in place of Anupam Kher, who has been asked to quit.

But Anupam Kher has forgotten when he passed the film

He did NOT pass the film before UPA came to power. There was NO preliminary viewing, merely a ban imposed on 30 July 2004. Yes, he did pass the movie but WELL AFTER the UPALet the facts be clear. Denying facts doesn't help any debate. 

This is about right (from the video by Rakesh Sharma):

I would much rather disband the entire Censor Board.

You can watch excerpts from The Final Solution online:



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