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CRIMINAL Modi has **FURTHER broken the law** by not publishing the Nanavati Report till today

The Indian media is a scam. It is 100 per cent bought out by criminal politicians.

Modi became PM on the back of the most corrupt and rotten “investigative” machinery ever cooked up in independent India. His Nanavati commission abruptly, and without hearing all parties, shut down the inquiry after Modi became PM – WITHOUT A FINAL REPORT. Job done. Crime hidden.

More than one year ago I asked for its findings to be made publicly available. But more than one year after the “report” was provided to the government it has not been published.

The media has kept quiet. Totally bought out by Modi.

R. B. Sreekumar sent a letter to the CM of Gujarat to flush out the report. [PDF copy]

Extract below:

The Section-3, sub section-4 of the Commissions of Enquiry Act, 1952 stipulated thus – “The appropriate Government shall cause to be laid before the House of the people or, as the case may be, the Legislative Assembly of the State, the report, if any, of the Commission on the enquiry made by the Commission under sub section(1) together with a memorandum of the action taken thereon, within a period of six months of the submission of the report by the Commission to the appropriate Government”.  Since the Act had used the term “SHALL”, the State Government has NO discretion or option for not presenting the Commission Report along with “a memorandum of the action taken thereon” to the State Assembly within the prescribed time frame, i.e.; “within a period of six months of the submission of the report by the Commission to the appropriate Government”.  Already one year is completed on 18th November, 2015, since the submission of the report by the Commission.  Strangely, the State Government did not even care to  make a statement in the State Assembly or to the citizens, explaining the reasons for such inordinate inexplicable delay and unlawful refusal to publish the Commission’s findings and action taken thereon, so far.

Guess what? NO ONE in the media is going to bother to raise this issue. PAID ACCOMPLICES, NOT “MEDIA”.

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The sorry case of Madhu Kishwar, whom I totally misunderstood till September 2013

Madhu Kishwar was among the five people I invited in 2000 to consider forming a liberal political party.

She was a member of the 5 day workshop I held in 2004 to consider India’s liberal political strategy.

I met her in the Melbourne University when she came here for some training, and also dropped her to the Melbourne Airport.

I held her in high esteem, even till mid-2013, when I last spoke with her on the phone.

But she has deteriorated into a rabid RSS fanatic.

Just look at her language:

Sickular! That’s pretty much RSS language.

And her flattery for killer Modi (and supporter of beef-based lynching) is unrelenting. NOT ONE WORD IN FAVOUR OF LIBERTY AND RULE OF LAW.

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Sudha Shenoy shows that things made in China are actually made across the world

Mises Institute has done Indians a favour by putting out the video of Sudha Shenoy (2006), the brilliant daughter of one of India’s greatest economists: BR  Shenoy.

Although the talk may appear to be slow and somewhat tedious, it is actually quite sharp and insightful. She has a gem of a mind – sharp and humorous. And she makes a point about trade that only those who understand economics can.

Of course, Sudha – who taught in the University of Newcastle, died in 2008. I wish we get more videos of her talks. It is great to get to know an Indian liberal. It is a shame I did not know about her before she died. I’d have travelled specifically to meet her.

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BJP has been wiped out in Bihar (which is good), but the country’s future remains in the wrong hands

Copy of an email I sent out a moment ago to a few people:


Dear Friends

First there was the anti-corruption movement of Ramdev.

Then there was the anti-corruption movement of IAC.

Then there was the hero-worship of Anna Hazare.

Then there was the hero-worship of Modi.

In each case, without fail, I said clearly that these people are wrong and do not have the answer. The country was slow but seems to have recognised it ultimately.

Today the country has no more heros, which is the way it should be.

What you need is LEADERS WHO LET YOU FREE.India has never been free. I want to make you free.

Swarna Bharat Party is getting into action at just the right time. I hope that a few years down the road, the country would agree with me and my message – which I’ve been repeating for 18 years now.

Let’s aim for FREEDOM, not slavery to government. Let’s aim for systemic reforms that eliminate corruption and ensure efficiency in government; not hero-worship and nonsense like “Lokpal”.

The country is determined to go through some very hard lessons before it will finally learn the basic message of freedom.

I will help India for another 9 years. Beyond that India is on its own.

I would like to make clear to anyone who is listening that the socialists who will now govern Bihar will make Bihar AS BAD as it was: corrupt, criminal, poor. These jokers have no understanding of what ails India. They will continue to take Bihar (and India) down the drain.

The solution for India is not to jump from one socialist party (BJP) to another. That’s such a flawed strategy. The solution is to abandon socialism and imbibe LIBERTY at all levels of government and public policy.

I’m glad Swarna Bharat Party is slowly getting its act together. I congratulate you for sticking with the party in its early days. Together we WILL show India the way to great success. From a third rate Third World gutter nation – polluted, corrupt, criminal – we’ll make India a Sone Ki Chidiya that will be the greatest nation on earth.

Please spread the word to everyone that SBP is slowly assembling. I’ll update further as things fall in place. We are slowly getting to the point when we can start collecting funds.

Senior Leader
Swarna Bharat Party, India’s only liberal party

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