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Enjoy your TB and other Third World “perks”, India! A “great” country, indeed.

This is an email I sent out a moment ago to a few thousand people:

Dear friends
The Modi government’s TOTAL incompetence is evident every day in every way. Even those who had some hopes from it are now thinking the unthinkable – that even the UPA was better. Of course, we know that all these ultra-socialist parties are super-incompetent – by default. They don’t even understand basic governance, how can they implement even the simplest thing?
Anyway, this press release (below) from SBP talks about the GREAT SHAME WE FACE IN INDIA – of five lakh Indians dying from ENTIRELY preventable TB. We need a national emergency to fix this issue but, of course, the Modi government is totally incompetent and can do NOTHING.
Please share this press release widely so at least even if Modi won’t do anything, some of your friends and colleagues will learn something useful.
And no, you are not exempt from TB, either! One of our brightest Indians who studied in Stanford University has got multi-drug resistant TB, most likely from travelling in Indian public transport. He is now taking 15000 pills and hundreds of injections, and even then his survival is uncertain. What a disaster is India – a Third World nation that boasts about its “first world” superpower capabilities.
In Hindi there is a word for all this – dhong. Dhongi babas are ruling India! And yet people are happily voting for them. Please continue to enjoy your TB and other Third Word “perks”!
Btw,  you’ve not watched this, please do so:


National Press Release – to be released across India

28 May 2017 – for immediate release

Swarna Bharat Party calls for a national emergency to stop 5 lakh Indians dying from TB each year

Mr Rahul Pandit, President of Swarna Bharat Party, India’s only liberal party, said that tuberculosis is a totally preventable Third World disease. It is basically a disease of acute misgovernance. It is a great shame that five lakh Indians die from this preventable disease each year. And yet the government is doing nothing to eradicate TB. Its “targets” do not even talk about eradication.

SBP believes that government has a significant role in preventing infectious diseases. India needs an intense and ceaseless public awareness campaign against TB. We need active monitoring of everyone who has the disease, we need people to put masks over their face while travelling in public transport. We need a dramatic increase in the resources allocated to this fight. This needs to be declared a national emergency.

The government rightly cares for the life of every soldier but why is the preventable loss of life of nearly five lakh Indians each met with indifference?

India’s TB rate is 180 times that of the USA (noting that the overwhelming majority of American TB cases arise from foreign-born patients). Our multi-drug resistant TB rate is 500 times that of the USA. We get 28 lakh new cases of TB each year compared with around 10,000 in the USA. Even if foreign born Americans are included in the American statistics, India should get at most 40,000 cases of TB each year. The suffering of over 27 lakh Indians is entirely preventable.

The most problematic situation relates to multi-drug resistant TB (MDR-TB) which is caused when people stop taking medicines for normal TB when they feel a little better. At that stage their TB morphs into a drug resistant form and requires hundreds of injections and 15,000 pills to even attempt a cure. In this regard the USA gets less than 100 new cases each year of MDR-TB (with over 85 per cent of these being foreign born), compared with at least 80,000 in India. These 80,000 Indians undergo extreme suffering, and almost half die despite the treatment. We cannot allow MDR-TB to develop in the first place

Mr Rahul Pandit said that the Modi government needs to stop its idle boasts and start performing. There was time for boasting but three years after coming to power, the incompetence that was the hallmark of the UPA has now become the hallmark of the Modi government.

Mr Pandit said that the only way to ensure competent basic governance in India is for the Modi government to implement all aspects of the SBP manifesto. Else India will continue to remain a Third World country with a totally broken system of governance.

Notes for Editors

SBP is India’s only liberal party, committed to defending liberty and promoting prosperity.


Rahul Pandit (Hyderabad) National President, +91 9703425422

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Why India’s environment is TOTALLY degraded and Australia’s is almost pristine: environmental policy and reforms in Victoria

Someone was asking me about examples of a good policy. I responded: Pick up ANY policy in developed countries and it is almost certainly guaranteed to be at least a tolerably good policy, if not a great policy. That’s unlike the case of India where there is ZERO good policy.

Policy making has to go through an extensive policy logic. Thereafter there is an assessment of costs and benefits.

And note that NO policy can possibly succeed without a very strong and accountable governance system. So Policy = policy + governance.

India has the world’s worst governance system, therefore no good policy can possibly be made in India. Further, even if you were to make good policy in India, it will fail because the governance system is totally rotten.

The policy logic guidance is available here for Victoria. Please read the guidance carefully. (And don’t forget to read and understand the governance framework: Public Administration Act and my article published by the Cabinet Secretariat of India).

Then consider any one example of policy and find out how it is made.

Let me take the example of recent environmental policy reforms underway in Victoria, reforms which are likely to take it even further into the world-best policy category


  1. There was an election commitment made by the government
  2. A review was commissioned and its report is available here. (452 pages, after extensive consultation)
  3. The Government then responded to the report, here (32 pages)

Thereafter, detailed processes are underway to implement each and item of the reform. I won’t go into detail since these are currently underway and I am incidentally and sporadically involved in some of them.

But let me note that at each step, extensive thought is given into all aspects of the policy-making process.

This is not something India even REMOTELY understands. And the results are self-evident. India is a JUNK country with the environment almost entirely degraded and destroyed. Australia continues to have one of the most pristine environments in the world (despite many mistakes made in the first two centuries of settlement due to ignorance which was natural at that stage).

I hope I’ve succeeded in outlining the key policy process here adequately.

Once you’ve read the entire references I’ve provided, we can discuss further.

With zero capability in policy making India is destined to rot at the bottom of the world, and its rivers and lakes and air will necessarily be toxic and unliveable.

There is really only one choice for India: join SBP and make good policy, or rot at the bottom of the world.

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Two of India’s characterless “liberals” – a brief comment

I’m informed that one of the former leaders of SBP has now been consorting with a character-less moneyed person.

This former SBP leader had told me that he had very severe kidney disease and so was going to retire from all work and stay at home to cure his disease. But apparently he is quite fit and is actively participating in a range of political meetings in Delhi with this character-less person – as we speak!

This so-called “leader” (whom I trusted and tried to support in every way) lied to me through his teeth! This is truly a sorry situation that such characterless persons (and this one claims to be a “spiritual” man, in addition!!) are found in abundance in India.

I will not disclose this person’s name at this stage but I am keeping close watch on both these characterless persons who are masquerading as “liberals”.  I will discuss the lying character of these persons if they ever try to get into the public eye. I will NOT let them cheat the people of India.

I will now block these two persons across all forms of communication. They will NEVER again be able to communicate with me – and warn them to NEVER claim (in any public space) to be liberal. They are NOT. They are liars.

If they try to masquerede as liberals I will unleash the truth about them and let the people know them for what they are.

(This “sick” person with “kidney disease” has also taken SBP membership booklets and given to another person. I ask him to RETURN these booklets at his own cost to the party. )

The one thing liberals have is character. Without character and personal integrity no one should come even close to Swarna Bharat Party.

This is all very sad, but such is India.

And that is why India rots while the whole world flourishes.


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My message to my IAS/IPS batchmates

I sent this msg to some of my batchmates:

This blog post links to a short video which everyone should see.

The simple fact: India has zero (in fact, negative) capacity in public policy making. Australia has one of the highest such capacities in the world. The consequences are fully predictable.

Btw – what you are seeing today (good people punished, bad people glorified) is a perfect example of the outcomes of this public policy process.

I also notice not a single one of you has taken any interest any time in your life to ask me questions about what I do in Australia, why I have come to the view I have formed about public policy, and why I have formed a political party to fix this problem.

Sometimes it might be helpful to ask questions – since what you are living in totally predictable based on the incentives at work in the system.

I’m always open to answering questions, but I find it really odd that even my batchmates don’t ask questions – leave alone the average person in the streets. How can one possibly improve if one is so sure that no one else has anything useful or meaningful to say?

I’m visiting India in July and can potentially spend time to personally meet and answer any questions that anyone may have. It just intrigues me that so many of you visited Melbourne, many even met me and I took you out

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