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Ramdev is a ढोंगी. A fraud. 100% clear now that he DIRECTLY SUPPORTS BLACK MONEY.

During my many meetings with Ramdev I told him clearly that UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will I directly support any corrupt party – and that includes BJP (or Modi). He knew this very well when he asked me to build a reform political party that would clean up India's governance. I took this seriously (since this is precisely what I've been working on for many years) and built the Swarna Bharat Party through FTI. This is PURELY our effort (not Ramdev's effort), but I took into account around 10 per cent of Ramdev's points – even those I did not agree with. (These I'll clean out now).

I have had VERY SIGNIFICANT and authentic input over the last year about Ramdev's empire not being really clean. Shady land deals, avoided taxes, and even direct black money. In crores. Lots of very reliable people have spoken to me about such things. I personally requested Acharya Balakrishna to allow FTI to conduct a full audit through some eminent people, but that did not go anywhere. I was of the view that if Ramdev's empire is clean, it should be thoroughly checked and (if found clean) declared to be clean by an eminent group of Indians. But leave that aside.

Today, I chanced upon this video. In this video BJP candidate Mahant Chand Nath says to Ramdev:

अच्छा एक किसी नें कहीं से पैसे ल्यानें में बड़ी दिक्कत होती है. हमारे पकड़े भी गये. 

Translation: "Well, we are facing lot of problems in getting money [to this constituency]. Our people were also caught [by the Election Commission]."​

To which Ramdev replies in a whisper: 

आप बात करना बंद करो, अपढ़े [rebuke] हो क्या? यहाँ मत करो. [Laughs sheepishly]

Translation: "Don't be an IDIOT. Stop this conversation now! [Don't talk such things in public]."

Instead of reprimanding Mahant Chand Nath for having made use of BLACK MONEY (for only black money gets seized by the Election Commission), Ramdev asked him to HIDE the truth about black money from the public. If I were Ramdev I'd have got up on the stage and called for the police to ARREST this corrupt candidate.

It is shocking that someone would even DARE to discuss this issue with him. That indicates an expectation that Ramdev would be able to help in dealing with black money. But it is more than that. It is clear from this that Ramdev WOULD have been willing to advise (re: BLACK MONEY used in elections) in private

Ramdev's support for corrupt BJP has TOTALLY undermined his claim to fight against corruption. But here is a DIRECT CASE OF SUPPORT OF BLACK MONEY. Instead of getting this candidate behind bars (for the black money caught by the ECI was clearly was being used with this candidate's full knowledge, Ramdev is asking him to HIDE this issue. Discuss in private. That's where all the crooks do their dealings.

Ramdev has PROVEN that the stories about him that I've long heard are true. He not only supported corrupt BJP - thus BETRAYING what he had agreed with me (and instead of working with me on Swarna Bharat Party) – but here, instead of getting up on the stage and demanding that this candidate be arrested for use of black money, he is HUSHING UP THE USE OF BLACK MONEY.

Ramdev is a ढोंगी.  BLACK MONEY EVEN OCCURRED.  

बदमाश. मिलि-भगत.

देश को अपना उल्लू समझ रखा है?
देश का लुटेरा.

​It is SUCH people I've fought all my life, and now this man turns out to be one more of the SAME old CROOKS.

I will forward this to the Election Commission of India to arrest the BJP candidate for direct proof of his involvement in black money.

Listen to the above carefully. There is a rebuke (“idiot”) that Ramdev uses that I can’t fully decipher. But the rest is very clear.

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Prepare, my friend, to identify who is a “true” Hindu and who is not. Prepare for Hindu fatwas.

A FB friend, Saf Rizvi shared this with me (below). I don't know who the Pakistani poet is, but he has captured my sentiments of despondency on seeing the mad rush towards illiberal Hindu Raj in India.

As another FB friend wrote:

Navin Singh Hindutva and Hinduism are two different things. The former was a word coined by Savarkar to name n ideology which was created as a foil for militant Islam, it was to create ex nihilo, a hindu identity which was a mirror opposite of everything that was vile in Islam. Modi ' s development model added economics of cronyism to It where natural resources are transferred from state ownership to Corps, in return for pittance to create create a commodity exporting primitive economy which prides on jobless growth. India's social fabric and economy both are in grave danger. 

When I look at zombies chanting 'ab ki bar' I am reminded of a scene from the movie Independence day, where revellers gather on the terrace of a high rise to welcome the aliens


This is what a Pakistani poet has said in Delhi a week ago…. 


So it turned out you were just like us! 

Where were you hiding all this time, buddy? That stupidity, that ignorance we wallowed in for a century – look, it arrived at your shores too! 

Many congratulations to you! 

Raising the flag of religion, I guess now you’ll be setting up Hindu Raj? You too will commence to muddle everything up. 

You, too, will ravage your beautiful garden.

You, too, will sit and ponder – I can tell preparations are afoot – who is [truly] Hindu, who is not. I guess you’ll be passing fatwas soon!

Here, too [in Delhi, in India], it will become hard to survive. Here, too, you will sweat and bleed.You’ll barely make do joylessly.You will gasp for air like us.I used to wonder with such deep sorrow. 

And now, I laugh at the idea: it turned out you were just like us! 

We weren't [were? - a VERY CLEVER play on words] two nations after all! 

To hell with education and learning. Let’s sing the praises of ignorance. Don’t look at the potholes in your path: bring back instead the times of yore! 

Practice harder till you master the skill of always walking backwards. Let not a single thought of the present break your focus upon the past! 

Repeat the same thing over and over -over and over, say only this: How glorious was India in the past! 

How sublime was India in days gone by! Then, dear friends, you will arrive and get to heaven after all.

Yep. We've been there for a while now. Once you are there, once you’re in the same hell-hole, keep in touch and tell us how it goes!

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Preliminary proposal for Workshop II: India’s liberal political strategy: 2014 and beyond

In 2004 I convened a 5 day workshop-seminar to discuss India's liberal political strategy (2004 and beyond). Details here. Please review the discussions of this 5-day workshop-seminar to get a sense of what was discussed, how it was discussed, and what came out of it.

Ten years later, I am prepared to convene the second such Workshop: India’s liberal political strategy: 2014 and beyond.

The only condition on which I'll convene this workshop is that all existing liberal parties decide to consider merger in some form or shape. There is no time to waste time in idle chit-chat. And only decision-makers should attend.

I've proposed an outline of the possible workshop in the draft slides below.

Please download, share, think, and get back to me.

I'm also discussing in detail in the Navbharat Manch google group. If you are interested in supporting political liberalism in India in some way, please let me know and I'll include  you in this group.


PowerPoint slides


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Anurag Kejriwal’s explanation, but I need a specific answer on his pick-pocket comment

Anurag has put out this explanation:


Anurag, I didn't have time to listen to the whole thing. Did you cover off on your pickpocket comment? Which part of those words were doctored?

That's one of the biggest issues, that you'd be willing to sell the country in lieu of electoral and other funding. That's PRECISELY what Congress does. That's why I fought against Hiteswar Saikia, who tried to get me to award a large cement contract to a party that was not the lowest. ALL corrupt parties do that. LSP too has such people?

I don't feel sorry at all that you've been expelled. It is people like you that I've fought against. There is no half-integrity in public life. Either you are honest or you are not. I suggest you wind up your political goals and contribute in other ways to public life henceforth.

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Translation of JP’s comments re: Anurag Kejriwal at the press conference

I've been supplied with the English translation of JP's press interview re: Anurag Kejriwal (I had cited and discussed it here) by Suresh Kolichala. Thanks, Suresh. I wasn't aware the press had so badly exaggerated Anurag's wild claims.


Journalist1: Sir JP, You say you fight against corrupt politics. But in Delhi, an individual named Kejri of your party in Operation Lok Sabha apparently collected 35 crores, that too for JP's victory … your victory, he collected.

JP: What? 35 crores… I didn't understand?

Journalist1: 35 crores he collected from businessmen.

JP: Did he collect?

Journalist1: Yes, from businessmen. JP: HE collected? Did he COLLECT?

Journalist1: Yes, he collected … for your victory

Journalist2: Yes, that is the news we received.

JP: Ha Ha! I do not know many details about it. I just got a message midnight or early morning that Anurag Kejriwal spoke loosely, and it was decided to expel Kejriwal from the party.

JP: Now, if Loksatta is collecting 35 crores and spending that much money for JP's victory or someone else's victory, you would not be blind to such spending. Would you?

Journalist1: He collected. He collected in Delhi.

JP: In Delhi? There is someone who wants to give us 35 crores? This all sounds strange and puzzling.

JP: (switches to English) But Anurag Kerjiwal has been expelled from the party… (back to Telugu) A disciplinary action has been taken on him. We will find out the details. If anyone wants to contribute, submit a check, and get a tax rebate. That's all. No need for all this hubbub. If we had such kind of thing, we would have been making all these political parties bite the dust long time back.

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Let’s be CLEAR that Lok Satta did NOT expel Anurag “the moment” the sting came to light

On twitter one of LSP's supporters has written thus:

Also, Surendra Srivsastava in a Media Release today has said (extract):

In a media statement, Dr. JP pointed out that the party had expelled its Delhi unit President Anurag Kejriwal the moment his inexcusable conduct came to light without going through the motions of an inquiry. 

This is incorrect. It is important to assert the truth. I am copying below my email to Surendra Srivastava for the record. 


Dear Surendra

Thanks for this, but I don't see why there is a misleading statement in the press release: "Dr. JP pointed out that the party had expelled its Delhi unit President Anurag Kejriwal the moment his inexcusable conduct came to light without going through the motions of an inquiry".

You know very well that Anurag was NOT expelled the first day when the sting took place. He was asked to resign from his position. Your first official communication said clearly: 

"Mr Anurag Kejriwal, President of Delhi unit of the party was asked to resign today with immediate effect. The step was taken as the party took cognizance of a news channel report of a sting operation involving Mr Kejriwal …. The party has in parallel also sought raw footage of the video to get further information about this incident and also verify the authenticity of the sting, its full contents and context."

I objected strenuously suggesting that Anurag should be expelled and JP should explain his side publicly. You wrote to me:

"We have demanded the raw footage and we will take further action. ANURAG claims it was a long conversation and the video is doctored with bits and pieces of conversation to show him in bad light.  Expelling will be done after following due process as every one has right to be heard."

I further objected saying you don't need a standard of proof that is "beyond reasonable doubt" (a part of my objection is publicly available here):.

As a result of my vigorous private and public pressure (and presumably from many others) Anurag was THEN expelled and JP gave a press conference, after which I've reaffirmed full support for LSP.

I don't see why it is now being claimed that "the party had expelled its Delhi unit President Anurag Kejriwal the moment his inexcusable conduct came to light". That is untrue and misleading and should not have been said in this manner.

I expect total integrity. It was not a major mistake to first remove Anurag from Delhi Presidency and then further review and expel him. There is no hard and fast rule on this. The party can change its mind after further consideration. But it is incorrect to say publicly that Anurag was expelled "the moment" his conduct came to light.

I continue to support LSP in recognition of JP's long time work and because this slippage is not material enough. But I suggest we all expect more. No "spin" (one admissible exception would be something "doctored" in the national interest under severe enemy fire – but that's not what happened here).



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