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For every Hindu killed in communal/ religious violence, THREE Muslims have been killed in independent India. (Statistics re: riots)

As I wrote some days ago it is impossible to discuss anything meaningful about India since every Indian seems to be obsessed with Hindu-Muslim issues. 

On FB one of the many Indian bigots has been busy smearing all Indian Muslims as wolves. I've challenged him to take that statement back. 

More problematically he denies the well known BASIC truth about communal killings in independent India: that an OVERWHELMING majority of Muslims have been killed in communal riots. 

For this analysis we need to exclude J&K where a significant political question is involved. Similarly we should exclude Panjab terrorism arising from the demand for Khalistan. 

On PURELY religious grounds, then, the data are clear: Hindus kill MANY MORE MUSLIMS in an average riot than Muslims. Most of the time, the Hindus are strongly supported in killings by the Police.

I'm not able to access the Varshney-Wilkinson Dataset on Hindu-Muslim Violence in India, 1950-1995, Version 2 (ICPSR 4342)  nor have time to study various studies on this issue. [Would appreciate if someone can email me the dataset]

I'll just put down two bits of information in this blog post, then I'll leave it to readers to provide further data.

1) First, this table from the Case Studies that are taught (or were taught in my time) at Lal Bahadur National Academy. I had taken a copy from NC Saxena and OCRd/ converted into text many years ago [Download here]. 


2) The following Wikipedia entry confirms the pattern, perhaps with even more severe consequences for Muslims.

Since 1980 we see that major killings took place in Nellie (around 2000 Muslims killed), Bhagalpur (mostly Muslims out of 1000 people killed) and Gujarat 2002 (around 790 Muslims vs. 254 Hindus).

The overall ratio is approximately this: for every Hindu killed THREE Muslims have been killed in Independent India.

For those who call Muslims wolves, I'd like them to explain this to me: how is it that so many Muslims are killed in riots? And how come the massive ANCIENT building (Babri Masjid) was demolished by the Hindus?

As reports of Judicial Commissions clearly show, most riots are started by Hindu fanatic groups/ supporters of such groups.

No, I'm not saying that Muslims rioters are innocent. But please don't tell me that Muslims have been particularly violent in India. VIOLENCE IS A LARGELY A HINDU (MORE PRECISELY "HINDUTVA") PHENOMENON IN INDEPENDENT INDIA.

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Why competent Indians should first leave India and THEN try to reform India

It is getting clearer by the day to me that India is unlikely to change for the better in my lifetime.

A few minutes ago I reconfirmed my receding belief in the advance of liberty. Things will take a LOT of time to get better, is my key finding.

There are too many obstacles to overcome in India and almost no serious desire among Indians to become free. Like the middle Eastern peoples of the world they are primarily engaged in futile internecine battles for supremacy (Hindu/Muslim etc.). 

Each day on Facebook and on my blog I waste a lot of energy on "religious" things of no consequence. The energy displayed by Indians to engage on such matters is only matched by the lack of energy displayed towards serious concepts of governance.

I will continue to explain the benefit of liberty to India but without a mass support for liberty, we should write off India as a perennial low-performer that may shine sporadically, but will perhaps never become a great country. A shame but that's the current prognosis. Each day that passes by in wasted effort persuades me that I did the right thing by first leaving India THEN trying to reform it.

People keep telling me that I should come to India and then reform it. But I actually did a fair bit of work on this issue while I was in India in 1999-2000 and go to India quite a bit, yet there is no remarkable uptake of liberty merely by my presence in Inida. The billionaires I've met are not bothered about liberty. The intellectuals I've met will never move their finger for liberty.

Lesson? First get OUT of India and start a new life. THEN try to help India. 

Yet, hope springs eternal …. etc.

I hope that I'm proven wrong, that the SKC agenda is widely adopted and propagated, that high quality leaders of integrity and commitment to liberty emerge in large numbers.

But my 15 years of work has shown me that I should not hope too much for India. There are amazingly irrational conversations that people have in India. Everything evil is justified. Lack of knowledge is justified. Indeed, ignorance is held in the highest esteem, along with corruption.

So first be defensive: LEAVE INDIA. Then try to change things. 

IF Indians really want to change, they will. Your job is not to try the impossible but to nudge the boat forward in the right direction, even as you first take care of yourself and your family. By leaving India for nations with higher levels of liberty and justice.

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Why freedom will ULTIMATELY prevail – but why it will take a lot longer than we think

In DOF I've speculated that it would take around 200 years for the world to achieve relatively high levels of freedom, at the basic level found in most Western nations today.

From events happening in Hong Kong, China and India, leave alone the Middle East, my speculation might be a dramatic under-estimate. 

The more I engage with the unfree nation called India, for instance, the less hopeful I become of its future. Painted in front of my eyes is extreme violence, destruction of all basic liberties, acute poverty. I am unable to visualise how India will finally break free into freedom. There is almost no demand for liberty. Everywhere there is justification for imposing one's ideas on others by force. FORCE is the enemy of liberty, but that's the favourite tool in Inida.

The greatest barrier these Third World nations face is ignorance. But till they want to learn, that ignorance can never be removed. Sheer numbers imply that ignorance will dominate sense.

I am glad that someone else also thinks that liberty will ultimately prevail. Extracts below:

In cultural fight, she’ll be right

AS a military diplomat for five years in Suharto’s Indonesia during the 1990s, I often escorted Indonesian generals to Australia to show them that there were alternative ways to run a country and a military.

One general admitted to early confusion. “I cannot understand Australia,” he admitted. “I see pornography in the shops, almost an anti-religious feeling, your media is critical of everything, your soldiers don’t spring to attention like we do every time a senior officer appears, but you produce a highly disciplined military and an ordered society. Your soldiers are very effective and, look, everyone obeys the traffic laws!”

It is not only Indonesian generals who sometimes misunderstand Australia. Statements of adherents to Islamic State, and local Islamist ideologues show a deep misreading of Western society, based on naivety, victimhood, hatred and ignorance.

To an outsider, it may seem that Europe looks confused, the US doubts its exceptionalism and Australian youth take the democracy for granted. We see a misreading of the strength of our society by those on the margins, such as Australian-born members of Hizb ut-Tahrir.

The challenges that Australia and its Western values face in the next few decades will be as great as any in the past, and may come not only from religious extremists. But what makes our culture strong is not an acceptance of legends and ancient hatreds but our potential to analyse and to concentrate on results. Democracy should never be forced on others, but we should have the confidence to offer it as an alternative.

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Modi, please explain: “The bad cops are back in business; the good cops are in the boondocks”

People tell me to stop criticising Modi. Apparently it annoys a lot of people. 

I have a simple position: I criticise evil wherever I see it, with the hope that systems will kick into place and fix the problem. I don't care about any particular individual (whether Modi or Hiteswar Saikia – Jayalalithaa is a toddler in comparison). I care about systems, and keep offering the alternative system/s for consideration.

But it is important to not stop asking questions and demanding explanations for heinous crime.

So now, can Modi please explain this: "The bad cops are back in business; the good cops are in the boondocks"

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Fund raising appeal: Rs. 1 lakh to print and distribute the SKC agenda in December 2014. Please commit funds.

The SKC Federation has issued  a fund raising appeal. I'm reproducing it here.

Date of fund-raising appeal: 21 October 2014

Sone Ki Chidiya Federation is happy to announce that after more than 18 months of hard work, the First Edition of the Sone Ki Chidiya Total Reform Agenda will be ready to be published in December 2014.

It is planned that 1000 copies will be printed, of which around 500 will be distributed by post to the media and eminent people, and 500 copies will be retained for distribution during the year 2015. If all goes to plan, an improved second edition will be publised in end-2015, and so on till 2019. In the meanwhile translations of the agenda will also be prepared. But at this stage we intend to only publish the basic English edition.

To allow the First Edition to be printed, we have estimated that around Rs.1 lakh will be needed. 

At this stage we are only seeking commitments. SKC will call on the committed funds only after its audit for the previous year is completed. The audit is currently in progress. Once the audit is published, we will send a message to donors with details of how to send the money.

Please do not donate if you are not an Indian citizen. NRIs can donate but not OCIs/ PIOs. Note that donating to SKCF does not currently provide the donor with any income tax exemption. 

Any funds raised above Rs. 1 lakh will be retained by the Federation for future work of the reform movement. 

PLEASE CLICK THIS to complete a short form to make your commitment. Or visit

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Although not a major system reform, a VERY good decision by Modi government re: RTI. Three cheers.

Narendra Modi government takes RTI to another level: All replies to be put online]

Need I say more?

There are FIVE RTI applications (prepared by me) lodged regarding Ramdev

I now hope that all five replies will go online very soon.

Either way, I'll put them online. 

Well done, Modi government.

Now someone needs to lodge an RTI regarding the Sugnyaben Commission. What has it investigated since it was first established?

Let's put as many RTIs to put all questions regarding Modi's involvement in the 2002 riots in the public domain. I've got a lot of questions. Happy for someone to write to me – I'll provide the material for various RTIs.


I am informed on FBDecision taken by UPA, being implemented by the new govt… Notification was made in 2013..

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