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Why do Indians not revolt or even act in the face of extreme failure of the governance system?

I asked a question here: “why do Indians refuse to change the system? Why the lethargy?”

Three responses:


Person 1: Most of them accept this as a way of life or do not have the strength to fight.

Person 2: Indians are subjects. They are not citizens. They don’t know what citizenship means. They have always been subjects. Before they were subjects of the rajas and nawabs, then the British queen, and now the corrupt socialist politicians. That’s the Indian temperament.

Subjects EXPECT to be ruled by others. They don’t want to become rulers themselves. That’s too much hard work. Better yet to just sit on our high horses and complain, while maintaining a self-righteous air!
Indians are subjects. This is why they deify and bow down to petty immoral crooked politicians like Modi and Kejriwal. In the popular imagination, politics is about having the power to lord over us, and requires unscrupulous devious maneuvering and machiavellianism. It’s not about good governance.

Person 3: Disaffected population. Not unless it affects them directly in an extreme manner. People here nurture corruption like a baby. Consider it to be a “Just another way” to get rich.


I think the problem is more severe than that. It is to do with absence of understanding of the causes. At least I’ve not come across people who are clear about the causes. Deeply muddled thinking is typical.

So in my view, if people ask questions, and have an open mind, they can at least find the causes.

Once causes are found, there is very little to do after that. Organising change is very easy once everyone has agreed to the kind of change that is needed.

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Modi’s false claims re: role of government: “Government has no business in business” – yet the man is selling liquor and cigarettes now

Thanks to Nilesh Kamani for linking to this video (watch from 2:10) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_15OCJ2kEPA

And yet we know that Modi is starting NEW duty free shops and selling liquor and cigarettes. Such is the man’s ability to lie.

He lied through his nose in the 2002 killings. He lied through his nose to get into power.

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The sugar industry in India – preliminary notes

SBP issued a press release on the sugarcane industry yesterday.

This has led to a question regarding the calculations in the media release.

“The market price of molasses is around Rs.7,000 per ton but the UP state government pays mills a no more than Rs.2000 per ton.” But the price you have quoted is the MSP, a price applicable only if the farmers fail to sell their produce in the running season and this is the amount government offers to them as a degree of relief. It is not true that the farmers are forced to sell at this price initially. Even when they fail to sell sugarcane in the running season, there is no force to sell it to the government. It is an offer, which they may take to reduce their losses or decline and suffer the full loss.

Besides, we would like you to furnish some links of credible reports that say that the Uttar Pradesh government is offering Rs 2,000 per tonne for molasses.

My initial response

This matter is rather complex as farmers receive a price for sugarcane, not for molasses. A key leader of SBP made calculations and worked out that the effective price being paid to farmers for the molasses component is well below Rs.2000 per ton.

The issues raised in our press release have been raised here:


“A sugar industry official said the compulsory sales to the liquor manufacturers would result in a distorted market, where price of molasses to liquor manufacturers is one-sixth or 16-17 per cent of open market price.”

and here: http://www.sugaronline.com/website_contents/view/1217071 “But with the state government favoring blatantly the liquor industry,”

The problem is that this is a highly detailed calculation, and all the facts are not available to the outsider (i.e. farmers). There are wheels within wheels in the sugar industry. It is hard to disentangle the mess.

All one can say is that there is no business for the government to be dabbling in administering prices, setting quotas, restricting trade, etc.



Rangarajan Report of 2010: Report of the Committee on the Regulation of Sugar Sector in India: The Way Forward

Parliamentary research blog’s report: http://www.prsindia.org/theprsblog/?tag=frp

Indian sugar policy: Government role in production expansion, and transition from importer to exporter  [this report suggests that farmers are being given higher prices than international prices, to ensure high supply of sugar in India.]

Question in Parliament: http://www.indiansugar.com/PDFS/FRP%20FOR%20SUGARCANE-LS-1754.pdf

Quora question: Why are Indian sugar mills running under a loss? If there is surplus production, why don’t they export it?

Various Problems of Sugar Industry in India

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Why India fails, repeatedly

  1. Ignorance
  2. Lack of attention to detail (corollary of ignorance)
  3. Arrogance (the flip side of ignorance)
  4. Unwillingness to learn (the corollary of arrogance)

No Indian has been able to explain to me simple things like: why are the streets of India so filthy, why is there no surety of power/ water supply, why are all the politicians corrupt (and many are murderers) – and so many (thousands) of things that happen in their daily life.

Yet they all have “solutions” (and are quite pompous about these “solutions”) without bothering to explain cogently even ONE thing that happens around them.

If they could see clearly, they would find the answer in one word: socialism.

But they are simply illiterate in the basic analysis of incentives.

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Jignesh Mevani, Dalits should ask Modi to stop selling cigarettes. In ending socialism lies the solution for the Dalits.

Jignesh Mevani has been detained.

Who is Mevani?

Following the assault on seven Dalits by gau rakshaks in Una taluka of Gir-Somnath district on July 11, Mevani and his friends formed two groups — Dalit Atyachar Ladat Samiti and Rashtriya Dalit Adhikar Manch (RDAM) — to hold protest events and campaign for Dalit empowerment in Gujarat. [Source]

But here’s the issue: “Last Wednesday, at a public event in Vejalpur area of Ahmedabad, he had announced to launch a “rail roko andolan” at different places in Gujarat”

Now, one firmly objects to the attacks on Dalits by gau rakshaks. But the Dalits to use peaceful protests and not disrupt the public.

I cannot comment on the detention since I don’t have the information about what might have prompted it. The police should provide full details immediately. In principle it is wrong to detail citizens without very strong and sufficient cause.

But more importantly, the Dalits need to understand what is going on here: the total breakdown of the law and order machinery of India (not that it was ever functional).

The Dalits should join SBP and demand fundamental reforms. We need to demand Security and Justice for All.

Modi must stop selling cigarettes. He must fund the police and judiciary, and implement fundamental governance reforms outlined in SBP’s manifesto.

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