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Varun Arya’s excellent presentation at a seminar on Globalisation and Governance, IMS Unison University

Good friend and outstanding leader Varun Arya was keynote speaker at a seminar on Globalisation and Governance, IMS Unison University on 24 May 2014.

I requested him for the slides which I found to be excellent. I have requested his permission to share these widely.


I particularly liked the following three slides (I've annotated with arrows to draw attention to key issues):

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Freedom Team of India no longer approves Lok Satta Party for its members

The Freedom Team of India has, after consideration of the actions taken by Lok Satta Party towards the end of its campaign in the 2014 General elections – of blindly singing praise of BJP and Modi – has decided to delist Lok Satta Party. This means FTI members joining LSP will now be automatically disqualified from FTI membership, and any existing FTI member of LSP will need to resign from LSP.

In early 2013, FTI had specifically disapproved socialist AAP for our members, leading ultimately to the termination of membership for three FTI members. (Our basic requirements do not possibly allow any FTI member to join Congress or BJP, or other such corrupt socialist party – just in case you are wondering why these "mainstream" parties are not mentioned).

The resolution passed by FTI in May 2014 reads:

FTI resolves that its members can join one of the following parties if they wish to pursue politics in advance of the 500 members assembling:
Tier 1 Party (totally committed to FTI's Sone Ki Chidiya reform agenda): Swarna Bharat Party

Tier 2 Parties: (Broadly liberal but where FTI members should influence towards SKC agenda) Swatantra Bharat Party and Navbharat Party
Tier 3 Parties: (Some liberal ideas, but not consistent and not to be directly supported. FTI members should either be able to change these parties towards SKC agenda and total integrity, or resign from these parties at the earliest): Bharat Uday Mission and Jago Party
Joining any party not listed above will lead to the automatic termination of FTI membership."


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Complete rejection of the JP model of politics. All Lok Satta Party leaders should consider alternatives

Lok Satta is effectively dead, becoming a branch of BJP. JP has not only directly supported BJP without ANY common minimum programme (completely contrary to his declared policy), he has pulled out all LSP MP candidates except in Malkajgiri.

"pulling out of the candidates from all MP seats except Malkajgiri constituency from where he was contesting the elections".

He has effectively joined BJPI invite LSP senior leaders to let JP go his own way. Resign from LSP and work towards the liberal party India needs. It is time for them to demonstrate that they stand for some principles.

Let's meet in July and work towards a liberal party.

I will NOT be inviting JP (or LSP) to this meeting now. It is over. JP is not a liberal and does not support liberty in India.

On FTI, as well, I'll amend my draft resolution that demoted LSP to the third tier of acceptable parties, to now seek the total removal of LSP as an approved party from FTI.

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Let Ramdev fall by his own sword, for betraying his own demands against supporters of black money

An extract from an email earlier toady
I speak for myself and have adequately explained the situation. I have no problem in changing my mind if Ramdev explains the entire situation in a cogent manner. Current explanation doesn't make sense.
Swabhiman is the key. The commitment to never compromise on basics, no matter what. Ramdev told me repeatedly that he has nothing but the chadar he wears and is absolutely ready to abandon everything and leave but that he will not compromise on principles. That is why I associated with him. It was a delight to find another person committed to principles. I assumed that his stand against black money and corruption is genuine. 
Ramdev himself told me clearly that BJP is corrupt. We had a very clear agreement that under NO circumstances I would, or we would, associate with BJP directly. Any such agreement would be incompatible with integrity. Sure, get rid of Congress, but also get rid of BJP.
If, we still felt after launching our party that we couldn't form government in 2014 we COULD consider seat sharing with BJP but on a common agenda and principles.
Yet, despite this, he switched without telling me, or without consulting me, directly to BJP. In doing so he did TWO things that are really problematic:
1. He supported a corrupt party.
2. He went back on his word to me.
I objected to this and have repeatedly asked that he return to the position of integrity he originally stood for.
But now the case the situation is far more problematic. He had DIRECT proof in this case of BJP's black money (which was seized by authorities). EVEN then he did not condemn the candidate /dissociate with BJP. The worst is that he then lied that such a discussion (recorded on TV) even took place.
So he has done FOUR things which are really unethical:
1. He supported a corrupt party.
2. He went back on his word to me.
3. He has turned a blind eye to DIRECT PROOF of BJP corruption.
4. He lied that there was a discussion re: BJP's black money. 
For such people he used to have a strong word: Gaddar. Betrayers of India. Looters of India. I have merely cited his own terms back to him. He also demanded death penalty for the corrupt. I have spared a demand for death penalty for the concerned BJP candidate.
I am merely following what HE said that he stood for, because I have stood for that the whole of my life and have no intention of compromising. 
I hope Indian scriptures haven't been teaching Ramdev immorality. Those who compromise integrity can't claim to have any self-respect, swabhiman. There is NO difference between those who loot the country, whether from Congress or BJP or any other party/group.
Question is: What punishment would he himself have wanted for someone who does these things:
a) supports a corrupt party and candidate
Let him announce (and accept) the punishment he himself would have demanded for such person. Let him meet his own standards.
After he has undergone his own self-inflicted punishment and penance, let him vow publicly to never support the corrupt again.
There is no direct relationship between BST and SKC Federation, which is a creation of the Freedom Team of India.  
The standards of FTI apply to SKCF, not the (low) standards of BST. We have a Code of Conduct and commit to total integrity. And self-respect. That's what we should aim for.
Please do not run after ANY person who supports the corrupt or repeatedly tells lies – even when caught red-handed in public. Stand on your own feet and have SELF-RESPECT. 
We are now the only few people left in India who have consistently DEMANDED total reforms and total integrity. Some people think that by compromising morals and supporting BJP they'll get rid of Congress and solve India's problems. They are on a slippery path and will never, in this way, help India.
In fact, Ramdev has created a huge mess today in India where not a single (major) good party is on offer. He squandered the opportunity of creating a party that stood for good governance and integrity. He is unlikely to get any such opportunity again in his lifetime.
I am, however, dedicated to creating such a party (and movement). Let's move on from the unpleasant saga of Ramdev.
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14 qualities of an outstanding leader – by Marvin Bower of McKinsey

I've extracted the following from this article:

1.       Trustworthiness:  Anyone seeking to be a leader should always tell the truth, if for no other reason than it is simpler.

2.       Fairness: This means not using authority carelessly. The requirement should not be unnecessary, too difficult, or impossible in the time given.

3.       Unassuming behaviour: Leaders can never be hypocritically humble. They are simply unassuming in their behavior. Casualness and informality contribute to a leadership culture.

4.       Leaders listen: Paying close attention, but also asking brief, nonleading questions. They learn much of importance this way.

5.       A leader is open-minded: Self-assurance can be a plus, but excessive self-assurance leads to egotism and even arrogance; it certainly closes minds.  Ensuring that people are free to speak their minds in a full, free exchange of thought.

6.       Sensitivity to people: A leader can’t motivate or persuade constituents or others effectively without having some sense of what’s on their minds.  He pays attention to everyone he deals with every day. Leaders are polite, considerate, understanding, and careful that what they say to someone is not dispiriting.

7.       Sensitivity to situations:  Conduct a searching, sensitive, and intuitive investigation of situations.

8.       Initiative, initiative, initiative:  Initiative is one of the most important attributes of any leader. The important thing is to keep alert for opportunities. “Nothing in this world happens except at the initiative of a single person.”

9.       Good judgment:  Judgment is the ability to combine hard data, questionable data, and intuitive guesses to arrive at a conclusion that events prove to be correct. Judgment includes the capacity to appraise the potentialities of co-workers and opponents. Following fads reflects bad judgment.  The leader seeks out people with good judgment among his network.

10.   Broad-mindedness:  Tolerant of varied views  and inclined to condone minor departures from conventional behaviour. Adaptable, and flexible. Undisturbed by little things, willing to overlook small errors, and easy to talk with.

11.   Flexibility and adaptability:  Ready to consider change and willing to make changes when most agree they are needed.

12.   The capacity to make sound and timely decisions:  A sound decision by a leader depends largely on his or her ability to think and to seek advice from others. Allowing time to digest issues almost always brings new options from which to choose.

13.   The capacity to motivate:  The capacity to move people to action, to communicate persuasively, to strengthen the confidence of followers.

14.   A sense of urgency: The leader invariably set the pace. People like to work where “things happen.” 

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Minutes of the 5th annual conference of the Freedom Team of India, held in Chandigarh

I'm unable to access the FTI website (a temporary glitch), so instead of first publishing these minutes there, I'm publishing them here. I'll shortly publish these minutes there, as well.

Download (in Word) from here.

I'd like to thank everyone who participated and to those who prepared the minutes.


Minutes of the FTI Fifth Annual Conference,

February 15 and 16, 2014 (Chandigarh)

Venue – Hotel Sun Park, 40.5 milestone Chandigarh-Shimla, NH-22

Initial interaction (February 14 evening) @ Hotel Sun Park

Members present

Dipinder Sekhon

Suneeta Dhariwal

KK Verma

Bimadraj Sinha

Ashok Malik

Pallav Mukherji

·         Members introduced and connected with each other.

·         Dr Munish Raizada (ex. FTI, now AAP) came with one of his friend and interacted with the FTI members. He remembered his association with FTI and expressed his gratefulness towards FTI for shaping him what he is today.

Press Coverage

15 Feb 2014

·         A lady from a PR agency came along with TV crew at 12.30 PM and videographed the ongoing discussion for 5 minutes. Recorded portions included KK Verma, Sureshan, Ram Atri and Balraj Malik.

·         Another TV crew came at 2.30 PM with portions from conversations with Ram K Atri, Kamal Sharma and Balraj Malik recorded.

16 Feb 2014

·         The annual conference ended with a press conference followed by lunch at Hotel Pallavi at 12.30 PM for all members of the press and conference participants.

·         The press conference was attended by approximately 40 journalists from around 20 different channels of print and TV media attended.  The press was addressed by Suneeta Dhariwal, KK verma, P sureshan, Balraj Malik, Anil Sharma and Ram K Atri.

·         The proceedings came in many newspapers and on TV.

·         Various updates regarding Freedom Team of India including the work of Sanjeev Sabhlok and his book Breaking Free From Nehru were discussed.

·         QA session was the most attractive part of the press conference. We discussed how we are going to improve India’s governance, make legal system effective and eradicate poverty.

·         Journalists were very curious to know about this new outfit and almost most of them felt good that something like this is happening in the country, and that a new hope exists with good policy and well organized leadership. At a time when people are fed up with socialist ideologies of AAP and double talk of Arvind Kejriwal, the liberal ideas of FTI were well appreciated. It was felt that a new hope has been generated by this well organized leadership platform.

·         Freedom Team of India got highlighted.

·         From media coverage (more on FTI website).

Day 1 (February 15)

Members present

1.       KK Verma

2.       Suneeta Dhariwal

3.       Kamal Sharma

4.       P Sureshan

5.       Ram Atri

6.       Pallav Mukherji, Architect-Urban Thinker, Chandigarh

7.       Siddhant Singh

8.       Ashok Malik

9.       Sanjay Seth

10.   Balraj Malik

11.   Bimad Raj (potential member SB Party)

12.   Sanjeev Sabhlok (on telephone from Australia)

Meeting started at 9.30 (Due to late arrival of members)

·         Welcome by K.K.Sharma and K.K.Verma

·         Housekeeping (emergency exit, washrooms, tea-coffee arrangements and timelines)

·         KK Verma introduced the new executive members at FTI. Members were informed that there will be no other committee apart from the executive committee which will take all need-based decisions.

·         KK Sharma briefed on the clean-up of the FTI membership drive and that what exists now is more representative of the activities and active energy at FTI.

·         On Membership drive – Sanjay Seth talked about limits of voluntarism, need of a secretariat support for an active push for FTI activities and member engagement. More efforts required from existing members.

·         Delhi chapter is working well – others are requested to start such meetings.

·         The purpose of FTI – being a leadership factory is being realized with Somnath, Munish and Shantanu – though no more at FTI but are examples of the FTI platform’s success. FTI has to prove its mettle with its own outfit SBP in the years to come. It needs to cross serious challenges.

Further discussion on members base, activities and momentum

The active role of pivots Sanjeev Sabhlok, KK Verma, Supratim, Sureshan, Ajay Anand, Vishal Singh, Suneeta Dhariwal, Ram Atri etc. was recognized as the reason behind continuing energy at FTI.  It was also raised that personal commitments of members are coming in way of active membership recruitment drive.  In absence of fulltime members, with high dependency on volunteer efforts and with no office, no fixed responsibilities can be divided and accountabilities ensured. That is one reason for weak member engagement, new member engagement and a attendance at the National conference.

·         New website was up, Forums are not working but Google groups are on.

·         Membership fees- decided to continue with the same amount and appeal for payment of dues.

·         Siddhant, who is not a graduate yet, but his case can be considered up, he has been asked to apply.

FTI Funds and Fund raising

·         Need for resources for office, full time secretarial assistance and various periodic activities. KK Verma’s residence is still operating as office of FTI, SKC and SBP. He needs support.

·         Ram Atri contended that we have to ask for it as we have done in the past and were successful with crowd fund sourcing for Shantanu’s visit, Policy competition, Uttarakhand efforts, SBP advertisement, etc. Contributions, donations will come when called for. 

·         Further, as our membership goes up, so will membership fees.

·         KK Sharma pointed that we need to have regularity and certainty in funds rather than one time or on-call donations because expense needs would be regular with office setup.

·         Group agreed that an office will be put in place and call for donation/contribution will be issued and regular follow-ups will be done by the office. R K Atri will drive this mission.

·         Need for secretariat people – depending on that we can decide range of activities.

·         Sanjay Seth suggested and the group agreed to explore the option of each serious member contributing Rs. 1 Lakh as donation to FTI, the interest on which would be used to fund regular activities. KK Sharma and Ashok Malik also committed. An interesting option came up where a fixed deposit (say of 1 Lakh) will remain in the name of donor in the bank and interest can be redirected to FTI. Ram Atri pointed that he would be willing to contribute 11000 one time donation rather than the FD route. Pallav quoted Rotary club example of membership cards/tickets/draw of various denomination and sell it through members. KK Sharma will explore various systems of loaning and donations and propose on FTI GB.

Sanjeev called up from Australia and stressed the need to spread the freedom word and what FTI stands for (rule of law, good leaders’ platform, and systems/governance), why FTI is different, need for our speakers, outreach, being result focused, framing/contributions to policies, leadership development. He cited understanding with Navbharat party and that we may be called upon to support Varun Arya who has good networks and is contemplating a major move. Though he is not in FTI but may use the SKC platform and for all reasons he is with us. Ram Atri was requested to update on forthcoming Nation Building meet.

Policy competition

·         It was suggested that winners be awarded in the nation building meet proposed in March 2014.

·         The balance funds can be utilized for the next policy competition which should be a regular event.

·         It was also proposed to publish and distribute a summary of the winners’ contribution at the March Nation Building and other meet/forums with FTI logo. This should help cement our credentials as policy experts. Policy competition’s winner’s contribution should be sent as email to all members at SKCF and FTI.

·         Pallav suggested a FTI splash in newspaper (full page inserts) city by city with such news/ accomplishments if we want to get noticed.  Pallav will check for Chandigarh and propose to FTI. The idea was agreed to as workable but more on this front could happen when there is more activity and funds at FTI.

Uttarakhand flood relief work

·         Special mention was made to laud the efforts of Ram Atri, KK Verma along with his family members and team at Delhi.

·         Ashok Malik suggested that we post RTI for Uttarakhand relief and he agreed to lead the effort.

·         It was deemed important that we publish the accounts of this effort.  Sureshan is leading on this matter. Distribution of remaining money should be undertaken on priority as weather improves.

Raising funds

·         Membership fee from 2012-13 [Status update] – no update, treasurer or information not available. Supratim to update.

·         Projects to raise funds (e.g. Information pack for FTI to be prepared – Needs to be thrown open on GB for volunteers. Initial effort to be put in by KK Sharma- will prepare a 4 pager A5 size booklet with summary of activities, salient info, alumni etc.

Full time office

·         Funding – discussed separately above. Need to identify the right person, requirements from the person and structure of supervision. Sanjay Seth will explore options and propose solution. Till some permanent arrangements are made, KK Verma has agreed that his house can be used as working office of FTI, SKCF and SBP.  He is to be provided with necessary support.

FTI documents

·          “What Freedom Means to Me” – FTI publication. It is an intellectual job, lot of reading; discussing, brain storming, editing etc. will be required. One of the longest pending jobs. Fundamentally, the language of liberalism has to be translated into an easy language for understanding like the socialist language. People need to be shown the reason/logic in their language and understanding. Part timers have found it difficult; will be taken up later when we have an able office hand. We can also look to have interns (Political Science, Sociology graduates) working on this at a nominal honorarium.

·         Ongoing improvement of SKCF reform agenda – Most members have not gone through. Agenda available through email etc. Members should go through and suggest improvements.

·         Policy Handbook – detailed policies to be drafted – Slow process. Policy competitions and piloting effort from members required. Voluntary part timing makes it difficult.

·         Public report on FTI: Summary of what FTI has done since inception, including crediting all key people for their contributions?…. Job was considered best done by Sanjeev Sabhlok.

Outreach efforts

·         Website and Social media – Member efforts and sharing etc. needs to go up. Members need to write more and share publicly. Anubhava to appraise on Forum problem and possible solutions.

FTI members who are contesting in 2014

·         Not key strategy but some members may wish to gain experience

·         Possibility of escalation of efforts being considered.

·         Issue left to individual discretion. FTI members can only contest from approved (broadly liberal) parties.

Review of current status (including of the SKC Federation) and next steps

Flood relief work

·         Accounts and any follow up action-

·         Sureshan will formalize Tax related issues. He will go to the GB and request people with voter ID cards registered in 8 different states.

Office in Delhi

·         Experience and follow up action – discussed above, funding mechanism also discussed. Presently the house of KK Verma is earmarked as office of FTI, SKCF and SBP.

Plan to hold policy-related meetings

·         Potential -try to hold one in 2014 with SKCF partner. No organization presents to make a commitment. Also need a project manager to lead this effort.

SKC reform agenda

·         Discuss the agenda and suggest key improvements (to be offered to all parties (including NBDP) in 2014).   KK Verma had brought one copy of latest “agenda for change” which was shown and finally given to Mr Pallav Mukherjee. No other member seemed to have read this in totality or had any contrarian views on any portion.  It was intimated that agenda for change is available online and can be accessed through email, websites etc. Members should go through these documents, distribute among friends and suggest improvements.

SKC strategies for 2014

·         Ram K Atri and KK Verma energized efforts during the Uttarakhand activities. National branding happened. Need to sustain. Need an office. Need momentum. Need support (time and effort) of other FTI members. Voluntarism seems to have been stretched. KK Verma and his family members worked hard for last many months to ensure that this relief work goes on. Their effort needs support and recognition. Need belief in the concept of FTI and SKCF. All members to work focused to take the idea of FTI and SKCF forward.

·         Need to think of ways to hold the government to account (e.g. citizens' government/ shout. do type effort)…. Pallav suggested that there are RTI Federation state units which can be approached for help. Shouting needs people. Organisation strength- first need.

·         Preparation of reform bills…. Need initiative of existing FTI members.

·         Develop a media strategy and key spokespersons who speak on current issues in the media…..Need a standing spokesperson. Qualities- well versed, well-spoken, confident, one on whom FTI GB would have confidence.  KK Verma and P Sureshan volunteered.

Other thoughts/ actions/ action plans?

·         KK Verma remarked that FTI/SKCF and related efforts are single person/effort dependent whereas we need a more wider participation with time bound plans. Members participation in various activities remain important.

·         Ram Atri-  Ishwar Dayal (industrialist and publisher) wants to start off a leadership institute (not affiliated to any political party) Ram will take up further with Sanjeev.

·         Pallav Mukherjee suggested – Chandigarh cinema halls vacant, we can get a team of experts talking about excess electricity bill charging (two month advance) in one of those halls.  May be we can invite Gurcharan Das or personalities who are known and can be identified with …. Pallav ready to lead one such effort in Chandigarh. Suneeta will help.

·         Pallav suggested we can follow the concept of Parliamentary education organization. E.g. take up issue of how additional work hours can be spent by Municipal Corp for interaction with people. People need to put pressure. Pallav will put some ideas on FTI/cGov facebook page.

·         KK Verma requested Sanjay Seth to share his experience about Japanese culture and how it could be beneficial to Indians in Indian environment. He appraised the group on why Japan is successful and what lessons can India draw from there. Suggest Sanjay to post a summary of his talk.

·         Ram Atri shared an update on forthcoming Nation Building meet in March 2014 – will be more action oriented, process of identifying people is on. 11 committees of 11 people each will work extensively on various aspects identified through last conference and ongoing efforts. Varun Arya a key figure in the proceedings. Will support a party closest to the entire proposition.

DAY 1 (February 15) – Cultural Evening

Time – 5.30 PM to 8 PM

Venue – Bharat Vikas Parishad Bhawan (India Development Council building), Sector 12A, Punchkula, Punjab.

Highlights –

It was jointly organized by Sarokar, an initiative of Ankit Dhariwal Memorial Trust (ADMT) with Ms Suneeta Dhariwal as founder trustee. This program was second in series for Social Awareness for Indian youth.

This was organized in association with Freedom Team of India (FTI) and Sone Ki Chidiya Federation (SKCF). It is believed that enhancing social awareness and building leadership platform is the main objective of this event. It achieved its objective.

Two speakers – one Mr P Sureshan and other Mr Kamal Sharma delivered a talk on leadership and integrated India – Challenges and opportunities. KK Verma delivered a vote of thanks. A special thanks was extended to Suneeta Dhariwal who took all the pain to conceive, plan and execute such a nice event. The initiative of Mr Bimadraj from Ideabulls was also applauded.

Cultural evening witnessed a very well performed Brazilian Dance and Music by Brazilian Artist Ms Simon Da Silva Novaes, Popularly known as Mony Moon in entertainment industry. Around 100 local people attended the evening program and appreciated the effort of FTI and SKCF.

Women TV channel was launched by Chief Guest Mr Prasad. Dr Vidya Kumari from Delhi became its first member. Ms Suneeta Dhariwal explained that this channel will work extensively to ensure women empowerment and show various women issues.

Ms Suneeta Dharwal worked very hard to ensure success of this evening program. Her effort was lauded by everyone present there. It was felt that members of FTI need to broaden its scope and activities through local organizations and local issues. It was good to see that so many local organizations took part in the program.

The program was followed by dinner jointly managed by Bharat Vikas Parishad and Freedom Team of India.

DAY 2 (February 16)

Members present

1.       KK Verma

2.       Suneeta Dhariwal

3.       Kamal Sharma

4.       P Sureshan

5.       Ram Atri

6.       Anil Sharma

7.       Siddhant Singh

8.       Ashok Malik

9.       Sanjay Seth

10.   Balraj Malik

11.   Mahendra Dhariwal (late arrival)

12.   Ms. Anita Jangra (late arrival)

13.   Bimad Raj  (late arrival)

·         It was a plenary session of Swarna Bharat Party, started at 9.15 AM.

·         Sureshan appraised about the 5 Feb meeting (Sureshan, KK Verma) with ECI regarding SBP. ECI discussed and suggested changes to be made by 10 March- complete necessary amendments/corrections (like symbol requirement) in the constitution. Sureshan, KK Verma and Balraj Malik to make necessary efforts and ask for team support wherever required.

·         KK Verma suggested that we have an SBP constitution; all members were requested to have a look into and start following the ideas and principles in spirit. He further appraised about the AGM of SBP conducted on 10 Jan 2014 at C-79, First Floor, South Ex Part 2, New Delhi – 110049. It was attended by KK Verma, Ram Atri, Sureshan, Ashok Malik, Balraj Malik, Gaurav, Pushpender Rana, Anil Sharma (Vidoconf).

·         Plenary session of SBP decided on few essential activities. As discussed during AGM at New Delhi, plenary session of SBP reiterated the formation of various committees –

  1. National Executive members
    1. Dipinder sekhon
    2. Ram K Atri
    3. K K Verma
    4. P Sureshan
    5. Prem sabhlok
    6. Suneeta Dhariwal
    7. Kamal kishore sharma
    8. Anil Sharma
    9. Supratim Basu
    10. Vishal Kumar Singh
    11. Ashok malik
    12. Balraj Singh malik
    13. B Kulwan
  2. National Council members
    1. Party officer bearers
    2. Members national executive
    3. State president
  3. State president
    1. Bihar                      –              Abhisek Singh                    Mob-09386737788
    2. Haryana               –              Sunita Dhariwal
    3. Karnataka            –              AR Patil
    4. Maharashtra      –              To be decided by Supratim Basu
    5. Tamil Nadu         –              Vijay Anand
    6. MP                         –              Ajay Anand
  4. Formation of important committees-
    1. Grievance redressal
      1. Kamal Kishore Sharma
      2. Ashok malik
      3. Balraj Malik
    2. Disciplinary process
    3. P Sureshan
    4. K K Verma
    5. Kulwant
    6. Code of conduct (FTI) – One page document will be prepared.
    7. P Sureshan
    8. Prem Sabhlok
    9. Anil Sharma
    10. KK Verma
    11. Anupam Srivastava
    12. Akshay Shah
    13. Ram K Atri
    14. P Sureshan
    15. K K Verma
    16. KK Verma
    17. Balram S Malik
    18. Amit K Sharma
    19. Finance and audit
    20. Media and communication policy
    21. Administrative management requirements
    22. Training requirements
  5. Lifetime membership Fees of Rs 100/- (Rs 11/- in special cases) is extended to 31 Mar 2014.
  6. Membership drive – Membership forms (4 pages) are to be prepared and printed (approx 1 lacs).  KK Verma will get this printed.
    1. Schemes – Party members who take initiatives to make new members will be given incentive like administrative charges, conveyance charges etc amounting to 50% of collection.
    2. Camping, picnic or get-together – Will be decided later. Members are requested to take initiatives and plan. Party may help financially as well as morally.
  7. ID card for members – It will be designed and printed (Approximately 500 copies) – KK Verma to organize this.
  8. Campaign committee
  • Ram K Atri
  • Balraj S Malik
  • P Sureshan
  • KK Verma
  • P Sureshan
  • Ashok Malik
  • Supratim
  • KK Verma
  • Kulwant
  • Supratim Basu
  • Dipinder Sekhon
  • Vishal Kumar Singh
  • Balrak S Malik
  • Suneeta Dhariwal
  1. Party Office bearers
  • Anil K Sharma
  • Ram K atri
  • Suneeta Dhariwal
  • Kamal K Sharma
  • Balraj S Malik
  • Supratim Basu
  • Ashok Malik
  • Vishal Kumar Singh
  • Akshay Shah
  1. Candidate selection
  2. Party spokesperson
  3. Central working committee (CWC)
  4. Any other points – Nil

·         Sanjeev Sabhlok’s effort appreciated

·         Sureshan informed that SBP Registration will happen…how to LAUNCH? However KK Verma intimated that plenty of efforts and work needed to pursue the case of registration and then follow the constitution. The party work is a serious job and we all need to be proactive to work as per constitution of SBP. Suggested to launch at March Nation building meet where some political parties will also be there. Ram Atri to explore.

·         KK Verma suggested that we must decide about candidate for 2014 election and from now on we should start identifying candidates (KK Verma) for 2019 right away.

End piece

The entire group applauded the effort of KK Verma and Suneeta Dhariwal. Many thanks go to Executive committee members including Supratim, Ajay and Vishal for their kind support. It was appreciated that Anil Sharma came from London.  Although this was a unique conference, it was felt that the it was one of weakest in terms of attendance . Participating members spent thousands of rupees to come but felt some setback due to poor participations from FTI members.

For the next conference, discussions:

1.       It was observed that participants were not adequately aware about the agenda. It is felt that all members should play active role in ensuring success of such big events.

2.       In Chandigarh, other than Suneetaji, no one took part. The local chapter needs to be sufficiently large to organise the entire event.

3.       Minimum 20 numbers confirming and committing their presence is necessary for an annual meeting.

4.       Executive committee members must compulsorily attend. Those not attending should have a valid reason.

It was felt, while facing the tough questions from journalists, that some key good people were missing from FTI’s side. It is important for all old members to remain committed and participate in such emerging opportunities.

Written, compiled and edited by:

Kamal K Sharma,

KK Verma,

Suneeta Dhariwal and

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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