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Two of India’s characterless “liberals” – a brief comment

I’m informed that one of the former leaders of SBP has now been consorting with a character-less moneyed person.

This former SBP leader had told me that he had very severe kidney disease and so was going to retire from all work and stay at home to cure his disease. But apparently he is quite fit and is actively participating in a range of political meetings in Delhi with this character-less person – as we speak!

This so-called “leader” (whom I trusted and tried to support in every way) lied to me through his teeth! This is truly a sorry situation that such characterless persons (and this one claims to be a “spiritual” man, in addition!!) are found in abundance in India.

I will not disclose this person’s name at this stage but I am keeping close watch on both these characterless persons who are masquerading as “liberals”.  I will discuss the lying character of these persons if they ever try to get into the public eye. I will NOT let them cheat the people of India.

I will now block these two persons across all forms of communication. They will NEVER again be able to communicate with me – and warn them to NEVER claim (in any public space) to be liberal. They are NOT. They are liars.

If they try to masquerede as liberals I will unleash the truth about them and let the people know them for what they are.

(This “sick” person with “kidney disease” has also taken SBP membership booklets and given to another person. I ask him to RETURN these booklets at his own cost to the party. )

The one thing liberals have is character. Without character and personal integrity no one should come even close to Swarna Bharat Party.

This is all very sad, but such is India.

And that is why India rots while the whole world flourishes.


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Corrupt Kejriwal and immoral Somnath Bharti are using the EVM issue as a smokescreen

After all the reviews that have occurred about EVMs in India, it is almost certain that these machines CANNOT be tampered with – at least on any large scale.

AAP leaders including immoral Somnath Bharti are busy making a nuisance of themselves outside the ECI (see this).

And yet the big issue that needs to be urgently dealt with is the direct allegations of corruption against Kejriwal by one of AAP’s own ministers. Plus the many other proofs I have already adduced.

Where were these protests when AAP won 67 of 70 seats in Delhi?

AAP has reached rock bottom.

It has not the slightest shred of credibility left.

To anyone who says EVMs can be tampered, my views: (1) Who tampered to give 67 seats to AAP? (2) While one or two machines could definitely be tampered, the way the system works is so extraordinarily fool-proof, I don’t see any prospect of systemic tampering.


EVMs cannot be tampered with, says Election Commission

Referring to the EC’s open challenge in 2009 to all those who alleged tampering of EVMs, the statement further said, “To date, no one has been able to actually demonstrate that EVMs used by the Election Commission can be tampered with or manipulated. What has been demonstrated or claimed to have been demonstrated is on a privately assembled ‘look-alike of ECI-EVMs’ and not the actual ECI-EVM.”

EVMs cannot be tampered with, says former CEC

EVMs are 100% tamper-proof, database cannot be altered: Election Commission



My further views on FB.

Prima facie there is absolutely no MACRO evidence of any vote rigging.

We have numerous cases of state governments being upturned even though they control the appointment of most election officials.

We have cases of national governments being upturned likewise.

We have the case of Modi hating AAP but AAP still getting 67 seats out 70. So Central government can’t control results, either.

From the evidence, the polls have been broadly correct, as well.

Overall, there is nothing to see here. Let’s move on. SBP cannot join the bunch of ill-conceived baseless protests.

And no, unless you fully understand the detailed electoral process and can describe it step by step to me, I do not agree with hackathons or additional paper burdens.

You need to show me (a) massive and consistent large scale rigging (b) the precise stage at which rigging occurs.

Of course, every machine can potentially be “rigged” if people are determined to do it. But you fail to notice the massive checks and balances in the process.

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Is Arvind Kejriwal personally corrupt? Yes, for SURE. Now. Not when he started off.

In my mind Arvind Kejriwal definitely started out clean but RAPIDLY deteriorated, as predicted.

ALL socialists have this issue – of ending up corrupt. This is exactly what happened to Ason Gana Parishad MLAs and Ministers in front of my eyes. In two years, they had gone from clean to corrupt. Today the AGP is known as the most corrupt party in Assam (even more corrupt than Congress).

How did this happen? Due to the inevitable nature of the incentives at work in India’s governance system. Read chapter 5 of Breaking Free of Nehru for details. IT IS SOCIALISM THAT LEADS TO CORRUPTION. NO BABY IS BORN CORRUPT.

About Arvind, the evidence of his shoddy ethics is clear enough:

a) He ACTIVELY solicited former Congress MLAs.

b) He accepted donations of Rs. 2 crores from an entirely unknown source.

It is a very short distance from doing these things to actually taking cash.

In this case we have a senior minister of AAP telling us he SAW AK take Rs.2 crores in cash at his official residence.

The case against Arvind Kejriwal is open and shut.

He has also stopped talking about the Sheila Dixit corruption – almost certainly he has been paid off by those who bribed Sheila Dixit. What else explains all this?

And regarding him being supported by Somnath Bharti – I know PERSONALLY how Somnath has very poor ethical standards. His phone call to me when he joined AAP was clear enough about his (and Arvind’s) ethical duplicity.

All the crooks are banding together with Arvind.

Yogendra Yadav thinks that AK is not personally corrupt and wants “EVIDENCE”. Well, the evidence has been out there in abundance for long enough. What more evidence is needed?

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“Anything that’s anti-development should be treated as anti-national” – a call to India to stop wasting time on medieval issues

Received from a commentator, It says things well, so I’ve posted here:

Dear Sanjeev
To day the real need is that let every Indian  indulge in topics that are pro Growth, , pro Peace, pro Good Health  and most important  Pro Development !!!      In an age when this country should be thinking of inventions and ideas to become a most developed country , we are discussing  useless subjects like Reservations , Babri Masjid , Triple Talaq and Saffron viz – a – viz green  and  many more .

These subjects of conversations are anti-development….

And anything that’s anti-development should be  treated as anti-national

  • We should like to see our India look better than Switzerland…..
  • Our India to do better than the US in  every field …..
  • We should see our India more civilized than the most civilized country in this
  • ….
  • We should see our India to be more innovative than Japan…..
  • We should ensure that India to be more safe for woman than Copenhagen, Denmark…..
  • We should ensure that India to be more open minded than Canada….
  • We would like that India to be better than what it is today….
  • And not worse…

And that can happen only when we start thinking productive….

Please ensure that these thought processes get  well projected to every Indian

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The private sector steps in once again to fix the failures of governance in India – this time water ATMs by Janajal

I’ve outlined earlier how low cost private for profit schools have filled the void created by the almost total failure of socialist India to provide basic education. James Tooley’s The Beautiful Tree documents this beautifully.

Gurcharan Das has written about this – the fact that the private sector has stepped in to fill the void created by massive government failure in almost all spheres, in his book India Grows at Night.

I had a delightful conversation with Parag Agarwal (pictured below) today about his work (Janajal) to provide India with clean inexpensive water.

Parag is an entrepreneur with nearly thirty years of experience. Five years ago he decided that a key gap in the market is the availability of cheap but high quality drinking water.

India’s lack of high quality drinking water is the inevitable consequence of its socialist policies. Without socialism every Indian would long ago have had access to the cheap, clean water. But given the breakdown of basic governance in India, water is so polluted (with biological organisms, particularly) that even Indians have started using bottled water. The problem, however, is that bottled water is costly.

To overcome this constraint, Parag has identified technologies to bring cheap but high quality drinking water to the people through water “ATMs”.

Water is treated depending on local circumstances (geography significantly affects the composition of water). Further, since electricity supply is a chronic problem across India, many of these technologies do not depend on electricity. Parag is going to expand this project rapidly across India. [See news report of 27 March 2017.]

The best part of this initiative is that it does not depend on government support or subsidy, being commercially viable.

I wish this project the very best. It fills a critical gap in India’s infrastructure system. I believe Janajal can become the MacDonald’s of water.

At a broader level, though, the fact that such a project is needed tell us a number of things:

1) It shows that EVERYTHING has a price. It is ridiculous for government to provide water “free”. People are willing to pay for essential things like education and water – no matter how poor they may be. See also: Too many people think that water must be free or subsidised. But water is not free, like air is free. So it can’t be made free and For the record, the sad case of one Mr ABC (name withheld).

2) There is a fundamental message here: of the need for a party like Swarna Bharat Party to bring sense to a country totally bereft of any public policy sense. As I wrote on my FB page todayIgnoramuses in economics have ruled India for 70 years. Time to change that. NOW. 

Till India – a country with ZERO knowledge of basic economics – starts seeing sense, it is important to support the work of Parag Agarwal and entrepreneurs like him who are trying to bridge the gap created by comprehensive government failures.

Btw, Parag said that Modi had positive words about this project – and to that extent Modi must be appreciated – although it begs the question: what is Modi doing in the first place if his government cannot ensure clean water for all?


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