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Modi appoints India’s biggest goonda as the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh

This 100 per cent confirms his DIRECT COMPLICITY in the murders of innocent Muslims in Gujarat. He winked, and blocked the use of police and army to prevent riots.

He has always kept quiet when these goondas went on rampage across India. Now he has made the biggest goonda the CHIEF MINISTER of India’s largest state!

I’m going to compile info on this man as time permits.

Initial notes on FB here.

His HINDUTVA ideology


See: It’s not just Muslims, this is how Adityanath views Christians and women

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My solution regarding Babri Masjid and other religious lands and properties

I’ve mentioned this many times before but can’t readily locate it, so I’m keeping my FB comment made today here, for the public record.

SUBHENDU PATHAK: A liberal party promising to build the temple in Ayodhya, and at the same time retaining all the liberal economic reforms in its manifesto, would, at least, have a chance of winning in elections. If such a party were to win in an election, with the support of various religious organizations in India, and act on its manifesto, the ensuing economic freedom, which is a necessary condition for civil and political freedom, may, and counterintuitively enough, bring to the people of India, liberty in its true sense.

MY RESPONSE:  – there can be no liberal party which advocates the dabbling of the state in matters of religion.

What I’ve advocated is that all such government land be divested (auctioned off) under overall regulator control (e.g. maintaining heritage). I assume that Hindu groups will put their money where their mouth is and buy off Babri Masjid land. That’s the only solution compatible with liberalism.



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Opinion Central launched by a liberal friend – check it out

Abraham Arsalan has launched Opinion Central yesterday. It is expected to provide opinion on Indian current affairs from the classical liberal perspective.

A good initiative.

I’d encourage everyone to contribute. There is great strength in numbers – as more writers join, this website can help change the minds of millions of Indians.


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The Panjab Chief Minister’s total misuse of government power to build a bus empire

In 1978 or 1979, Parkash Singh Badal, the then Chief Minister of Panjab, came to DAV College Jullundur on its 75th anniversary. I was the student with most awards in art and painting, and was asked by the Principal of the college to make a painting of his, based on a black and white photo that was given to me. That painting was presented by the college as a gift at the event.

That was long ago when I had no real clue about what goes on in administration and politics in India.

I’ve been out of Panjab for a very long time now, and have only sporadically visited Chandigarh since 1984 (as part of Haryana cadre till mid-1984, I frequently visited Chandigarh) either to attend an official event/training or to meet relatives, or on the way to Himachal Pradesh.

In 2012, I congratulated Badal on this blog.

That was a mistake. I should have known that Badal won’t be an exception to the rule that ALL Indian politicians are mega-corrupt.

Badal – who is now 89 year old and a chief minister again – for the past 10 years – has turned out to be a hopelessly corrupt man.

As proof, here are links to an investigative report on Badal’s misuse of government machinery to build a bus empire through his son (who is Deputy Chief Minister of Panjab).

THE TRIBUNE INVESTIGATION: PART-I: Badal-Kairon-Majithia clan’s growing biz empire

THE TRIBUNE INVESTIGATION: PART-II: Badal govt’s ‘power’ boost for Kairon companies

THE TRIBUNE INVESTIGATION: PART-III: Badal govt’s ‘energy’ link with the Majithias

THE TRIBUNE INVESTIGATION: PART-IV: Badal luxury bus fleet’s phenomenal growth continues

There is more: See

Unfortunately, my batchmate SS Channy is cited in one of these reports, defending the Badals.

I don’t know whether Channy is corrupt or honest, but even if he is honest, this is the kind of dishonesty that virtually everyone becomes part of – i.e. defending the corrupt politicians in public. That’s one reason why the IAS is an intolerable place to be.

(Channy is now Information Commissioner of Panjab)

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God save America

The Great Lump has spoken: “Protection will lead to great prosperity and strength.” [Source]

The Reason has torn to shreds this lunatic idea (see this).

The Fat Lump is following Indira Gandhi’s footsteps.

Now watch America implode.

Many months ago I had said Trump should read Bastiat. Obviously he is too full of himself. He knows all. God save America.

USA is in for deep, deep trouble. Any attempt at protectionism will decimate American productivity and destroy its wealth.


But that’s not all!

The Lump has also announced that: “radical Islamic terrorism” will be “eradicated completely from the face of the Earth”

This is beyond laughable. Pitiable.

Till the Quran exists, Islamic terrorism won’t be going anywhere. It has outlasted thousands of “leaders” for 1500 years. Only education will eradicate the Quran’s influence. Trump can do nothing about it.

And Robert Higgs has this to say:

Listening to Trump’s inaugural bombast earlier today, I kept thinking: What this guy is saying in so many words is simply, “ein volk, ein reich, ein führer.” And who knows? It has worked before. Maybe it will work for him this time. [Source]

One can only hope that the First Amendment will prevent A Lumpy Dictator in America.

Signs are not looking good. The Democrats were taking America downhill, one notch at a time. The Republicans are rushing towards mass collapse.

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