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Amitabh Kant continues to provide entertainment to India

This is a placeholder post for keeping a tab on India’s crown joker. (See my previous post on him).

Amitabh Kant does, sometimes, surprise with his apparent support for liberty. For instance, “Hand over schools, colleges, jails to private sector: Amitabh Kant“.

But we have to remember that if a monkey hits typewriter keys at random for an infinite amount of time it will create everything, including works of William Shakespeare.

Does Amitabh even know what he just said? Can anyone show me any book he has written on the logic that might underpin this? And does he know that the Modi government is one of the most socialist and Luddite governments we have ever had?

But in the same breath (in the same news report) he says:

“Private sector has performed very badly. Private sector in India is most irrational, insensitive I have seen”.

Actually, India’s private sector is one of the best in the world, operating in conditions where there is total chaos and lawlessness – created by arrogant statist IAS officers like Amitabh and by ultra-corrupt Ministers across the country.

But Amitabh has numerous other rants to his credit. For instance:

I challenge any other country to show they are more open than India  [Source: India Is The Most Open Economy In The World: Amitabh Kant]

He is happy for government to squander crores of rupees on his interventionist ideas:

He added that the government was going to spend Rs 340 crore in next few months’ time to promote digital transaction.

Various incentive schemes were announced to promote digital payments such as ‘Lucky Grahak Yojana’ and ‘Digi Dhan Vyapari Yojna’, he said, while assuring that the merchants would not be harassed by tax official by way of scrutiny of the previous years of books of accounts. [Source]

And he is apparently a “futurist” greater than Kurzweil:

By 2020, India Will Make Debit Card, Credit Card, ATM Machines Technologically Redundant: Amitabh Kant, NITI Aayog

Physical banks will perish in the next 5-6 years: Niti Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant 

Note that he is not talking here about cryptocurrency, either. If he knew anything about cryptocurrency, I could have excused him. But this is just one more of his half-baked rants.

He has numerous other pearls of wisdom on “smart cities” and many other things, such as his mindless defence of demonetisation. I’ll add them when I find time. But if you have time, please share them in the comments section.


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Don’t waste my time complaining about corruption – YOU ARE DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE

Someone sent me this:

Judges  Connive  with  VIP  Prisoners  ,

Jail  Tyrant  Judges  ,


Thanks for this.

Sadly, we all know about how hopelessly corrupt our entire system is – from the top to the bottom. It has been so for many decades now, nothing new to see here.

I resigned from the IAS because I could not tolerate such a rotten system. Since nearly 20 years I have been working to liberate Indians from the clutches of corrupt government but INDIANS LOVE CORRUPTION. They have more interest in things like religion, caste, and regional language, than in good governance.

We have now formed India’s only liberal party – Swarna Bharat Party ( ) but the response from Indians is lukewarm, at best. Let me assure you, they don’t care about corruption, lack of basic governance or rule of law. They are happy with corruption, broken roads, injustice and filth.

Even you have not yet joined SBP, so what are you writing this for?

Not writing but ACTION is needed, to completely change India’s third rate third world governance system, one of the worst in the world by any metric. And the ONLY action that India needs today is for everyone to join Swarna Bharat Party.

Over to you.

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This is Modi’s India – TOTAL lawlessness.

A comment received on my blog:

I was asked bribe by my tenant’s son to vacate my house for which they are
not paying rent since 1993 and have occupied the property.
The matter is in the court and inspite of we won the case in our favour, but the tenant had appealed on the judgement without honouring the judgement and the money he is ordered to pay.
On the other hand, his son demanded bribe from me which I agreed to pay before the judgement was announced.
The bribery was asked after verbally harrassing me and threatening my family.
To protect my family best interest,
I arranged to pay the bribe to vacate my premises.
Later he refused on the amount and asked for more.
I cannot pay him the amount and I would like to file a complaint against him for asking for bribe.
What legal implications I can face?
And how & where can I proceed for the case.
Kindly guide me.

However, I have all the evidence by text messages and email that he had asked for bribe.


Shruti, this is very unfortunate, but as you know, in India the law may say something but it means nothing. The responsibility is squarely of voters who elect third rate corrupt socialist governments each time, none of which have any interest in ensuring the rule of law. That is why you should now join and support Swarna Bharat Party, India’s only liberal party. That is the only real solution.

In this particular case, the law should protect you since you have been intimidated (IPC 503/506 criminal intimidation) – HOWEVER, please note that when you go to the police, they will also probably intimidate you. All branches of government are pure goondas in India.

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There is something really big happening in the world of finance. Time to start paying attention

As the Singularity approaches, things are changing very, very rapidly around us.

Given we like to think about what we already know, this is a dangerous time for us.

This is the time to keep one’s ears to the ground for sounds of approaching change. And the finance sector is changing. RAPIDLY.

Came across this video (haven’t yet heard it in full), but worth listening to.

Some write-ups that discuss this video, first. This is from the following article: Davos: World Economic Forum Tackles Fintech

Event Report: The Transformation of Finance #Davos16 #WEF

Blockchain hype storms Davos

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