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Why has the Gujarat government not yet published the fake Nanavati “final” report?

It has been more than two months since Nanavati submitted his fake "final" report to the Gujarat CM. The report is fake since it wilfully absolves Modi of direct accountability for the Ahmedabad murder of hundreds of innocents.

I was hoping to find time to review it, and comment on its merit. But I find it is not available online.

How can the Gujarat government NOT have published the report? A matter as significant as the Navati report should be published AT ONCE.

Let those of us who pay attention to such details determine its value and validity.

I need to read the report for myself and form my own views. I do NOT form views based on other people's views.

There should there be public pressure to get it tabled. After all, taxpayers have paid a big amount for this report and are entitled to see the details.

Moreover, MODI has escaped largely due to the shoddy work and doctoring of data found in this report. This report is of international significance.

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Arvind Kejriwal’s AAP party using vast amounts of black money in elections

I had VERY FIRM reports regarding use of black money in elections by AAP. Here's proof. Distributing money, food and alcohol to build numbers for its rallies. Clearly this money is not accounted. Must be black money.

Not only is AAP socialist, it is also corrupt. EXACTLY the same as BJP and Congress. The Delhi voter is without choice, once again.

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Religion IS poison. Their leaders are gangsters, devils, the mafia. Time to lock up up anyone who threatens violence.

I'm really angry that even as ordinary Christians, Muslims and Hindus try to live decent peaceful lives, their leaders CONTINUOUSLY prod them to violence.

Just yesterday I wrote about the shonky pope of Christianity who has been provoking Christians to violence in the long standing "traditions" of Christianity. (Those aware of history know that there was nothing more violent in human history than Christianity – till it was tamed by the classical liberals).

Muslim leaders have, of course,  excelled in provoking violence. There is this Muslim goon in UK, Anjem Choudhary, who spews hate and incitement to violence with every word. 

And now we have this goon in Australia called Abu Mohammed who is busy justifying violence by suggesting that his religious beliefs deserve to be respected ab initio and that those who publish cartoons are offering "a provocation intended to cause more turmoil" [DIRECT THREAT TO VIOLENCE]

And Hindu leaders (from RSS/VHP) are constantly spouting violent threats (and actually undertaking violence) in the same way.

These goons can't distinguish between SPEECH and USE OF VIOLENCE. They think that speech is "unethical" but violence is "ethical".

They are the ENEMIES OF MANKIND. Only hatred runs through their devil brain.

I think the time has come for the law to take very serious note of the ongoing avalanche of threats to violence by these "leaders" and lock them up for good.

They run a political mafia, and act as PURE DEVILS.

Let them remember that they CANNOT demand respect for their particular gang.


I respect ONLY peaceful people, that too for any contributions they may have made to society. These STUPID GANG LEADERS have NO contribution to make. They can only HARM the world by justifying VIOLENCE. VIOLENCE FLOWS THROUGH THEIR ENTIRE BEING.

Religion is pure garbage. I do not respect it. AND NEVER WILL.

I could use stronger words of condemnation, but I'll leave it here for now.

Remember, you must EARN my respect. It is not given to you by your birth or belief. Least of all by your threats. The more you threaten the lower the form you take (like an lowly insect) in my mind, AND THE MORE BARBARIC AND VICIOUS YOU PRESENT YOURSELF TO THE WORLD. There is lesser and lesser chance with every passing day of ANY religion surviving into the future. They are violent gangs. People will leave them. You can't fool all the people all the time.


Now the Sikhs – demanding an end to free speech.



"ISIS considers itself to be the true Islam. And I can’t argue with them. If they are following the Koran to the “T”, then they rightly consider everyone else to be not true Muslims." [Source]


Five killed in Charlie Hebdo riots as France defends free speech

Back to what they have been taught by their gang "leaders" – that if they feel "offended" that's sufficient cause to indulge in violence.
Pandering to this kind of an approach has only one outcome: a return to the medieval age. ALL progress will be reversed. All freedoms will come to an end.
The ring leaders and promoters of violence (the "religious" leaders) need to be locked up securely behind bars. No compromise is possible with those who indulge in (or incite) violence.

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Yasir Qadhi shows how attackers of Charlie Hebdo wildly popularised the cartoons they disliked

I was pointed out to another Muslim speaker. I heard some of his talk. Mostly religious, but on a few things he has a clear message for the Muslims who kill in the name of Islam or Mohammed. Violence can only damage their religion and place in society.

This two minute section is good:


Five million copies sold.

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“The only time we make it to the news is when we blow something up” (Nouman Ali Khan)

When I heard Nouman Ali Khan speaking on youtube – a moment ago – it was almost as if I myself was speaking. The rage, the anger at self-created stupidity, the anger at people who blame others for India's problems.

Only in this case, Nouman Ali Khan was talking about Islam.

This is an amazing talk

A short extract below (around 4 minutes is a MUST LISTEN!)

The man excoriates the Muslims for a number of things. There is none better than someone from within a religion to show the mirror to its followers.

I excoriate Indians because I am an Indian. I have earned the right to speak bluntly about them. And if they will listen, India will become a HUGELY successful country.

So also Nouman is excoriating the Muslims FOR THEIR OWN GOOD. 

If Muslims can listen to him, we are done. Islam would once again become a respected religion, somewhat like Buddhism has largely become a respected religion because of people like Dalai Lama.

One can use the gun to kill, but ONE Gandhi can earn BILLIONS of times more respect, merely by being a good man. Goodness trumps the gun.

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Any Muslim who issues a death fatwa or calls for killing someone who insults Mohammed must be locked up

There is a long standing practice in India by now, to punish SPEECH but to condone VIOLENT THREATS. This is the exact opposite of what the law should be.

Why is the BSP "leader" Haji Yakoob Qureshi not behind bars? This man offered a $1 million award (51 crores) for someone who killed the cartoonists who "insulted" Mohammed. This man made such statements even earlier. This is CLEAR case of incitement to murder. He must be locked up at once.

Similarly, I now find that someone (Tauqeer Raza Khan) had declared a bounty of Rs.5 lakhs for Tasleema Nasreen's head. But the man is going about freely, even as a case was lodged against Tasleema for complaing about it.

We need strict enforcement of the law of incitement to murder. 

All those who threaten death – particularly for religious reasons – MUST be locked up behind bars.

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