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100+ innocent lives is NOTHING, for religion. Religion consumes millions, being the work of Satan.

There may be some good in religious belief, but that good has nothing to do with religion. People are born good and the vast majority of them will be good, regardless of religion.

It takes religion to convert good men into butchers.

It is astonishing that people are pointing fingers at Islam, as if it is the ONLY source of poison in this world. Yes, Islam is poison, but so are ALL other religions.

For well over 35 years I have argued that ALL religions are poison, evil. My survey of religions finds these to be (a) 100% man-made; and (b) overwhelmingly evil. I once thought that the founders of various religions were good people but I’m no longer sure about that.

In getting worked up about Paris, People forget the sheer scale of killings from religion.

100+ is NOTHING, for religion. Religion consumes millions. It is the greatest technology of death ever invented by our species.

Till religion continues, expect to see this butchery continue. In India, Modi leads this butchery today. But he is not the cause of the butchery. It is his religion.

In my manuscript, Discovery of Freedom, I’ve conducted a historical review of all major religions. I’ve given credit where it is due. In a situation where criminal sociopaths led the world till relatively recently, the diversity of religions helped mankind save some of its genuine advances. Islam was of great help to humanity, just like Hinduism and Christianity had their role to play in saving us from total disaster.

But the greatest advance for the human species was made in the USA. It was led by Jefferson, a half-agnostic. Without his approach to liberty and complete rejection of religion as a basis for the new nation, the USA would have been a country of Christian maniacs by now.

To this one man, Jefferson, we owe almost everything meaningful that we see around us, today. Defending Jefferson’s intellectual legacy and expanding it across the world is the only meaningful task for our generation, and for many more generations to come.


Here’s the basic problem.

1) You can’t (should never!) try to kill all Muslims for the crimes of some of them. It would be the worst outcome for everyone if people took upon themselves the idea of fighting ONE out of so many religions. This is definitely about Islam, but fighting it in isolation will only strengthen it.

2) You can’t stop the flow of ideas, people and goods across the world (and shortly, 3D printed guns will be widely available).

3) You can’t stop some young teenagers from getting swayed by terrorist dreams. So you can’t stop the never-ending flow of killers.

You have to have a long term (VERY long term) plan to disband religion. This has taken around 400 years in the West, but even then religion continues to be fairly strong. It will require a concerted effort to educate young children across the world about the dangers of religion. 100 years of such effort may help reduce religious violence. But currently no country even remotely wants to identify the real problem: religion.

Let me repeat again. This is an Islamic problem, but it is not about Islam, alone. This is about religion. [Source]

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The sorry case of Madhu Kishwar, whom I totally misunderstood till September 2013

Madhu Kishwar was among the five people I invited in 2000 to consider forming a liberal political party.

She was a member of the 5 day workshop I held in 2004 to consider India’s liberal political strategy.

I met her in the Melbourne University when she came here for some training, and also dropped her to the Melbourne Airport.

I held her in high esteem, even till mid-2013, when I last spoke with her on the phone.

But she has deteriorated into a rabid RSS fanatic.

Just look at her language:

Sickular! That’s pretty much RSS language.

And her flattery for killer Modi (and supporter of beef-based lynching) is unrelenting. NOT ONE WORD IN FAVOUR OF LIBERTY AND RULE OF LAW.

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Facebook has disabled my account, pages, and everything else

This is  amazing. Facebook has disabled my account allegedly on some “fake ID” grounds (I forgot to take a screenshot of their “allegation” page, so I don’t remember the details of their allegations: there were plenty of them: one of them allegedly being true).

Now, to get my page back, I have to provide them my drivers licence. Will do so, but this approach of Facebook is absolutely obnoxious. Not even the slightest questions or exploration of the truth – just disable the account!!

I am beginning to have significant questions about Facebook. It is a morally compromised organisation, without any ethical approach towards its customers. 


AFTER SUBMITTING, I GOT THE FOLLOWING UNHELPFUL MESSAGE. I must say this organisation has no manners, no decency, no decorum, no protocol.


This is an email received:



And this on their “support” page:


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BJP has been wiped out in Bihar (which is good), but the country’s future remains in the wrong hands

Copy of an email I sent out a moment ago to a few people:


Dear Friends

First there was the anti-corruption movement of Ramdev.

Then there was the anti-corruption movement of IAC.

Then there was the hero-worship of Anna Hazare.

Then there was the hero-worship of Modi.

In each case, without fail, I said clearly that these people are wrong and do not have the answer. The country was slow but seems to have recognised it ultimately.

Today the country has no more heros, which is the way it should be.

What you need is LEADERS WHO LET YOU FREE.India has never been free. I want to make you free.

Swarna Bharat Party is getting into action at just the right time. I hope that a few years down the road, the country would agree with me and my message – which I’ve been repeating for 18 years now.

Let’s aim for FREEDOM, not slavery to government. Let’s aim for systemic reforms that eliminate corruption and ensure efficiency in government; not hero-worship and nonsense like “Lokpal”.

The country is determined to go through some very hard lessons before it will finally learn the basic message of freedom.

I will help India for another 9 years. Beyond that India is on its own.

I would like to make clear to anyone who is listening that the socialists who will now govern Bihar will make Bihar AS BAD as it was: corrupt, criminal, poor. These jokers have no understanding of what ails India. They will continue to take Bihar (and India) down the drain.

The solution for India is not to jump from one socialist party (BJP) to another. That’s such a flawed strategy. The solution is to abandon socialism and imbibe LIBERTY at all levels of government and public policy.

I’m glad Swarna Bharat Party is slowly getting its act together. I congratulate you for sticking with the party in its early days. Together we WILL show India the way to great success. From a third rate Third World gutter nation – polluted, corrupt, criminal – we’ll make India a Sone Ki Chidiya that will be the greatest nation on earth.

Please spread the word to everyone that SBP is slowly assembling. I’ll update further as things fall in place. We are slowly getting to the point when we can start collecting funds.

Senior Leader
Swarna Bharat Party, India’s only liberal party

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