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Direct proof that Modi is behind the beef frenzy and bloodshed that has overtaken India

I think this article contains enough information (particularly the videos).

The case is open and shut.

Modi has directly instigated and created the circumstances for the murder of innocents.

Let the whole world know that this is the same Modi of 2002. He has never changed. (How could he? He is well into his 60s. He spent his entire lifetime in the vicious poison called RSS. And he never expressed the SLIGHTEST remorse for the killing of hundreds of innocents under his instigation.)

Many people (I won’t name them, but Modi boot lickers are legion) have fooled themselves. They consort with a killer and have no moral sense. History will judge them very harshly.


Modi’s fellow goons:

Dadri lynching case: Sadhvi Prachi makes provocative remark, says beef-eaters deserve such fate

Sangeet Som, BJP
“Akhlaq should not have butchered a cow,” said Ajay Singh, a member of the Samadhan Sena in Bisara. “He should not have forgotten that India belongs to Hindus first.”

In Dadri, BJP leaders Mahesh Sharma and Sangeet Som keep the pot boiling



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The gauntlet is being thrown to Modi/RSS across India: We will eat beef, Modi. Come and kill us.

I’m sure Modi is delighted with the recent lynching of a Muslim, allegedly for eating beef.

This is precisely what he wants: to impose his ill-informed, uniform views about Hinduism on the whole of India. The BJP has been implicated in the lynching.

But just like Goans and the residents of North Eastern India have vigorously protested against BJP’s illiberal, autocratic policies, a number of people are now insisting they will eat beef, and challenging Modi/RSS to dare kill them.

BJP/RSS can’t falsify the basic facts about Hinduism. Hindus have eaten beef in VAST QUANTITIES since time immemorial. Arthashastra clearly documents the sale of beef. Fully allowed. No issues. Till today, beef is a regular part of the diet of Hindus in the heart of Hindu Nepal.

Only those who were influenced by Jainism stopped eating beef/ meat. Jaini “Hindus” can’t force their view on the rest of the world.

But whether Hindus eat beef is neither here nor there. The point is that NO ONE can impose their dietary preferences on others.

Instead of focusing on governance reforms and economic liberty, to ensure that India becomes a great nation, Modi and his BJP are taking India into the dark ages.


This is a placeholder post, to record the actions of the brave souls who are challenging the BJP/RSS’s violence.

  1. Hindus in Kerala thrown the gauntlet at Modi’s lunatic “Hindu” followers.



More photos and coverage: विरोधियों को ठेंगा दिखाकर केरल में हुई बीफ पार्टी

2) Shobhaa De

3) Sagarika Ghose


4) This is somewhat related:

Of course, many others have clearly declared they eat beef and that it is no one else’s business what they eat, e.g.


I eat beef and don’t consider cow as mother, Justice Markandey Katju says


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Enough is enough. Between BJP and Congress, BJP was slightly better. But now I may reverse the position.

Things have reached rock bottom for India.

India has two major bad parties – Congress and BJP. Both are almost equally bad. Both are deeply socialist. Both are deeply corrupt. Both are deeply communal.

There was no real choice available to India in 2014. The only point was that BJP seemed slightly better than Congress. Very slightly better. There was a feeling that Modi might bring some economic reforms, hence I had ordered parties in the following manner: BJP > Congress > AAP.

But BJP has been actively working to level the playing field. Both BJP and Congress are now neck and neck.

While Swarna Bharat Party is definitely the party for the next 100 years, it is taking too long to get off the ground. I’ll spend another 10 years on building it, and then I’m done. But I no longer visualise a rapid take off for SBP. 2019 is looking too close, and the party is simply not prepared.

What’s to be done in the interim? Well, if BJP doesn’t get its act together in the next year or so, I’m going to start backing Congress as the (relatively) better alternative for 2019 (unless, by that time, SBP has shown some serious signs of life – in which case, of course SBP would always be 100 times better).

India faces the most hopeless situation – and it looks like the situation is not going to get better any time soon.

You wish to see a new India? Then start getting behind SBP. Remember, both BJP and Congress will continue to destroy India.


and so on.

BJP has now overtaken Congress in black money/ corruption; always was ahead on killing innocents. And rabid anti-socialist. What’s left?

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#CowMurderers‬ – some murderous tweets by Modi Bhakts

Chanced upon this article. Was curious and have spent a few minutes looking at the murderous tweets cited (at #CowMurderers‬) . I’m providing both the embedded tweet and the screenshot.

It is clear that the Modi bhakts are (1) TOTALLY and comprehensively ignorant. Indians ate BEEF REGULARLY during the Vedic age (as clearly shown in my book, based largely on archaeological evidence) and (2) TOTALLY and comprehensively against liberty and freedom of choice; and (3) have absolutely no conception that any religion that kills innocents (and eating beef doesn’t make anyone a killer) is to be detested. To the extent these people support the killing of innocents, they are themselves murderers, and their religion cannot be distinguished from other killer religions.


shilpa-agarawal   FURTHER



Satyasadhak FURTHER



Sorry no more time, just this for now.


Murderous comments by Modi’s gang:


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