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I’m not surprised Modi has STILL not shown his degree. He NEVER HAD ONE. Jumla Baba.

An RTI for a PM's degree CANNOT be rejected by Election Commission.

The claim by the appellate authority was that this "information does not form part of office records" of the Election Commission. However, it was part of the affidavit that Modi signed, and the ECI can (AND SHOULD) demand proof because of that affidavit.

It IS in the public record. The Election Commission is lying to India.

The RTI system has comprehensively failed. The matter is fit to go to Supreme Court for denial of the basic legal rights of the people of India.

But the real reason for all this is clear: that Modi DOESN'T HAVE A DEGREE and by no means is he a topper from anywhere. The man can barely speak basic English. If anything, he must have faked a degree from somewhere. 

If someone fakes his CV he is dismissed, apart from criminal cases being instituted.

Modi has LIED to India. He must be dismissed and prosecuted for this lie.


Note what I had written here: All my academic and topping university records are public. Why is Modi declining RTI after claiming to have been a topper?

And note that I have written repeatedly over the years that I don't care about people's degrees, but do care about their HONESTY.


Video of Modi's claims about his qualifications, including topping the university.

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It is because of petty, arrogant IAS officers like Abhishek Singh (1995 batch, ED Food Corporation) that IAS **MUST** go

'A couple of days ago I published a petition re: replacement of tenured services with contractual ones. This seems to have bothered at least two IAS officers

1) One of my batchmates unsubscribed from an email list I maintain of my batch. 

2) And on Facebook, an IAS officer of 1995 batch (Abhishek Singh) wrote this:

I had no idea idea who Abhishek Singh was. I checked his FB page and found he is an IAS officer. A quick internet search confirmed he is from the 1995 batch and is currently Executive Director Food Corporation of India (FCI is perhaps one of the biggest dens of corruption in India).

[His details on Linkedin. Screenshot of his FB page. Full screenshot of the relevant post. – I'm doing this since in the case of Mansi Soni, she shut down her various accounts after I pinged her on my blog. Better to keep these records public – for posterity].

Now, I've experienced TOO MANY IAS officers in my life, and I don't think Abhishek is atypical. Such comments have been made in the past by many others. 

But at one time I was somewhat lenient and tolerant – I expected that these people were uneducated and some education would help. 

That's when I tried to invite many of them to the Governance Reforms Conference I conducted at the IIPA Delhi in 2013. And ZERO officers came. Not even my batchmate Dalip Singh who had personally promised to come. There were people who wanted me to PAY them to come.

It was then that I DETERMINED TO END THE IAS. I wrote about it and have many other posts on this topic elsewhere (see my summary on this topic in Quora).

There is a word in Hindi called ढ़ीठ. 

These are ढ़ीठs.

These people are the ENEMIES OF INDIA. Make no mistake.

Their ONLY goal in life is self-aggrandizement. They will NEVER once bother to learn. They may get a few degrees from here or there but they will never LEARN.

I'm afraid Abhishek is just one more of these enemies of India. His goal in life is to take India for a ride.

Without ANY accountability, he will be continuously promoted. If he is corrupt (I don't wish to comment since I don't know him personally, but around 80 per cent of the IAS officers are now personally corrupt, and the remaining 20 percent intellectually corrupt), he will never be punished. 

Such are the people who – along with the rotten politicians of India – have LOOTED INDIA, far more than the British ever did (or could do).

I promised Abhishek I will comment on him. 

This is my comment.

Not just on him but on ALL other IAS (and other tenured civil service officers) who are DETERMINED to loot India, to never learn, to never ask questions.

THEY have made India the gutter nation it is.

It is time to uproot these arrogant enemies of India.

I invite you, reader, to join Swarna Bharat Party, which will TOTALLY transform India's governance system. 

Removing IAS and replacing with accountable bureaucracy is just one of the 100s of reforms India needs. 

We will implement these reforms.​


The man is a PURE IDIOT. He has now tweeted the following: 


Screenshot in case he deletes his tweets, later.

I've BLOCKED him. 

He imagines my resignation and all the work I've doing for 15 years is for the same of some petty "google ads". A WRETCHED IDIOTHe might have had some sense in him before he joined the IAS, but all that's been drained out of his head since then.

Such are the totally unaccountable, arrogant people who 'govern' India. THEY ARE RUINING INDIA.

Now it is up to India to decide what they want to do.

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The really stupid Narayana Murthy keeps complaining about India but ACTIVELY PROMOTES SOCIALISM

In 2004 Gurcharan Das tried to persuade Narayan Murthy to attend the 5-day Liberal Political workshop I had convened. Murthy thanked Gurcharan but said he couldn't make it because of prior engagements. 

After the 2004 workshop decided to support Sharad Joshi's Swatantra Bharat Party, Gurcharan went to Bangalore to persuade him to support liberal politics. Gurcharan reported that he would support later.

I communicated directly with Murthy on a number of occasions, even met him briefly when he came to Melbourne.

Murthy has kept on his CHARADE of criticising India even as he ACTIVELY supports Congress and other socialist outfits.

The man doesn't understand ANYTHING about governance, nor has any interest in doing so.

This post is to record my DISGUST at this stupid man who hasn't given up complaining about India even as he actively supports the very system that creates the mess.

Link to my FB post.

I no longer waste my time trying to engage with him, but his STUPID ANTICS AND SUPPORT FOR CORRUPT PARTIES SHOULD BE EXPOSED, KEPT ON THE PUBLIC RECORD.

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The EU should cut Greece loose. No other option is incentive compatible.

This is a link to my recent posts on Facebook which summarise my quick research into the Greek situation.

In reverse chronological order:

It is **beyond RIDICULOUS** to compare post-war debt with the self-created socialist mess during the time of peace by Greece.

Greece is the case of a spoiled child – exploiting his "parents" (the EU). Extreme immorality and corruption.
Greece can't be rewarded with debt relief. The moment Greece is rewarded for delinquent behaviour, many other south European nations will follow suit, destroying the entire continent of Europe. INCENTIVES MATTER, and the EU must teach Greece self-reliance by setting it loose. [Source]

Doctors have long left Greece. Its nerds, now. What's left? Beggars (i.e. socialists) – JUST LIKE IN INDIA.
ARE YOU REMINDED OF INDIA BY THIS? "First is the lack of meritocracy and the corruption in the country" [Source]

"in Athens the public transport is free until further notice, and tax collection has "almost dried up" " [Source]


"In Greek, fakelaki means "little envelope" but is also used in Greek popular culture as a jargon term referring to the bribery of public servants and private companies by Greek citizens in order to "expedite" service.[23] According to this practice, sums of money are stuffed in the files and passed across the desk to secure appointments, documents approval and permits."

"Tax evasion has been described by Greek politicians as "a national sport"—with up to €30 billion per year going uncollected."

"weak enforcement of the law, a lack of audits, the absence of codes of conduct, the non-transparency of government activities, an inefficient bureaucracy"

"Recent involvement of high-ranking public officials in corruption cases has been reported in the media". [Source]

"The number of people involved in the abuse, dead or alive, is roughly equal to two percent of the Greek population."
"nearly one-quarter of the 11 million Greeks are] retired" [Source]

"Alerted by a suspiciously high frequency of specific illnesses in certain regions, the ministry launched a probe in February to take a closer look at payouts to the handicapped and those with long-term injuries.

During the one-month probe, 36,294 of 240,292 beneficiaries failed to answer calls by investigators and are now suspected of fraud." [Source]

"Billions more in taxes are owed on never-reported revenue from Greece’s vast underground economy, which was estimated before the crisis to equal more than a quarter of the country’s gross domestic product."

"Tax debts in Greece equal about 90% of annual tax revenue, the highest shortfall among industrialized nations, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development."

"Greeks have a widespread aversion to paying what they owe the state, an attitude often blamed on cultural and historical forces." [Source]


"Take the beautiful Greek island of Zakynthos, where almost 2 percent of the population was registered as blind and thus entitled to $400-a-month disability pensions and other charity perks.

"A recent Greek government investigation — undertaken as part of an anti-fraud crackdown mandated by the country’s creditors — found a highly suspicious 8,500 pensioners had passed age 100.
A closer look showed some 40,000 pensions were being “collected” by people who were no longer among the living."

The subway system serving 5 million Athenians was essentially a free ride. Athens’ subway has no turnstiles, and riders are expected to pay their fares on the honor system. Unfortunately for the city coffers, honor is in short supply.

A Daily Mail investigation focused on one of Athens’ most exclusive neighborhoods, full of lawyers, doctors and masters of industry. Only 300 of the area’s homes claimed to have swimming pools, which require owners to pay a luxury tax. But when officials looked into the low number, using Google Earth to scan the back yards, they found the number of pools to be closer to 20,000. [Source]


Kasparov is good, unlike most "nerds". He understands basic economics – which the hardest and most difficult discipline on earth. Even economics "Nobelists" like Krugman have ***no clue*** about the most basic elements of economics.
Well, what's Greece waiting for? Just do it. Grow up. [Source]

Why does Greece want to hang on to the Euro? If its "self-determination" is so important (and it should be), then disconnect and do your own thing. In fact privatise all currency and let ANY private bank issue currency. Then Greece will blossom and become the strongest country in Europe within 10 years. [Source]


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Singapore, UK and Canadian regulators find Maggi noodles are OK. Indian regulator must have demanded a bribe.

1) Singapore regulator finds India-produced Maggi noodles to be OK. [8 June 2015 Source]

2) UK regulator finds India-produced Maggi noodles to be OK. [1 July 2015. Source]

3) Canadian regulator finds India-produced Maggi noodles to be OK. [3 July 2015. Source]

I have long been a fan of Maggi noodles (particularly the Indian variety, with its unique spices).

These noodles are also available in Indian shops in Melbourne, and when I go these shops (once in 2 years) I am likely to buy some India-made Maggi noodles, as well.

I'm 100 per cent certain now that these noodles are fine. The case is a clear one of CORRUPTION. The Indian regulator must have demanded a bribe, and upon not getting one, cooked up these "results". All FABRICATED. 

In the ROTTEN socialist country called India, you will find that dangerous ayurvedic "medicines" containing poisonous heavy metals will be "approved" while fully legitimate foods will be destroyed, just to teach companies a lesson.

BRIBE OR DISAPPEAR. That's socialist India's motto. Carry on enjoying your junk Third World "country" – an international joke, really.

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Wahhabism: The School of Ibn Taymiyyah – The Root of Islamic Terrorism. A video worth viewing.

Please view this. Very enlightening.

This makes it EVEN more clear, to me, that it is not going to be possible to eradicate Islamic violence (ISIS, etc.) easily, and that any non-Muslim intervention could backfire. 

The answer lies in the non-Wahhabi Muslims in the middle East assembling to defeat and physically wipe out the ISIS and extreme varieties of Muslims.

But because violence can't easily solve such problems (although, just as Nazism DID get solved by destroying Hitler, so violence definitely needs to be tried in this case), it is likely that this issue will re-emerge in the coming centuries, as well.

Ideally, all religion should go. But at the least, we need to fight the violent strains of religion, as and when they arise.

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