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Response to a Hindutva fanatic (Hitarth Maru) who thinks Savarkar is a great man.

I'm now going to comment on Hitarth Maru's alleged rebuttal of my condemnation of Savarkar. 

His FB post: 

He clearly did not bother to read my 3 booklets on Modi and my compilation on RSS. But he thought it fit to respond to my post (here) through a longish post. I've only read it now, and as promised, I'm responding on my blog. 


I could also detect your understanding of Hindutva as a sort of a dogma/cult – like Islam or Christianity – with a messenger (eg. Savarkar / Golwalkar in this case) and which has to be followed as such. This is one of the most laughable and uninformed interpretations of Hindutva – which modeled itself on Hinduism and hence could not help but be open to debate, modification and challenges to ideas. There is no central book or central authority to follow but just the idea – that of a Hindu identity and a concept of nationalism.


FALSE. Hindutva is definitely a dogma with a fundamental common theme: that Hindus "own" India and others are "foreigners". It is mixes geography and SOME people's religion to make POLITICAL assertions that are inflammatory and divisive. It is an ideology, and for the RSS folk, a cult, with a specific set of REALLY stupid rituals. The shakha is a purest form of cult. Meets all criteria.


-> The term Hindutva, literally Hindu-ness, was meant for Hindu identity as a unifying identity transcending castewise (there goes your Brahminism argument), regional and sectarian differences within Hindu society. The term was coined by Savarkar as the title of his book Hindutva, written in prison and clandestinely published in 1924. Inspired by, surprise surprise, not Hitler or Nazis, but the doctrines of the Italian liberal nationalist Giuseppe Mazzini.


FALSE. Let me cite Savarkar's own definition: "In expounding the ideology of the Hindu movement, it is absolutely necessary to have a correct grasp of the meaning attached to these three terms. From the word 'Hindu' has been coined the word 'Hinduism' in English. It means the school or system of religions the Hindus follow. The second word 'Hindutva' is far more comprehensive and refers not only to the religious aspect of the Hindu people as the word 'Hinduism' does but comprehends even their cultural, linguistic, social and political aspects as well. It is more of less akin to 'Hindu polity' and its nearly exact translation would be 'Hinduness'. The third word 'Hindudom'means the Hindu people spoken of collectively. It is a collective name for the Hindu world, just as Islam denotes the Moslem world or Christiandom denotes the Christian world."

This does not define what Hinduism is. Savarkar was allegedly an atheist, anyway. When something is not defined, you look into the ACTIONS of the people involved. And RSS in particular was ENTIRELY led by Brahmins. Their interpretation (of Hinduism). therefore. is what matters. Now, there are massive confusions within the RSS re: caste. Some claim there should be no caste. But on average, this is a highly conservative view of Hinduism. There has not been any Dalit head leader of RSS.  I've noted in my book on RSS that there is some change occurring in this area, now. 


-> People who believed in the idea of Hindutva (described above) did take part in the freedom struggle. Eg. Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Vinayak Damodar Savarkar himself ( – here goes your second argument – by the way, how many years did Nehru spend in Andaman or even active freedom struggle or any other jails?), Madan lal Dhingra.


FALSE. To mix up Tilak and Savarkar would be a cause of major confusion. Let's not do that. Yes, there were SOME supporters of Hindu Mahasabha who participated in Congress. And Savarkar himself was involved in his early years in terrorist activities.

But the RSS view is VERY clear: a strong and direct support of the British. NOT one word against them. They were clearly against the Muslims. I've provided extensive evidence in my booklet on RSS. I've called RSS Angrezon ke pillay for good reason.


-> If Savarkar's letter of 'apology' to the British was your way of discrediting him, then let me start with Gandhi's support to the Islamic fundamentalist 'Khilafat' movement which degenerated into anti-Hindu massacres in Kerala. Gandhi's advice (and Nehru's uninterest) to Hindus in Noakhali as well as in Pakistan was to leave them to fend for themselves.


IRRELEVANT. This is pure nonsense. There is no comparison. Plus I'm not talking about Gandhi. This is about Savarkar's abject cowardice.


-> Gandhi's advise to Jews: "Jews should have offered themselves to the butcher's knife. They should have thrown themselves into the sea from cliffs… It would have aroused the world and the people of Germany… As it is they succumbed anyway in their millions." Gandhi believed this act of "collective suicide", in response to the Holocaust, "would have been heroism"". (sources: Louis Fischer and George Orwell).


IRRELEVANT. How is this even relevant? I'm talking Savarkar. Stick to the point.


-> Was Mr. Savarkar a closet Nazi? Naah ->…/fasc…/savarkarnazi.html
I assume by now you are looking towards Golwalkar with hopeful eyes, let me bust that too with a fine article from Dr. Elst ->…


FALSE. HE WAS ABSOLUTELY A NAZI SUPPORTER. Savarkar was absolutely on the same page with Golwalkar's and other RSS leaders re: use of teh Nazi solution. Savarkar wrote:

“A nation is formed by a majority living therein. What did the Jews do in Germany? They being in minority were driven out from Germany" [cited in Maria Casolari, Hindutva’s foreign tie-up in the 1930s: Archival evidence, Economic and Political Weekly, January 22, 2000]


-> With regards to the "most divisive ideology", it's a load of hot air unless you are pointing towards imperialist ideologies that divide the world in "believers (Momin) vs unbelievers (Kuffar)", "Proletariat vs Bourgeoisie", "Christians vs Heathens". I guess you already know don't you?  Read this ->


FALSE. There is repetitive distinction made between Hindus and Muslims in the Hindutva ideology. I won't even cite the hateful man Golwalkar. Just Savarkar will do:

"Hatred separates as well as unites.” (Referring to the “need” to hate Muslims) (V.D. Savarkar (1942). Hindutva: Who is a Hindu?  Poona City: S.R. Date. Page 32)

“In a public speech in 1925, Savarkar said that Indians had to learn to eschew soft values like ‘humility, self-surrender and forgiveness’ and cultivate ‘sturdy habits of hatred, retaliation, vindictiveness’.

There is nothing more DESPICABLE in India than the Hindutva mind.


-> LOL … How does an ideology/thought decide how many people die in a riot? Again a load of hot air. May I also suggest you to cross-check your figures once and provide an official source (not PUCL/Communalism combat data whose bias is obvious)?


FALSE. The evidence I've cited is from JUDICIAL COMMISSION REPORTS. Hindutva (mainly RSS) has been implicated endless number of times but each time RSS disowns its own people (it doesn't keep membership records, for one – like a good (criminal) cult). 


-> Hindutva does not mention political murders as a means to achieve its goal (again compare it with real divisive ideologies), and unless you want me to link Indira's emergency and Shahbano verdict (a direct consequence of starting with a separate Muslim personal law) to Nehru, I will let the repeated question of Gandhi's murder rest here. It was an act of an individual.


FALSE. The HATE-LADEN statements of Hindutva leaders that praise the MASSACRE of the Jews by Nazi Germany, the arms training to RSS members, the involvement in numerous massacres. the killing of Gandhi, etc. are all direct proof of the murderous Hindutva ideology.

I think this will do for now. There is more in Maru's post but I've got limited time, and he is a dogmatic Hindutva fanatic. He will not want to change. His mind is seeped in hatred for the Muslim and he will never change his mind about his EVIL "heroes".

I had not read his post earlier, but now that I've read most of it, I think I don't need to engage further with him. 

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Watching brief on the Adani Group – money laundering, environmental damage, etc.

I've noted a comment re: Adani earlier, here. And once or twice, perhaps, on FB.


Someone sent this. I've further investigated a bit. Adani seems to have been using a range of illegal and corrupt methods. 

The PDF of an article re: money laundering by Adani: Download here.

And here's a news article: DRI, ED set to probe Adani Group for allegedly over-valuing power equipment imports.

And SIT, CBI to look into Adani Group case.

Perhaps not surprisingly, nothing has been heard about these inquiries since July 2014. 

This is highly political case, with Modi being funded in very large quantities by Adani. 

Will watch this case and others against Adani.

ENVIRONMENTAL DAMAGE–3/adani/dont-trust-this-company-with-our-great-barrier-reef


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Criminal Indian yogis: “Swami” Satyananda Saraswati (1923-2009) and Akhandananda (d.1997)

A concerned Australian has written to me to comment on these criminal yogis about whom allegations are now emerging in the Australian newspapers. These criminals are (or, rather, were, since both criminals are now dead) part of the global range of Satyananda Saraswati ashrams. I'm informed that: "apparently there is another Indian spiritual group to come before the Royal Commission that will eclipse the Satyananda hearing". 

I assured him that India is FLOODED with criminal "yogis" and "godmen" who cheat the whole country all the time. This is not news. I EXPECT a good proportion of all "swamis" to be mega-criminals or cheats.

Deepak Chopra is more sophisticated, so he only operates on your pocket (extracts your money). Others are much worse.

I have come across only three "yogis" in my lifetime:

a) Satya Sai Baba, whom I once saw as part of a public group (when I was around 20 years old) in Whitefield near Bangalore. He was an absolute crook who plied his customers with cheap magic tricks to bilk them. I've written extensively about him on this blog. There are many believable allegations about sexual abuse by him. But since he managed to fool "eminent" Indians he was quite safe from prosecution.

b) "Swami" Shuddhananda, whom I came across a few years ago in Melbourne. I even attended 4 of his lectures, and invited him to my home. This man, very soon, turned out to be a scoundrel, involved in sexual misdemeanor.

c) "Swami" Ramdev, whom I came across in late 2012 and interacted till mid-2013. I've now heard very strong and, I would argue, confirmed reports from very reliable sources (who have known him for many years) about rampant sexual abuse in his ashram. But his support for black money is now more clear than ever. I'm further investigating.

I've, of course, come across many yoga teachers (including at the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration). I believe yoga teachers are (generally) quite good, and have nothing to say against them.

But there are too many criminal "swamis" in India. A recent case involved severe sexual abuse by one "Swami" Asaram Bapu. He is now in jail. Then, there was the more recent "Sant" Rampal in Haryana, who was involved in murder and has been recently arrested by the police, at great cost of life and money (many people died in the process).

There are strongly documented stories about sex abuse by Indian "gurus". I'd strongly warn people to stay away from these crooks.


===Satyanand Ashram==

See its website.

More news:

Child abuse royal commission: Woman admits having sex with boy, 14, at Satyananda Yoga Ashram

Global yoga guru was a violent sexual abuser, royal commission told

Yoga handmaiden had sex with boy

Brutal initiation ceremony at Satyananda yoga movement 'saw seven-year-old girl sexually assaulted after leader licked her blood' 

Yoga guru may have raped seven year old, royal commission told

'Violent discipline' part of yoga culture, royal commission hears

Sexual abuse rife at yoga group, royal commission hears

Yoga ashram didn't consider sex abuse a crime, royal commission told


I should not fail to mention Swami Om Poorna Swatantra, about whom I've written elsewhere. Swami Swatantra is not really a swami in the sense commonly understood. He does not run an ashram, but lives like a farmer. He doesn't teach any yoga nor (unless I'm mistaken) much spiritual stuff. He is more like Thoreau, living a quiet life by himself, but engaging with nearby farmers. He is an outstanding man, and I would therefore like to add that there may be SOME outstanding gurus or swamis, and people ought to take responsibility for their own choices and decisions.


There are plenty of other such cases. Some examples here.

Another one: Swami Nithyananda


A commentator reminded me of Sri Sri. He writes:

Sri sri's followers strongly believe that his photograph can charge their mobile phones,  their vehicles can run without petrol, their guru can appear in different places at the same time, his sudarshan kriya is a cure for all diseases including cancer and sudarshan kriya is a definite ticket to Moksha, he can bring back alive the dead and their followers can get rail/air tickets even last minute and so on so forth. Our IITians, IIMs and Harvards are his followers and they all believe in all these so called miracles without any iota of doubt. 

I agree. Sri Sri is a small time magician (not much magic, though). I've written about him. However, I've never heard any perverted thing about him, so he is otherwise OK.


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Pro-British, anti-national RSS has OFFICIALLY truncated Kashmir in their map of India

It was brought to my notice (here) that RSS's official map accepts that vast chunks of Kashmir have been ceded to Pakistan and China.

See the map here.

This is beyond shameful – for an organisation that claims to be "nationalist".

I always knew RSS is pro-British and anti-national. But this takes the cake.

Here is a section of the RSS map:

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Ramdev was an RSS member even as he lied to me about his NOT directly supporting corrupt BJP

Today, Ramdev has put out the following picture on his facebook page.

The fact that he lied to me – quite brazenly – at each step, has long since become clear. That he directly supports black money is also long since clear. But that he was a DIRECT SUPPORTER/MEMBER of RSS is something I didn't know.

The picture below is disgraceful. Ramdev is now a direct abettor of the crimes and misdemeanours of the anti-national Taliban known as RSS (details about RSS here).

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Vigorous (but unreported) protests against Modi during his USA and Australia trips

I was surprised to find on FB a video about protests against Modi during his Australia visit. Upon exploration, I found other protests against him across USA and Australia which the media never reported. To set the record straight, I'm posting a few links. Do send me any more that you come across.


In Melbourne:


In Sydney

Source: Modi you have blood in your hands: Indain PM faces protests in Sydney

Hundreds of Sikhs protest against Indian PM Narendra Modi in Sydney

Slogans on placards, banners and posters read ‘Modi India’s Prime Murderer’, ‘Ban RSS’, “Modi Shame Shame” 

Australian Sikhs and Muslims Protest Against Modi’s Sydney Visit

Some media reporting:

The dark shadows behind the power of Narendra Modi and Xi Jinping


US activists protest against Modi visit

New Yorkers against Modi (FB page)

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