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The bananas who run the Election Commission of the Banana Republic of India

Just came across this: Election Commission asks government for contempt power to act against those who tarnish its image.

This, from the Election Commission, which is supposed to be presiding over a democracy – where people are expected to discuss, debate and decide things.

I have also identified HUGE incompetence issues with the ECI, having now interacted with it over the past few years as a political party, and will need to one day publicly talk about them in detail.

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There are 1000 cryptocurrencies now with $100 billion in capitalisation. Some crypto exposure may be good.

There are around 1000 cryptocurrencies now (see this – but this is not a complete list). The capitalisation in these currencies is now nudging $100 billion.

The problem is that these are both extremely difficult to purchase, very volatile, and very risky to hold.

I started an experimental investment in 2014 using $200. It was a steep learning curve. I’ve outlined some of my learnings here.

However, there is a relationship between risk and reward, and I get a sense that more people are getting more comfortable with buying and using these currencies. By now I have learnt:

a) How to buy some of these currencies (I always use a bank or credit card, so I have an auditable record in case I need to pay tax on these purchases at a future date)

b) How to transfer from one exchange to another. That is not as hard as I had initially thought, although it is not instantaneous.

It is possible to convert the cryptocurrencies back into normal currencies using a range of methods. Some websites will give cash (at a steep commission). ANXPRO allows you to encash using a USD credit card that is linked to your cryptocurrency account. And I understand some companies actually take Bitcoin – although that’s not very common at the moment.

It is very hard to work out where this is going. But it is clear that with around $100 billion now invested in these currencies, there is very little chance that these currencies will disappear.

Currently, there are 7 billion people in the world, so an average person has invested around $14 in cryptocurrencies.

As bank accounts and stocks yield extremely poor returns for years on end, it is certain that people will incrementally move higher amounts into these currencies.

Now, as soon as more people invest, these currencies necessarily go up in value. These currencies are an exemplary lesson in monetary economics, where the true value of a currency should be what the market thinks of it.

Theoretically, one should therefore be able to take a “calculated gamble” and invest a good share of one’s savings in these currencies. Particularly if one is young and is therefore able to take more risks.

Anyway, now that I’m broadly familiar with how these currencies work, I’m comfortable taking a tiny bit of risk.


I just discovered that even Xapo allows the drawl of bitcoins in the form of USD credit card (or any other currency, subject to a minor fee). One can link the credit card to Paypal or any other method of payment, and start using Bitcoin like normal currency.

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Stop whining, EU, and grow up into adults

My comment on FB in response to this article.

The EU should stop whining. They have done it to themselves and are refusing to listen.

Brexit was a strong signal of how badly they’ve messed up their economies. They have vast resources to spend on bureaucrats who spend their time throttling business enterprise, but not enough to defend themselves!

The USA is no one’s mommy. Nations always operate on the principle of national interest. The EU has not behaved as adults for many decades now.

They have squandered the gains of capitalism by promoting strongly leftist positions – and now they are whining.

On this one, I’m with Trump.

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Two articles that suggest that Modi is both corrupt and a fascist

I won’t say more.

Please read for yourselves.

  1. Arun Shourie:  ‘It’s a Decentralised Emergency… A Pyramidal Mafia State’: Arun Shourie on Modi Sarkar
  2. Something interesting is happening in Indian politics. And it’s not right wing nationalism.

Although the second article is allegedly a thought experiment, it is highly plausible.

As for the first of these two articles, Shourie retains at least some credibility with me.

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Two of India’s characterless “liberals” – a brief comment

I’m informed that one of the former leaders of SBP has now been consorting with a character-less moneyed person.

This former SBP leader had told me that he had very severe kidney disease and so was going to retire from all work and stay at home to cure his disease. But apparently he is quite fit and is actively participating in a range of political meetings in Delhi with this character-less person – as we speak!

This so-called “leader” (whom I trusted and tried to support in every way) lied to me through his teeth! This is truly a sorry situation that such characterless persons (and this one claims to be a “spiritual” man, in addition!!) are found in abundance in India.

I will not disclose this person’s name at this stage but I am keeping close watch on both these characterless persons who are masquerading as “liberals”.  I will discuss the lying character of these persons if they ever try to get into the public eye. I will NOT let them cheat the people of India.

I will now block these two persons across all forms of communication. They will NEVER again be able to communicate with me – and warn them to NEVER claim (in any public space) to be liberal. They are NOT. They are liars.

If they try to masquerede as liberals I will unleash the truth about them and let the people know them for what they are.

(This “sick” person with “kidney disease” has also taken SBP membership booklets and given to another person. I ask him to RETURN these booklets at his own cost to the party. )

The one thing liberals have is character. Without character and personal integrity no one should come even close to Swarna Bharat Party.

This is all very sad, but such is India.

And that is why India rots while the whole world flourishes.


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