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The really stupid Narayana Murthy keeps complaining about India but ACTIVELY PROMOTES SOCIALISM

In 2004 Gurcharan Das tried to persuade Narayan Murthy to attend the 5-day Liberal Political workshop I had convened. Murthy thanked Gurcharan but said he couldn't make it because of prior engagements. 

After the 2004 workshop decided to support Sharad Joshi's Swatantra Bharat Party, Gurcharan went to Bangalore to persuade him to support liberal politics. Gurcharan reported that he would support later.

I communicated directly with Murthy on a number of occasions, even met him briefly when he came to Melbourne.

Murthy has kept on his CHARADE of criticising India even as he ACTIVELY supports Congress and other socialist outfits.

The man doesn't understand ANYTHING about governance, nor has any interest in doing so.

This post is to record my DISGUST at this stupid man who hasn't given up complaining about India even as he actively supports the very system that creates the mess.

Link to my FB post.

I no longer waste my time trying to engage with him, but his STUPID ANTICS AND SUPPORT FOR CORRUPT PARTIES SHOULD BE EXPOSED, KEPT ON THE PUBLIC RECORD.

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The EU should cut Greece loose. No other option is incentive compatible.

This is a link to my recent posts on Facebook which summarise my quick research into the Greek situation.

In reverse chronological order:

It is **beyond RIDICULOUS** to compare post-war debt with the self-created socialist mess during the time of peace by Greece.

Greece is the case of a spoiled child – exploiting his "parents" (the EU). Extreme immorality and corruption.
Greece can't be rewarded with debt relief. The moment Greece is rewarded for delinquent behaviour, many other south European nations will follow suit, destroying the entire continent of Europe. INCENTIVES MATTER, and the EU must teach Greece self-reliance by setting it loose. [Source]

Doctors have long left Greece. Its nerds, now. What's left? Beggars (i.e. socialists) – JUST LIKE IN INDIA.
ARE YOU REMINDED OF INDIA BY THIS? "First is the lack of meritocracy and the corruption in the country" [Source]

"in Athens the public transport is free until further notice, and tax collection has "almost dried up" " [Source]


"In Greek, fakelaki means "little envelope" but is also used in Greek popular culture as a jargon term referring to the bribery of public servants and private companies by Greek citizens in order to "expedite" service.[23] According to this practice, sums of money are stuffed in the files and passed across the desk to secure appointments, documents approval and permits."

"Tax evasion has been described by Greek politicians as "a national sport"—with up to €30 billion per year going uncollected."

"weak enforcement of the law, a lack of audits, the absence of codes of conduct, the non-transparency of government activities, an inefficient bureaucracy"

"Recent involvement of high-ranking public officials in corruption cases has been reported in the media". [Source]

"The number of people involved in the abuse, dead or alive, is roughly equal to two percent of the Greek population."
"nearly one-quarter of the 11 million Greeks are] retired" [Source]

"Alerted by a suspiciously high frequency of specific illnesses in certain regions, the ministry launched a probe in February to take a closer look at payouts to the handicapped and those with long-term injuries.

During the one-month probe, 36,294 of 240,292 beneficiaries failed to answer calls by investigators and are now suspected of fraud." [Source]

"Billions more in taxes are owed on never-reported revenue from Greece’s vast underground economy, which was estimated before the crisis to equal more than a quarter of the country’s gross domestic product."

"Tax debts in Greece equal about 90% of annual tax revenue, the highest shortfall among industrialized nations, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development."

"Greeks have a widespread aversion to paying what they owe the state, an attitude often blamed on cultural and historical forces." [Source]


"Take the beautiful Greek island of Zakynthos, where almost 2 percent of the population was registered as blind and thus entitled to $400-a-month disability pensions and other charity perks.

"A recent Greek government investigation — undertaken as part of an anti-fraud crackdown mandated by the country’s creditors — found a highly suspicious 8,500 pensioners had passed age 100.
A closer look showed some 40,000 pensions were being “collected” by people who were no longer among the living."

The subway system serving 5 million Athenians was essentially a free ride. Athens’ subway has no turnstiles, and riders are expected to pay their fares on the honor system. Unfortunately for the city coffers, honor is in short supply.

A Daily Mail investigation focused on one of Athens’ most exclusive neighborhoods, full of lawyers, doctors and masters of industry. Only 300 of the area’s homes claimed to have swimming pools, which require owners to pay a luxury tax. But when officials looked into the low number, using Google Earth to scan the back yards, they found the number of pools to be closer to 20,000. [Source]


Kasparov is good, unlike most "nerds". He understands basic economics – which the hardest and most difficult discipline on earth. Even economics "Nobelists" like Krugman have ***no clue*** about the most basic elements of economics.
Well, what's Greece waiting for? Just do it. Grow up. [Source]

Why does Greece want to hang on to the Euro? If its "self-determination" is so important (and it should be), then disconnect and do your own thing. In fact privatise all currency and let ANY private bank issue currency. Then Greece will blossom and become the strongest country in Europe within 10 years. [Source]


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Singapore, UK and Canadian regulators find Maggi noodles are OK. Indian regulator must have demanded a bribe.

1) Singapore regulator finds India-produced Maggi noodles to be OK. [8 June 2015 Source]

2) UK regulator finds India-produced Maggi noodles to be OK. [1 July 2015. Source]

3) Canadian regulator finds India-produced Maggi noodles to be OK. [3 July 2015. Source]

I have long been a fan of Maggi noodles (particularly the Indian variety, with its unique spices).

These noodles are also available in Indian shops in Melbourne, and when I go these shops (once in 2 years) I am likely to buy some India-made Maggi noodles, as well.

I'm 100 per cent certain now that these noodles are fine. The case is a clear one of CORRUPTION. The Indian regulator must have demanded a bribe, and upon not getting one, cooked up these "results". All FABRICATED. 

In the ROTTEN socialist country called India, you will find that dangerous ayurvedic "medicines" containing poisonous heavy metals will be "approved" while fully legitimate foods will be destroyed, just to teach companies a lesson.

BRIBE OR DISAPPEAR. That's socialist India's motto. Carry on enjoying your junk Third World "country" – an international joke, really.

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Wahhabism: The School of Ibn Taymiyyah – The Root of Islamic Terrorism. A video worth viewing.

Please view this. Very enlightening.

This makes it EVEN more clear, to me, that it is not going to be possible to eradicate Islamic violence (ISIS, etc.) easily, and that any non-Muslim intervention could backfire. 

The answer lies in the non-Wahhabi Muslims in the middle East assembling to defeat and physically wipe out the ISIS and extreme varieties of Muslims.

But because violence can't easily solve such problems (although, just as Nazism DID get solved by destroying Hitler, so violence definitely needs to be tried in this case), it is likely that this issue will re-emerge in the coming centuries, as well.

Ideally, all religion should go. But at the least, we need to fight the violent strains of religion, as and when they arise.

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It is time for Muslims (even Wahabis) to assemble, to fight the ISIS. This evil won’t go away on its own.

I hope my Muslim friends (I have many, on Facebook) will now pay heed to the ISIS's ultra-Islamic agenda and try to understand how it is being driven by ISLAM, not by any fictitious American/Israeli intervention (yes!, some have even suggested to me that Israel has created ISIS! How terribly misinformed can one get).

So here's the problem. 

These people (ISIS) are GENUINE Muslims, following the Koran to the last word, exactly as it was intended.

If you go to them and preach alternative views (as one Muslim friend has proposed here), it won't work with them.

But this is not the first time the Muslim world has seen such a fight between fundamentalists and the moderates. It is an ongoing, cyclical phenomenon. India had Aurangzeb (but also had Akbar, for instance).

The solution is also clear: these extremists have to be given ACTUAL (physical) battle, and decapacitated. They can't be fought ideologically. And they can't be (and should NEVER be) fought by Americans or Western powers.

If the West directly enters the battlefield, it will merely promote the growth of the ISIS.

The battle needs to be fought WITHIN THE MUSLIM WORLD.

In the face of the ISIS brand of Islam, even the Wahabi brand looks rather moderate! All these people (moderates, and even Wahabis) need to organise an army of Muslims to fight ISIS.

I'm sorry, but I don't think such ideological battles within religions can get fixed without physical war. The level of brainwashing among the ISIS folk can't be undone thorough discussion or persuasion.

The fight for liberty will have to wait the resolution of these religious fights. The journey for the liberation of mankind is going to be long and tedious. Religion is one heck of an obstacle to human progress.

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ISIS’s ultra-Islamic world: slavery, crucifixtion, cutting off hands, jizya. AND the return of Christ – to save the Muslims!

Things are looking bad for the world, with the rise of the ISIS and the so-called "true" Islam. I'm making note of some dramatic points from Graeme Wood's article, below. Bolding, title, colour annotations mine.

The situation clearly started with someone taking their Koran too seriously. Now it will probably not end well – for them. If it was not such a terrible thing to read about, one might even have a bit of a laugh at the whole thing, so amusing is this idea of reviving 7th century customs in a modern world. 

And of Christ himself coming back to lead the Muslims to glory! As they say these days, "lol".


“Slavery, crucifixion, and beheadings are not something that freakish [jihadists] are cherry-picking from the medieval tradition,” Haykel said. Islamic State fighters “are smack in the middle of the medieval tradition and are bringing it wholesale into the present day.”

"The Koran specifies crucifixion as one of the only punishments permitted for enemies of Islam. The tax on Christians finds clear endorsement in the Surah Al-Tawba, the Koran’s ninth chapter, which instructs Muslims to fight Christians and Jews “until they pay the jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.” The Prophet, whom all Muslims consider exemplary, imposed these rules and owned slaves."

when the Islamic State began enslaving people, even some of its supporters balked. Nonetheless, the caliphate has continued to embrace slavery and crucifixion without apology. “We will conquer your Rome, break your crosses, and enslave your women,” Adnani, the spokesman, promised in one of his periodic valentines to the West. “If we do not reach that time, then our children and grandchildren will reach it, and they will sell your sons as slaves at the slave market.”  [Sanjeev: Surely these people are EXTREME nuts!]

In October, Dabiq, the magazine of the Islamic State, published “The Revival of Slavery Before the Hour,” an article that took up the question of whether Yazidis (the members of an ancient Kurdish sect that borrows elements of Islam, and had come under attack from Islamic State forces in northern Iraq) are lapsed Muslims, and therefore marked for death, or merely pagans and therefore fair game for enslavement. A study group of Islamic State scholars had convened, on government orders, to resolve this issue. If they are pagans, the article’s anonymous author wrote,

Yazidi women and children [are to be] divided according to the Shariah amongst the fighters of the Islamic State who participated in the Sinjar operations [in northern Iraq] … Enslaving the families of the kuffar [infidels] and taking their women as concubines is a firmly established aspect of the Shariah that if one were to deny or mock, he would be denying or mocking the verses of the Koran and the narrations of the Prophet … and thereby apostatizing from Islam.


Before the caliphate, “maybe 85 percent of the Sharia was absent from our lives,” Choudary told me. “These laws are in abeyance until we have khilafa”—a caliphate—“and now we have one.” Without a caliphate, for example, individual vigilantes are not obliged to amputate the hands of thieves they catch in the act. But create a caliphate, and this law, along with a huge body of other jurisprudence, suddenly awakens.


The caliph is required to implement Sharia. Any deviation will compel those who have pledged allegiance to inform the caliph in private of his error and, in extreme cases, to excommunicate and replace him if he persists. (“I have been plagued with this great matter, plagued with this responsibility, and it is a heavy responsibility,” Baghdadi said in his sermon.) In return, the caliph commands obedience—and those who persist in supporting non-Muslim governments, after being duly warned and educated about their sin, are considered apostates.

The Islamic State differs from nearly every other current jihadist movement in believing that it (ISIS) is written into God’s script as a central character. It is in this casting that the Islamic State is most boldly distinctive from its predecessors, and clearest in the religious nature of its mission.


After its battle in Dabiq, Cerantonio said, the caliphate will expand and sack Istanbul. Some believe it will then cover the entire Earth, but Cerantonio suggested its tide may never reach beyond the Bosporus. An anti-Messiah, known in Muslim apocalyptic literature as Dajjal, will come from the Khorasan region of eastern Iran and kill a vast number of the caliphate’s fighters, until just 5,000 remain, cornered in Jerusalem. Just as Dajjal prepares to finish them off, Jesus—the second-most-revered prophet in Islam—will return to Earth, spear Dajjal, and lead the Muslims to victory.

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