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Modi, the liberals will actively consider joining battle with ANYONE now, against you. Hindutva has destroyed the soul of India.

My comment on FB a moment ago, in relation to this: IIT Student Beaten To Death In West Bengal By Mob Which Mistook Him For A Cow Smuggler

I strongly suggest that educated Indians apply urgently to ANY country that will accept them and GET OUT OF INDIA.

Modi is ALWAYS QUIET on such matters, but quick to condemn killings abroad.


Mindless nonsense masquerading as “ancient knowledge”; falsehoods being spread left, right and centre.

The nation has been dragged back the medieval era – not of India but of the West: where lynchings and killings were common. India never had this kind of a culture. Hindutvas have destroyed the very soul of India.


On further investigation it turns out that Kaushik Purkait was an ITI student, not from IIT. However, that doesn’t change the message here. How many lives have to be lost before Modi reins in his goondas?


I would never, in my wildest dreams consider aligning with non-BJP socialists. However, the time may have come to fight you and your POISONOUS IDEOLOGY, FIRST.

What liberty? There is no chance of liberty when life itself it threatened by your goondas on a daily basis.


My comment on Twitter:

There needs to be a full and frontal attack on rabid Hinduism which has become as dangerous as rabid Islam. [Source]


Kaushik Purkait, mob lynching,

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Moving on to more important things than Modi’s “degrees”. But a copy of my two recent emails for the public record

I’ll wait now till conclusive proof emerges re: Modi’s MA degree and his topping the university. These two remain highly questionable claims, based on evidence provided to date and the history of Modi’s lying through his nose throughout his life.

But there are more important things than Modi’s sordid character. But before moving on to more important things, two emails I recently sent out – for the public record.



Subject: No prize for guessing who said this: “University में मैं पहला आ गया!”

A degree is not required for becoming a political leader (nor should it be).

However, there is a serious and more basic issue involved with Modi’s degrees.

1) He has provided what appears to be a fake Master’s degree to the whole world:

His Master’s degree is in a fake discipline: “entire” political science. There is no such course offered by Gujarat University:

There are nearly ten reasons to question the authenticity of Modi’s “master’s degree”.

2) But he has also claimed “University में मैं पहला आ गया!” : but never provided any proof. Remember, his BA degree was in third class (assuming that degree is genuine).

Modi should prove that he actually topped the university in this fake discipline.

All my proofs of topping the university in BSc are public for many years: What is taking him so long?

Modi has brazenly lied at every step of his life. E.g.

He can easily top any university of the world in one thing: lies. Master of the Art of Lying.


It appears that some readers, including senior reader Col. UB Singh, have not bothered to check for themselves what I’m saying. I’m saying that Modi had himself claimed to be a university topper. At least spend a minute to view his own claims:

I have no doubt that he could have been a topper – despite the colossal ignorance he often displays in his speeches. I’ve also got no doubt that he could have an MA in political science. This issue has been created by Modi himself. I understand tens of RTI requests have been lodged on this matter across India. It was a trivial exercise for him to publish his degrees.

Finally, after AAP chased him down, he has published poor quality black and white photocopies, including one photocopy of a duplicate degree. The duplicate degree in particular is extremely suspicious. I’ve compared it with genuine degrees from the Gujarat University and found it to be extremely dodgy. No date of issue, fonts and placement entirely different; and the word “entire” before political science. I’ve asked anyone in India who has similar degree to provide me with a scan.

I think this is a storm in a tea cup that is distracting from key failures of Modi. However, it is a matter of his character and integrity. He should prove that he topped the university. That we have a PM who claims to be a topper but then produces a photocopied duplicate degree that doesn’t match any other degrees, is a very poor show.

Anyway, I’m going to get on with the job of identifying the reforms that India needs. Modi has failed India comprehensively – as he was always going to.

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Request to all Gujarat University political science MA degree holders – Please scan and send me your degree.

I’m not convinced at all about the authenticity of Modi’s “master’s degree”.

One way out is to compare with similar degrees in political science, issued from around 1980 to 2015.

If you have such a degree, please be good enough to scan and send it to me at

Modi has bought out virtually everyone in sight each time he is caught. Any claims of Gujarat University “authorities” are not believable, since they aren’t showing us the full original records. And Modi deliberately showed a photocopy of a duplicate “degree”. These are bogus liars, and the only way to check authenticity is to compare with real degrees.

Please note: I’ll publish the scanned copy that you send me. This is not a private investigation. It is an investigation into the integrity of the man who is India’s senior most political leader today.



I’m periodically going to search the internet on this issue. This is simply a data dump:


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Were computers available in India in 1976? YES. (Clarifying people’s comments re: computerised Delhi university marks sheets)

I’ve not seen (nor do I care to see) the alleged marksheets of Modi (since BJP did not release them – these are just floating around on the internet – not authenticated).

However, a key point I notice is that people are arguing that there were no computers in 1978 hence the alleged marksheets are fake. [How did Modi get ‘computer typed mark sheet’ in 1978: AAP].

Well, I don’t know about Delhi University, but CBSE definitely HAD a computer (with printer) in 1976.

I’ve scanned and uploaded my 1976 AIHSc certificate and marks sheet below (will also link it here).



There are extremely significant problems with Modi’s alleged “master’s degree”, as I’ve pointed out. But there is no way to prove or disprove a particular Delhi marks sheet only on the ground that it used a computer printer in 1978. That was quite feasible.


I think with the following article, I’m now willing to conclude – as per my initial opinion – that the DU degree is genuine.

‘I too have printed marksheet from DU like PM Modi’.

The only issue in my mind is re: the Gujarat University degree.

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Fake “libertarians” like Suhas S Nerurkar, General Secretary of Navbharat Party – who actively support criminals and crony capitalists

I’m placing this extract from a FB conversation on the internet for the public record.





























































Source: FB




Suhas – it is the support of “liberals” like you for socialists who are the greatest supporters of crony capitalists like Adani and Ambani that is responsible for India’s TOTAL failure as a country.

If you are unwilling to fight for liberty, please don’t every DARE call yourself liberal. You are a hardcore socialist and supporter of crime, and let that be widely known.




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