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If you keep singing songs and chanting slogans you will FAIL, India. Start using your head.

A comment received on my FB page:

I am not asking of a smartphone or a laptop or an LCD/LED monitor! I am asking why in my modernized India which we all consider to be a top ranker in the IT industry (Well that what Modi Ji and PMs before him have been telling the world), can a Rs.300.00 worth USB Wi Fi connector not be made in India and a run of the mill Chinese make like TENDA or ENTER be allowed for import in volumes worth millions of U S Dollars for home consumption?

I am only talking of a tiny gadget of the equivalent size of a SSD Micro Memory card holder which unfortunately is also imported in cheap unreliable versions from the R O C, the same way a DVD blank gets imported.

We keep importing goods that we can make here and stop the outflow of precious foreign exchange and improve upon our negative balance of trade and negative balance of payment with that nation that stations its army on the border of our state of Arunachal Pradesh and makes incursions every now and then tu bully and browbeat our army! A country that openly aids our sworn enemy Pakistan with finance, arms and votes against us in the U N O!

The state of our home industry has become so deplorable that our once thriving manufacturers of molded polymer luggage like Blow Plast Limited and Piramal Brothers have closed facilities at home to import Skybags from China!

When shall we recall the message of Mahatma Gandhi asking our forefathers to boycott the import of British textiles and adopt home grown Khadi? We were slaves of the Great Britain then! We have been free for 70 years from the British Raj. Why are we becoming economically dependent to China that wants to kill our industry and annex our territory at Arunachal Pardesh in the same manner that it had annexed Tibet in 1962?


It is the most ridiculous nonsense to try to be self-reliant. The ONLY way to prosperity is through free trade.

Gandhi had a political message – his economics knowledge was zero (rather, negative).

The problem with India is socialism and its ridiculous policies that have destroyed the country from its deepest innards.

Trying to impose Gandhi on top of socialism will kill India. Gandhi is largely irrelevant for India’s future – assuming India wants a future.


Btw, you may benefit from reading my short comment here:https://www.facebook.com/sabhlok/posts/10154414141813767

I say so, since understanding economics and good governance is hard, but talking about Gandhi and other emotional things is easy. Indians always avoid hard work. Success in this world only goes to those who use their head. Please use your head.

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The head racketeer: “Swami” Nithyananda – usually found cheating people on the outskirts of Bangalore

Well, whose lying “followers” are the ones who duped RM? (see my previous blog post)

Turns out they follow one “Swami” Nithyananda.

His website: http://www.nithyananda.org/keywords/3rd-eye-reading#gsc.tab=0

His “demonstration” of “third eye”:

I’ve also downloaded this fakester’s video, since he may well delete it.

I ask him to get a million dollars from Randi and 5 lakh rupees from Nayak before cheating the people of India any further.


It turns out (that’s a separate issue) that the man has had a major skirmish with the police: “Sex with me a divine act, Swami Nithyananda told devotee” also here, here, here). Also video below.

I have no time to go into details, but the man has had numerous police issues in his life: India police quiz guru Nithyananda over assault claims, etc.

Apparently “medical tests” exonerated this man from rape charges. So I won’t go there – let the matter rest – no time to comment.

But this is clear: there is no smoke without fire. Almost all “swamis” of India are fundamentally crooked.

This is the kind of man RM thinks is honestly capable of “third eye” vision!

Either RM is a dupe or himself a scamster.

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Hindutva clown Rajiv Malhotra touting a “third eye” SCAM. The clown allegedly studied science in St. Stephens.

I chanced upon this video that was shared on FB:


The video is 95MB. I’ve made a copy on my computer, and have uploaded on my server here, in case Rajiv Malhotra deletes it (which I suspect he’ll try, sooner or later).

The video shows things that are absurd. Impossible. 

Apart from the implausibility of the claims made in the video, the joke is that the children whose “third eye” has allegedly been “opened” remain as ignorant as ever before. There is NO KNOWN CASE of any Indian Nobelist with “third eye”. The “third eye” doesn’t give these children any knowledge. How can one believe such utter tripe!

Plus the “swami” sitting next to RM claims in the video that a lot of “research” is taking place on this issue already! What, why not first get 1 million dollars from Randi!?

The other day I had exposed racketeer Sri Sri Ravishankar for DIRECT FRAUD on the people. [You’ll note that the racketeer has forced the deletion of the video in which he is shown committing fraud. – btw, I do have a copy of the video which he forced youtube to delete.]

We know that “Satya” Sai Baba was a total fraud (e.g. see this and this).

We know that Deeepak Chopra is a total fraud (e.g. see this).

And we know that “Swami” Ramdev is a black marketeer – who supports the corrupt and criminal even as he publicly claims that the corrupt should be “hanged”.

There are just too many of such “swamis”. Hinduism is littered with lies and frauds.

Anyway, I was sure that someone would have studied this matter and exposed it as a FRAUD.

James Randi has offered a MILLION dollars for the past many decades and NO ONE has ever been able to claim that prize, since all claims of paranormal powers are fraudulent.

In this case, it turns out that Dr Narendra Nayak has exposed such rackets and offered an award of Rs.5 lakhs to anyone who can prove a “third eye” under controlled conditions. The video below is self-explanatory.

It is a shame that clowns like Rajiv Malhotra allegedly “studied” science in places like St. Stephens. Clearly he never learnt the BASICS of science. He mugged up like a parrot and passed his exams. Never learnt one bit of science.

JOKER Malhotra – first go to Randi and Nayak and get your million dollars and Rs.5 lakhs. THEN try to persuade people like me.

If he doesn’t do that immediately (i.e. get Randi’s 1 million and Nayak’s 5 lakhs), then he is himself a scamster. 

Detailed report on the debunking: http://nirmukta.com/2015/06/01/midbrain-activation-a-scam/

Further report of a magician testing an alleged “third eye” child: A Magician’s Perspective on the Mid-Brain / Third-Eye Activation Scam

Further: Gullible Press Falls for Blindfold Trick Again

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All schools must teach two basic truths: 1) There is NO race; 2) ALL religions are false

I’ve written a lot against the nonsensical idea of “race”. It is time to reaffirm that we are ALL humans, one species.  We are all brothers and sisters.

Indeed, if you are not colour blind, then you are blind. Anyone who speaks the language of “white” and “black” is blind.

Two basic truths need to be drilled into EVERYONE’S HEAD as part of education:

  1. There is NO race.
  2. ALL religions are false.

That will eliminate 99 per cent of murderous killings of one “group” by another “group” – a process in which entirely innocent people are wiped out from the face of the planet.

In any event, these are collectivist ideas and therefore fundamentally false and dangerous.



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“Black Lives Matter” is an ultra-racist group, like KKK, and its existence must be challenged

In a day and age when everyone should know that the idea of race is the purest form of nonsense, it is grossly incorrect for an organisation to distinguish between humans on the basis of the colour of their skin.

I’ve written extensively about the idea of “race” being an utterly stupid idea, e.g. here. It is clear that “Black Lives Matter” is an ultra-racist organisation, just like KKK. Both use skin colour to distinguish between humans. Only dunces do that.

We must condemn all kinds of race distinctions between our SINGLE human species. The key is that freedom and accountability must prevail for all humans.

Black Lives Matter is ‘inherently racist’ says Rudy Giuliani who suggests black parents ‘teach your children to be respectful to the police’.

See my comment on FB here: https://www.facebook.com/sabhlok/posts/10154303836473767

I disapprove of the words “black” or “white” since these words display deep ignorance about the fundamental biological unity of the human species. However, I notice that the point that I made yesterday on my blog has also been made by others, that the BLM movement is racist (and misdirected).

Btw, there is very strong evidence that minimum wage laws have destroyed opportunities for many young “black” people. If the US wants to ensure equal opportunity for all its citizens, it must abolish the minimum wage – and affirmative action. Let people be treated absolutely equally under the law, and let everyone work his/her way through to success.

“There’s too much violence in the black community,” he said. “A black will die 1% or less at the hands of the police and 99% of the hands of a civilian, most often another black.”

“When you say black lives matter, that’s inherently racist,” he later added. “Black lives matter. White lives matter. Asian lives matter. Hispanic lives matter. That’s anti-American and it’s racist.”

NOTE: I’m not justifying ANY police killing of innocents, and have clearly suggested ways out of that problem on my blog. The first test is that anyone who thinks they are “white” or “black” should be excluded from the police force. Only those who think of themselves purely as **humans** should be recruited.

Black Lives Matter Founder Is On FBI’s Most Wanted List

Black El Paso Police Chief: BLM Is A ‘Radical Hate Group’

FURTHER, my comment on FB: https://www.facebook.com/sabhlok/posts/10154303913308767


“on the most extreme use of force – officer-involved shootings – we are unable to detect any racial differences in either the raw data or when accounting for controls”

A further comment I made on the above FB post:

I came across an article in which one of the leaders of the police in the USA (and this leader is “black”, if you wish), believes Obama has inflamed the situation over the years, instead of taking an approach based on the rule of law.

This is political madness from the extreme left, and the Democrats are using it to gain back their constituency. I understand that 95 per cent of the “blacks” voted for Obama last time, but that nearly 25 per cent of them will vote for Trump this time. So the Democrats are actively supporting this radical, violent and extremist group.


Minimum wages are a MAJOR cause of “black” poverty in the USA.
When employers are forced to increase wages for unskilled persons, they may start profiling people racially, with the “blacks” being the first to get knocked out of a job.

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