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Pope, if capitalism is bad, WHY are so many people desperate to get into the USA? Just shut up, dope.

Pope, when you understand this basic contradiction in your view, you should start talking again. Till then just SHUT up, dope.

If US-style capitalism is the scourge of the earth, according to the Pope, how does he explain the steady influx of immigrants from the rest of the world that he rightly encourages us to accept? If our system is so terrible, especially for the poor, why do the world’s poor keep trying to come here, and to such an extent that the Pope feels it necessary to discuss the issue in front of Congress? Are the world’s poor just misinformed? Are they so inclined to evil that they will risk their lives to relocate to such a horrible place? What gives? [Steve Horwitz]


The Pope should watch the video below and try to understand the basic points Friedman is making. It is capitalism that attracts immigrants, but it is SOCIALISM (the welfare state) that makes residents repel the immigrants.

Abolish pensions and welfare (keep the rock bottom social minimum so none starves) and watch the whole of the USA (and Europe) get behind immigration.

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An ayurvedic doctor says ayurveda is a crime against humanity and is KILLING THE POOR. Wake up!!

Dr Pawan Kumar Aryan has raised an important point today in a comment.

Due to reservation in admission to MBBS courses and high capitation fee for medical education in private medical shops/institutes, I decided to study ayurveda.

After finishing five-year course from a government ayurveda College, I found myself nowhere in the medical field. I wrote several complaints and letters regarding no effect or toxic effect of Vedic medicine to Central drug laboratory Calcutta and also to Central and State governments. None of my RTI application got response.

However the ayurveda medicines are covered under drug and cosmetic act, but there is a clause regarding preparation of either with a medicine and as per the legislative pronouncement regarding efficacy or toxic effect of ayurveda medicine their is no specific provision for the authorities to regulate.

Taking advantage of the above mentioned legislative infirmity dons of black market like Baba Ram Dev etc are fattening upon the concept that ayurveda medicines are holy cow.

For rich of India or even of US and other Western countries ayurveda is a luxury vocation with a lot of pomp and show. But for the poor suffering from deadly infections, infestations, vector diseases and several other communicable noncommunicable diseases which can be managed, mitigated, cured and treated using modern medicine, ayurveda is a liability costing them their lives.

I have found in my practice that not even a single drug of ayurveda is effective as per its claim. Placebo effect and Hinduistic religious hype is the sole basis of crime against humanity in the garb of ayurveda.

Sanjeev has raised very scientific and serious questions about ayurveda, but no one responded to the issues raised.

I think this is as strong a comment as one can get. Already I’ve commented on a massive demolition of ayurveda by two ayurvedic doctors. This is now a third such doctor making direct and strong comments.

And we have the Modi establishment determined to impose ENTIRELY UNPROVEN remedies on hundreds of millions of people.

I have no sympathy for rabid Hindutvas who may die as a result of consuming ayurvedic poison. My concern is regarding the innocent poor.

But which party (Congress/BJP) EVER cared for the poor?

Expect purveyors of snake oil (and poison) to flourish even as millions of Indians die like flies.

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The “alternative medicine” SCAM. USA spent $5 billion to find out that these are all bogus!

Reason has shared this.

If you care for yourself and your family members, watch this. It could not just save you a lot of money, but your life.

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Anti-free speech Rajiv Malhotra makes a song and dance about The Hindu not publishing his tripe

Came across this by the arrogant, illiberal, plagiarist and ill-informed Hindutva brat who celebrated when Doniger’s book was pulped.

He has “dharmic values, ethics, honesty”! My foot!!

Amazing how these haters of liberty and integrity get any sleep at night. Their whole life is about trying to “prove” their wrong ideas right – by subterfuge, imposition, coercion.

What stops Malhotra from using a blog to post his rebuttal (if any)? There are NO rights to publication in someone’s privately owned newspaper.


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