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Jain COERCION in Palitana being justified by some Indians – a most astonishing state of affairs

Continuing with my comments here, let me post this conversation from FB.


Vishal Singh’s comment: Bizzare. How do people live in Gujarat?

The Jain Taliban? – the shameful use of STATE POWER by Jain monks to stop meat-eating in Palitana.

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Sudhir Guptasudhir WHAT IR WRONG

Sanjeev Sabhlok FORCE is wrong. Forcing other with the power of the GUN.

Adarsh Chandrakar If force is applied to do good than its not wrong…  If killing humans is crime so killing animals for the pleasure of tongue for few minutes shall also be a crime. If humans are sentenced to death or imprisoned to life for killing fellow humans than such punishments and rehabilition center shall be created for humans that they don't have right even to kill any animal for their pleasure or fun…  Humans have choice so the choice of destruction is a crime. Moreover producing non-veg food is also bad for world economy as it requires 10 times more water and food grains in which multiple person's food requirement can be fulfilled… 

Adarsh Chandrakar Here are few info regarding non-veg food production: ,…/meat-wastes-natural-resources/ , ,…/vegetarian…/environment/ . It lists so much of ill effects to environment and society due to the meat production for human eating and than also we don't want to accept it as crime. When Corporations play around with the environment for their hunger of money than we start crying fowl play, similarly this is another fowl play where Corporations are heavily involved and individuals are also supporting it just for the pleasure for few minutes while eating and creating their bowels graveyard… 

Adarsh Chandrakar People are free to follow any religion but that doesn't mean that they have got rights to destroy environment because stalwarts of their religion recommends them to do something wrong. Now its the high time when start talking about every aspect of how any action leads towards individual and collective progress…  We are required to be more civilized, rationalized and progressive in our thoughts and most we are required to understand our responsibility too while living on earth…

Sanjeev Sabhlok It is beyond ridiculous to suggest that non-vegetarianism is bad for the environment. Kindly read some BASIC SCIENCE.

Adarsh Chandrakar Sanjeev I know actual knowledge is always ridiculous to you…  Whatever the link I've shared in previous comments are scientific in nature. Please go through all of them as those are result of scientific research only… 

Vishal Kumar Singh This is reason I say India is beyond repair. Get out of India as quickly one can. The whole world eats non veg but Jain's want to force their world view on others. Exit from India. This is going to get worse.

Adarsh Chandrakar A few example for you how environment are getting disturbed. Humans are killing tons of sea species everyday for their food which is disturbing the ecology of the sea and just not that there are some species which have either extinct or about to extinc…See More

Adarsh Chandrakar Every species on earth have a role to play in establishing balance and neglecting their importance is the most silly act humans have been doing for limited material pleasure… 

Adarsh Chandrakar Vishal you got the point…  Indians have always realized first about the true knowledge of self consciousness and have been teacher to entire world since ages so nothing is surprising….  Today entire world talks about the benefits of Yoga has been systematized in India. Spiritual Philosophy of inner consciousness and infinite nature and formlessness of GOD is evolved in India. Some of the aspects of being One Supreme Consciousness for the universe and Formlessness has been adapted in Islam. Christianity has learned about the service to humanity is also a lesson from Indian Yogic philosophy. Jews don't even know that Star of David they use as the symbol of worship is actually a Tantrik Symbol first given by Lord Shiva called Bhairavi Chakra and was reused with some modifications by Lord Krishna. So for me its not surprising if world is going to learn the lessons of humanity to be guided and initiated by India. FYI.. In western countries people are learning these facts and everyday hundreds and thousands are converting into Vegan as they have started feeling the plights of animals pain… 

Adarsh Chandrakar Sanjeevji, Few more scientific facts for you. When humans evolved they used to live on forest fruits only. Much Later on they also learnt about agriculture to produce vegetarian food. It was the ice age and lack of food in which some humans started eating non-vegetarian food and later-on couldn't leave its habit… So please learn about these few facts also. There were some human community during the ice age also survived on eating other human flesh from other tribes that doesn't means eating human flesh were adapted and accepted as norm of freedom & choice…  So please grow up as knowledge has evolved a lot and very easy to prove by human anatomy facts that even human body is not conducive to eating non-veg food as per its internal design…  Presenting these type of half knowledge can only satisfy your ego but doesn't change the true facts and laws on nature… 

Yashodhan Deshpande Bringing in the environment and pros and cons of veg v/s non veg is not the point here. It is about freedom , what I do in my private life , what I eat , drink should be none of governments business. Especially when it gets tied to religion then government should stay far away from it. How would you like if some city was formed that said it is mandatory to consume a glass of milk every day, and if I choose to be a vegan is that ok ? Forcing to do something or not to do something is equally bad and nothing short of dictatorship. Do you think having one such city is going to save the environment. People who choose to be vegetarian are free to do so and same is true if people choose to eat meat. Convincing someone with moral or environmental reasons is fine but forcing is not good,

Vishal Kumar Singh Yashodhan Deshpande Freedom and liberty are words which have no meaning for Indians.
Yaha pe jiski lathi uski bhais.
Here everyone is a dictator.

Sanjeev Sabhlok Indeed, this is about BASIC freedom. The ban is unconstitutional. We are becoming a bararic nation of GOONDAS. A tyranny. This time there are JAIN goondas trying to push their idea by force on others. There is no question that debates and persuasion should continue. But to use the state's GUN POWER to force one's ideas is barbaric and entirely UN-INDIAN.

I denounce everyone involved in destroying liberty in India.

Adarsh Chandrakar Why we are just talking about Human Freedom and not Animal's freedom to freely live their life? Why when humans kill animals are not termed as barbaric? Why humans are getting involved in artificially producing animals and then killing them for the pleasure of their tongue? Every life on the earth have their right to live than who are humans to decide that who shall have freedom and whom shall not? Guys when we are talking about rationality and civilization than lets be fair rather than be biased for your personal benefits… 

Adarsh Chandrakar Humans are the only one who are interfering the freedom of life of every other entity on this planet and when someone tries to plead not to disturb other life than they talk about I've a choice and free will, hence by force is the only solution for such people as everyone can't be a mute spectator for the atrocities fellow humans are doing…  Just for example if Lions and Tigers will leave jungle and enter your homes to exercise their freedom than what will humans do, won't they kill them? So humans also don't have rights to enter the territory of other animals and kill them. This is rationality and please don't talk about Freedom if you want to act Barbaric as you yourself don't want to value others freedom… 

Yashodhan Deshpande Again the point is lost , killing animals for food is not good ok , so milking a cow is good !!! and it is natural. Growing plants with hormones is good !!! Cutting down forests and building agricultural land is good !!! Sucking the natural resources for fuel is good !!! Where does it stop ? If you are an advocate of vegetarianism its fine convince people to do so. There will always be conflicts of thoughts regarding human civilization. In an idealistic world we should have been still cavemen living in harmony with nature and yes in that case the Lion would have full right to come in my cave and kill me for food. Unfortunately human beings are not animals, and for good or for bad have evolved and created many artificial things around them. So don't mix philosophy and morality in the discussion as it will lead nowhere but taking our race back to the cavemen, which is not going to happen my friend. Here we are focusing on the human society as of today , the social structure that we have built , the meaning of democracy, the positive sides of it as compared to dictatorship or religious fanaticism. we are talking about saving the roots of democracy and stopping the dictatorial tendencies under the hood of religion which is ruining so many countries.

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The Jain Taliban? – the shameful use of STATE POWER by Jain monks to stop meat-eating in Palitana.

We know how India was a major meat eater in the past. Beef was a highly respected meat. There is one hundred per cent clear evidence of the fact that Indians ate not just meat, but beef. Arthashastra is very clear on that. That was 2500 years ago.

Then came the Jains in around that period. They started preaching vegetarianism. This went on for hundreds of years. Over time, they managed to scare the Indians (Hindus) off beef. At one time Indians used to eat ALL kinds of meat – all kinds of animals and birds. Then it got restricted to a few.

Now, I gather that Jain monks have succeeded in making Palitana a vegetarian municipality.

This is atrocious.

Fortunately, this is being challenged in the court.

I can't think of a more violent imposition of their views on others by a 'so-called' peaceful' religion. These people are the surely the new Taliban. First they distorted Hinduism, itself. Now they wish to impose make India vegetarian!

Totally unacceptable.

I have many Jain friends. I hope they will speak out against this monstrous imposition of private religious beliefs on others by some Jain monks. I have no sympathy with them. If they wish to go on hunger strike and fast to death, let them. They CAN'T force their views on the rest of society like this. Persuade. DONT' use state force.

And be a vegetarian, by all means. But do not impose your will on others – THROUGH THE USE OF FORCE.

Source of the newsreport below.

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Jharu photos of Modi. When I next visit India, I’ll report on India’s “sparkling” streets.

I'm swamped by the sight and stench of GARBAGE when I reach India. A most unpleasant experience.

Now that Modi has started personally sweeping the streets fo India, I hope they'd have become cleaner by the time I next visit India. I'll MAKE SURE that any garbage that I see is photographed and published on this blog. I hope there will be none. But you never know.

My problem (as you all know) with this jharu campaign is NOT with the idea of a clean India, or even the jharu sybolism. I can often be found outside my house on the weekends, sweeping clean the sidewalk. And, of course, one washes dishes, cleans one's own home, and cleans the toilets. That's normal life in the West. So the idea of manual labour is NOT what I'm objecting to. I respect that.

I'm objecting to the underlying failure of public policy. The SYSTEM CHANGE that is necessary for India to become really clean has not been undertaken by Modi. That's my problem.


Anyway, here are some photos of Modi sweeping India with a jharu – for the record. 


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Kalpesh Sharma’s message to Modi: Why are you giving MASSIVE public funding to RSS? (You are an RSS pracharak, basically)

Received in my inbox. Although a tad poorly drafted and excessively long, I'm posting it here (yellow highlights mine) for it DOES raise a very pertinent question. I thoroughly CONDEMN Modi's government for promoting RSS through official media. This is a purely Hitlerian strategy. Let him know that in India such a thing will severely backfire. India doesn't trust extremists of any sort.


Subject 1: Door Darshan of Mr. Bhagwat: A Clear Misuse of National Resources by Mr. Modi's Government.

Subject 2: What is a Ruler's Identity: Mr. Narendra Modi OF RSS OR Prime Minister OF INDIAN CITIZENS?

Hello National Citizens,
This time I am writing a long article for all the people in my mailing list labelled "Important Mails for Important People". This topic was very important awareness message for citizens of nation and thus I am using easy to understand language for everyone to understand the matter with clarity. It's long but will though NOT take more then 5 minutes and request you to read till end, because this is a direct, strong and strict message to The Honorable Prime Minister of India as well as to the individual named Mr. Narendra Modi.
Before I begin, I want to request to translate in local languages and keep forwarding this email to all your friends, relatives, nearest NGO's, social workers, etc. and also ask them to re-forward this to as many as possible. This is something about our hard earned money. This is something related to national economy and this is something related to future of citizens of the nation. This is something related to national interest. We have to together WITH UNITY help ourselves, no GOD is going to come and help you, until you don't take actions at your own. Make it viral to every place you can, so that every Citizen of India can awake and fights for the nation, and so that the citizens do NOT get fooled or feel cheated, BY ANY POLITICIAN OF NATION. They should be aware that someone in the country gave alert and warned them to take care of the things, regardless of whether they took that ALERT, SERIOUSLY OR NOT.
My Research & Analysis: As an expert what I feel and understand, genuinely and honestly: Mr. Bhagwat is using the national resources for their personal benefit to grow their organization in various parts of nation. It's being done with an intention TO GROW THE MEMBER BASE OF THOSE ORGANIZATIONS, BEFORE NEXT LS POLLS, WHO DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY ARE CONNECTED TO BJP. And very clearly in easy to understand language without playing game of words, I would say Mr. Modi is indirectly on the name of NATIONAL INTEREST trying to help these organizations by endorsing the speech of Mr. Bhagwat. This is something like expansion of his BRAND NAME for preparation of NEXT LS POLLS right from now, so that by that time this userbase will become large, help them to achieve win again. Niether the Government of India, NOR the RULER(i.e. Mr. Modi and BJP) of Government of India have been given the powers by 125 crore citizens of nation, to misuse the national resources for their dear one's  and near one's.
Now let me tell something about the person who is an employee of Door Darshan, who is responsible to allow this misuse. Firstly, who asked him to allow this? Secondly, who gave him powers or rights under his position, to allow a private organization's promotion, expansion and so on? Thirdly, I want to ask this question to Door Darshan Officials from bottom to top that being an ordinary citizen of this nation, suppose if I am NOT happy from the work of the Government or from the Ruler of the Government(i.e. Mr. Modi and BJP) and if I request you to allow an ORDINARY CITIZEN OF NATION TO SPEAK TO 125 Crore Citizens of Nation, so that I can explain the problems that I have with the government or the way Mr. Modi and his supporters are operating or directly speaking I have complaints about Mr. Modi or if I want to deliver about any kind of wrong goings in the nation; in such cases will these Door Darshan Officials allow me to convey my message to the 125 crore citizens of the nation? I have many complaints and negative/positive messages about the way the Prime Minister of India is working. Being the citizen of nation, it's my duty as well as duty of these Door Darshan Employees to spread the message and make the other 125 crore citizens aware and awake them, for something wrong going on in the nation. If your answer is YES, then give me appointment, date and time to proceed ahead. If your answer is NO, then how dare you misuse and abuse the powers by telecasting something which is NOT related to PUBLIC IN GENERAL and how dare you misuse our resources i.e. public resources. Because if a citizen says something against his ruler is also national interest, and if a citizen says something in favour of his ruler is also national interestIn short, if Door Darshan Employees allowed Mr. Bhagwat under certain reasons, then why can't the Door Darshan Employees allow an ordinary citizen of nation as well?
Kind Attn: Mr. Modi (NOT TO MISUNDERSTAND This message is for Mr. Narendra Modi and NOT for The Prime Minister of India).
Mr. Modi, you said on Radio yesterday, that if something that touches your soul, you would respect that message and spread that message to the nation and am sure you mean you will implement on it. Right? Did the content of this message which is honestly and genuinely prepared by me touch your soul? Because I am NOT a politician, rather a common ordinary citizen of India, who dare to challenge his Nation's Prime Minister DIRECTLY. Do you agree that a citizen of india has the rights to inform, and alert his country's prime minister, if he/she feels that his nation's prime minister's action is somewhere wrong OR if his beauracrats are taking wrong actions? Let this citizen of nation(i.e. me) clarify, that by repeating our names 10 times through out the day, does NOT mean that you are the OWNER OF INDIA. The Prime Minister or President or Chief Minister may be a RULER OF NATION OR STATE, NOT THE OWNER OF NATION OR STATE. By becoming elected by the citizens of nation, any citizen who gets the Honour to hold the position as a Prime Minister of Nation, does NOT get the rights/powers to use funds and/or national resources, whose owner are the 125 crore citizens. Alternatively, if you use your powers which our constitution has given to the Prime Minister of India, for some specific purpose, then also you cannot use it for selected people only, you need to use it for the entire nation in general. Did you NOT learn this from your experience in last 15 years as a Chief Minister of Gujarat? You repeatedly address the nation, "Desh Ko Badalna Hai". But when would you replace your thoughts and way of thinking. When you were RSS member, at that time what thoughts and way of thinking you carried in your brain, may be right at that time because you were holding a position in that organization and it was your responsibility to obey the rules of the organization, being a member it was your duty. I understand that. But now the position that you are holding, you will first have to replace your thought process and way of thinking, then address the nation and ask the citizens of nations to replace the country. Right? In short, I am giving these examples to you to explain you the difference, don't take it on mind or heart. I know it may be paining you, because today what I am writing is very bitter. But at the same time it's also truth. If I was the Prime Minister instead of you, and if you had written me this letter; I would have rewarded you for saying the truth, for courage to write these things to the highest authority. And those who do my chamchagiri, I would have fired them from the jobs. In desi language, this is called "I am an Oolti Khopdi Ka Insaan". Because I like to do unique and exclusive tasks. Otherwise what's the difference if same things continue in your period also, which used to happen during the period when other party used to rule?
When Door Darshan Officials use their powers connected to their respective positions, does NOT give them rights to telecast the messages of their nearest or dearest one's. If Mr. Bhagwat is so keen to spread RSS through out nation as he said in his speech, there is nothing wrong; BUT THEN ask him to do it with his own money or by selling all his property, NOT with our money i.e. PUBLIC FUNDS. I know this is very BITTER for you, Right? And I also know that as soon as this message reaches the inbox of several BJP, RSS, VHP and other organizations which are supporting you; they will reply with aggresiveness. I know that, but though I would NOT stop writing: "WHAT IS TRUTH". The private media agencies may or may NOT dare because of fear or for several other their personal reasons, but I do dare with courage to say what I think is CORRECT. I have no fear from you or your so called aggresive supporters, who create environment and circumstances for your PRE-PLANNED promotional shows, by shouting modi-modi. Right? Though you are holding the position of the PRIME MINISTER OF INDIA, you have no rights or powers to use the national resources for any such reasons. NOT EVEN IF I SAY, INCASE I WAS YOUR SON.
You must be thinking why I am writing all this. Right? Answer: So that an ordinary citizen of nation CAN TRAIN the prime minister of his nation about, "What is Right and What is Wrong". Do you understand that? If you TRUELY UNDERSTAND, then kindly please teach this to your beauracrats as well. Just don't be depended on whatever they say, as your final decision. We 125 crore people of Republic of India are responsible for you to hold the title of Prime Minister of India and NOT just because of your beauracrats and nearers and dearers. So, stop being LOYAL JUST TO SELECTED PEOPLE OF NATION. This is a STRICT AND STRONG MESSAGE OF AN ORDINARY CITIZEN OF THE NATION WHICH YOU RULE.
Conclusion of this mail for the 125 crore citizens of nation: Does the Prime Minister of India know the duty, functions and resposibilities that falls under the position titled: PRIME MINISTER OF INDIA. If YES, then why this is happening what I explained above and about which lot of debate is going on almost all news channels, public, political community. If NO, then have we 125 crore citizens did a mistake by unnecessarily getting attracted towards the sweet words of Mr. Narendra Modi and gave opportunity to a wrong person to head this position? The most important thing here is Why ONLY shall we target Mr. Narendra Modi, even other politicians do the same when they head such senior positions. The point is NOT to target alone Mr. Modi, the conclusion of this mail is to rather create a change in our lives, our thought process, our decision making process during elections, our identification process during elections, etc. Why should we 125 crore citizens KEPT QUITE from 1947 till date when this happened 1000s and 1000s of times right in front of our eyes and still happening, though we had trusted and tried by giving an opportunity, to someone new this time, during LS Polls i.e. Mr. Modi. This message is very important for the citizens of nation to know and I hope every media personnel and citizen who receives this mail will try at their level the best to spread this awareness amongst the citizens across nation, without any sort of partiality or competition factor. Forget the competition factor for a while, forget the partiality factor for a while and just do what your soul says is correct. Simply without fear, follow the directions of Bhagwad Geeta with unity in minds: Jo Huva, Achcha Huva; Jo Ho Raha Hai, Achcha Ho Raha Hai; Jo Hoga, Woh Bhi Achcha Hi Hoga.
Copy of the below mail communication being forwarded for actions to all of the below:
Honorable Prime Minister of India.

Entire National Print and Electronic Media.

All Political Elements of All Political Parties of India.
All NGO's across the nation.
All Government Officials in my Network including Police Department Officials and all three wings of Indian Military Forces.
125 Crore Indian Citizens of Nation through Viral Mass Mailing Techniques & Methods…
Kalpesh Sharma
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More on Hitler’s socialist (collectivist) worldview

Despite his political overthrow of the German Marxists, Hitler was a committed socialist, not very different from Nehru, Arvind Kejriwal or Narendra Modi.

The key to the socialist worldview is a collectivist mindset that totally disregards private property and other rights of individuals.

Some people believe that Narendra Modi is different to Nehru or Arvind Kejriwal. He is not. He is PRECISELY in the same mould. In his case socialism includes the collectivism of the "Hindus".







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Che Guevara – a self-declared BLOOD THIRSTY mass murderer who “really liked killing”

I've been ignoring Che Guevara for long – a known MEGA criminal, but given the fraudulent remaking of his image by millions of people who should have known better, it is important to assert – and if necessary, repeat – the truth about him.

Watch this first, and watch with care! Che EXPLAINS HOW HE WAS THIRSTY FOR BLOOD AND HOW HE LIKED KILLING. A more vicious criminal can barely be imagined. On par with the worst that mankind has ever generated.

Sources for Stefan Molyneux's video:

Che Guevara: A Revolutionary Life by Jon Lee Anderson

Companero: The Life and Death of Che Guevara by Jorge G. Castaneda

The Motorcycle Diaries: Notes on a Latin American Journey by Ernesto Che Guevara

Exposing the Real Che Guevara: And the Useful Idiots Who Idolize Him by Humberto Fontova



Hey Urban Outfitters: Che Guevara Was a Murderer and Your Poster Is Not Cool

There's MUCH MORE but I think this should do. If you have any more links you wish to share, do so through the comments.

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