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The violence real Muslims MUST use against unbelievers – as prescribed by the vicious Quran

Just a reminder, for those who STILL (!) think that Quran is a “peaceful” book. It is Not!


1) Directive to Muslims: Put terror (fear/anxiety) in the hearts of Unbelievers

2) The vicious “Allah” will cast unbelievers into the Fire: and as people’s skin is roasted through, a fresh skin is provided and re-roasted

3) Make war on the infedels. Wage jihad in the way of Allah (disabled are exempt: this is all about holy war). Muster against them all the men and cavalry at your command.

4) Smite them on their necks and EVERY joint (including finger tips)

5) Slay the idolators wherever you find them

6) Fight the unbelievers till they give jiyzah and are humbled

7) Muslims must be ruthless to the unbelievers

For detailed verses see this.

The problem for the Muslims who claim that Quran is a religion of peace is that the Quran is available widely, free of cost – in multiple translations, today. You can’t hide your vicious manual of violence any more. It is out in the open. Sorry, but you can’t tell lies any more.

So, the solution for honest Muslims is to acknowledge that Islam IS AN EXTREMELY VIOLENT RELIGION, and to then tell the world how they are working to fix this problem (btw, I don’t think it can be possibly be fixed without leaving this vicious death cult called Islam).

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Violence and deception in Islam: data on the current jihadi environment, beyond the Quran

(This is a placeholder post. I will keep updating it, time permitting)

Before I start, let me reiterate ONCE AGAIN, that I have nothing against the vast majority of Muslims, who are deeply ignorant about Islam, hence peaceful (and, indeed, outstanding good citizens).

There is a sub-group among them, however, who keep justifying attacks on innocents by the terrorists. I’ll come to them separately.

This being a placeholder post, it is fairly disorganised, into a few related topics.

Please be clear: the West did NOT create the ISIS

A bunch of people (including lefties, e.g. Piketty) claim that the West is responsible for creating the ISIS.

This implies that the West has a suicidal streak. Else why would the West want to create organisations that attack its own citizens?

The US is founded on the principle of liberty. It has no territorial ambition, but focuses on self-defence – and self-interest; as it should. No one dare attack an American citizen and get away with it. It also has defence treaties with many Western nations – all in self-defence. In that process it has made mistakes. No one can doubt that the West has often botched up its actions in the Middle East.

But I don’t see any direct intent in the USA to have the country (USA) obliterated by Muslim terrorists. Unless such intent is proven, it is nonsense to suggest that the US has “created” the ISIS.

The point to remember, however, is that the Middle East is a hornet’s nest – that was NOT created by the West, but by Islam. This a balanced article outlines the key issues involved. That ISIS took advantage of the mess in the Middle East (who created Shaia/Sunni divide? The USA?) and poor military intervention by the US doesn’t make US the **creator** of ISIS. The intent of the USA was never to create monsters to destroy the West. If that was the intent, why create ISIS? America can just bomb America directly.

ISIS is a purely Islamic organisation that has grown fat on the mistakes of the US/West. It is Islamic ideology (and not an urge to impose freedom and democracy) that underpins ISIS and numerous other criminal organisations.

The situation in Muslim nations is so complex that the West is almost guaranteed to fail, no matter what it does. These conditions – created by Islam –  leave virtually no options for self-defence to the West that are sustainable.

[About Turkey, however, I’m not so sure (e.g. see this). Turkey must NOT be considered to be part of the West, given its long history as a violent Muslim nation.]

ISIS is nothing but an extension of Saudi Arabia

Everything evil about the Quran (and it is sheer evil, as can be readily seen here) is lived on a daily basis in Saudi Arabia, the hub-centre of Islam. Killing apostates, stoning “adulterers” (of course, some of these are not part of the Quran but part of Hadiths and Sura). Everything that Saudi Islam does is also done by Taliban, ISI, Al Qaeda, ISIS, and the lot – only difference is that these other organisations more scrupulously follow the expansionist dictates of the Quran.

Islam (as practiced in the HQ of Islam) is truly vicious: it makes claims that are (largely) enforced through violence. Then, if someone finds out the truth and wants to leave, it kills that man. Imagine Satan saying that you’ll be killed if you call him Satan, that’s what Mohammed’s work is like (particularly when Hadith/sira are included – as they must).

This, my friends, is the TRUE Islam. Be not deceived.



So, should the USA nuke Saudi Arabia?

Of course not! Nations operate on self-interest and balance of power. There is no obligation for the US as nation to kill Saudis. Self-interest MUST trump all other interests. But just because the USA adopts a least-costly policy in the Middle East doesn’t mean it is propping up any regime.

Islam is the underlying cause

Today the world is able to see through to the evil core of Islam. The facts scream out for attention. There is no escape.

Copious amounts of well-analysed information makes clear, without any iota of doubt, that the Quran is pure evil; pure murder of honest humans merely because they refuse to accept any God without proof – or have other questions. [See this post for 100 per cent clear evidence on this basic issue.]

The problems we are seeing throughout the Muslim world—jihadism, sectarian conflict, and all the attendant talk of Muslim “humiliation”—are almost entirely religious. And wherever rational grievances do exist, they are invariably viewed, and become magnified, through a religious lens. The truth is that a belief in specific religious doctrines is sufficient to produce all the violence, intolerance, and backwardness we see in the Muslim world. [Sam Harris, here]

It is absurd – in fact criminal – to suggest that the problems in the Middle East and Asian nations like Afghanistan and Pakistan are created by the US.

The mess in the Middle East is the consequence of the instructions embedded in the Quran and the Sunna.

What is really going on – succinctly explained by an ex-Muslim

The Muslim Cavalry and Infantry

The terrorist Islamic states are waging full-scale war against the West.

The suicide-bombers, suicide-hijackers, the terrorists, are their cavalry. The cavalry blows up aircraft, demolishes buildings, disrupts business and life, kills and maims thousands.

Then the embedded infantry takes over–the Muslims living out in the West, right around the blood-soaked battlefield. This infantry attacks with disinformation and changes the narrative of its cavalry’s carnage. This embedded Muslim infantry justifies the terrorist cavalry’s attacks saying it was a retaliation and that the West, the victim, itself, had to be blamed.

This infantry hijacks the conversation on Muslim terrorism, derails it, and starts a new thread playing victim and accusing the host societies of discrimination, intolerance and Islamophobia.

In the midst of all this confusion, this infantry succeeds in occupying more area and builds another House of Terror–a mosque, a community center, a madrassah. It is a well-devised war strategy of the Muslim world. [Source]

Those who justify ISIS and other jihadists, are practising taqiyya (deception) – to advance violent Islam

Those who say ISIS was created by USA merely end up offering rationalizations and excuses to the jihadists. (That’s precisely the point made by the ex-Muslim, above.) See also my post: A Muslim who claims that Islam is a religion of peace is either ignorant or practising deception (Taqiyaa).

There is no limit to the rationalisations these people offer.

I’ll post a few of these deceptive rationalisations, below.


General notes

Top ten reasons why Islam is NOT the religion of peace


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A Muslim who claims that Islam is a religion of peace is either ignorant or practising deception (Taqiyaa) #3

Further to my previous discussion, one more exchange:


hi sanjeev. thank you for your reply… now..what do we Muslims who are ‘intrinsically’ good do? Where do we go from here? Change religion? There are many good things in Islam I would not want to give up..and until Bush attacked Iraq..we had no sunni. shia divide. We kept our beliefs to ourselves..had peaceful lives..and lived in congeniality with all..the Muslim today is between a rock and a hard place. Don’t you think? Because however much we defend our Holy book, people like you will not believe and the daesh will go on their mudering spree.



I’m no one to advise.

My case is simple. The day I realised that Hinduism was evil (which I realised when I was around 12 or 13), I abandoned my parent’s religion. I consider the caste system to be the purest form of evil. But that’s only one of the many evil things in Hinduism.

I have only one life to live. I choose to live a life of total integrity. I believe we are free humans who must seek the truth, no matter how unpleasant the truth may be.

Better to know the truth and to deal with it, than support untruth. I think we humans are born good (show me one toddler who is evil) but our imaginations make us evil. I don’t like imagined “facts”, since they divide us and make (some of) us worse than the worst beasts.




Hi sanjeev. No religion is perfect. But you have to face is a guide. Moral and ethical. So sad that only the worst of religion is highlighted and displayed. Is atheism better? No. I think not. Most of the rag tag and bobtail are not sophisticated enough to be comfortable with atheism. It will be the freedom of the wild ass. Only highly intelligent people can be atheistic and be ethical and moral. Others will become barbaric. Then there is the spuritual side. It is a different nurtures the soul, eliminates loneliness. Depression. We humans need it..let the extremists go to their doom. They chose it. But I say let us cling onto our faith..even if it be a straw..I need the comfort I get from sajda. It makes me feel iam not alone. Bye for now. Hussaina

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The bigoted doofus Zakir Naik – and further proof that Quran’s “scientific facts” are PURE nonsense.

I came across Zakir Naik some time ago and commented about him here. In that post I focused on his bigotry (he is absolutely extremist in his views – a very dangerous demagogue).

But he is a clown, as well. A true circus joker.

I couldn’t help laughing throughout the two videos below. Joker personified.

Btw, this FURTHER proves (if any such proof was needed) that the Quran is purely MAN-MADE. God has NOTHING (not one zilch) to do with it.

Zakir Naik, the nut case, on evolution

Zakir Naik’s TOTAL idiocy exposed

But, of course, this is not the key point. The man doesn’t understand the BASICS of the scientific method and continuously mixes up things like “theory”, “law” and “principles”.

This man is a medical doctor! He MUST have cheated in all his exams. He would flunk the most basic 101 course in science. He also has the most shonky memory” for facts – a total clown, as you’ve seen in the second video, above.

The good thing: he is helping destroy Islam from within. Just like VHP and BJP are helping destroy Hinduism, and the Pope is helping destroy Christianity.

We don’t need these religious duffers to tell us about the facts of life.

Go away, fools!

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