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I’m NOT into education, I’m into political action. And if Indian liberals won’t come together, I’ll soon say goodbye.

For nearly 20 years I’ve been working on a SINGLE project: political liberty in India, supporting a national liberal party in India.

In mid-July 2005 I decided to switch off all further political work. See my note here. Things were not moving, the work of many years had been wasted. This work had made me seriously sick, physically.

I restarted my work in end-2007 largely to support the energy and commitment shown by Anil Sharma, who is seriously committed to liberal reforms in India. [A note about this here – see the second half of the page].

Now, in a recent FB post I wrote:

5) I’m clear that I’m working on political reforms for India only so long as the people of India want a better India. I’ll end all work the moment I get a sense it is a total waste of my time.

To which one of my FB friends commented thus:

Chakravarthy Nalamotu Sanjeev Sabhlok: For the most part your arguments are logical and rational. Sometimes I find certain inconsistencies in your logic, but I can live with it. My personal point of view on #5. People of India of course want a better India. Which idiot would intentionally want an under performing India? There are many competing philosophies and ideologies in the marketplace. People are unable to figure out which is the one that benefits them as well as the society more. Once my libertarian friend Sriram Karri said (I am paraphrasing), the only way to make a large body of people to commit evil deeds, is by convincing them that what they are doing is actually good. That is what you see in India today.

More than anything else, I feel, Indians need to be educated on the merits of a free society. I urge you to look at your endeavour as an ongoing education of a billion people. Everyday you are influencing and changing a few. Maybe someday there will be enough of us to bring about a change. None of what you are doing is a wasted effort.

MY RESPONSE – which I’m keeping here for the public record (it is very hard to find things on FB – that’s why) – so there are no surprises next year.

Chakravarthy Nalamotu – there are two aspects to this: (1) education of the general public and (2) the liberals working together to promote political liberty through a political party.

I’m actually not interested in (1). That, to me, is the job of the system. The political leadership builds the system and the system builds the education. Jefferson and co. created the US system and the system educates the people in the principles of liberty. Lenin built the system of communism and that’s what the system educated everyone about. Nehru built the system of socialism in India and everyone (including BJP, which is a godchild of Nehru) teach accordingly. Mohammed created a system of violence and that’s what the system teaches.

The idea that educating people starts from the “bottom up” is very partially true. The key is political power. Through political power one can build the system – and systems are all-powerful. They can last for thousands of years.

I’m going for the head. I want to kill socialism’s head by destroying all references to it in the Indian system – constitution, ROP act, etc. etc. etc.

I believe liberals are wasting their time in education. They are TOTALLY AND COMPREHENSIVELY INEFFECTIVE. There are two liberal think tanks in India and they’ve not produced ONE liberal leader. Not one.

Yes, educating people has an effect but almost insignificant. Can take thousands of generations. I’ve probably influenced a handful of people in my life, but that’s pointless. I want to work with others to achieve political power for the liberals and thereby change the system. I’m ONLY interested in (2). I’m only interested in a national liberal political party in India.

Now, it is in that context that I’ve expressed point 5. I’m talking about the CHRONIC inability of liberals to (a) fight for liberty and (b) to work together.

In relation to (a) most Indian liberals are willing to lick the boots of killers like Modi just because Modi once said (in total deception) things that sounded somewhat like economic liberalism. People like Atanu Dey have boot licked Modi and made him what he is – the PM of India. And they have the gall to call themselves liberal.

In relation to (b) – the vast majority of “liberals” I’ve come across in India in my life are hypocrites. They will write that there should be a liberal party but will then spend their life consorting with illiberals and doing nothing. They will not lift a finger when someone comes forward to create a liberal manifesto and a liberal party. And they will not – when the liberal manifesto and party has been created – join the effort, on some pretext or other. These are the people who should have worked together, but by refusing to work in a liberal party, they have handed over India to criminals and crooks. They actually WORK with and support such criminals and crooks. Working with other liberals is a problem for them. These are the people who should have known better, but choose to support crime and mayhem. They don’t care for India but for something different.

So, here is the deal: if I find that **these** types of people (who should have known better don’t care for India (and they seem not to care for India at all), then I’m surely wasting my time and will draw a final line on my efforts.


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List of Facebook pages and groups that I operate

Given Facebook’s shameful behaviour, I now need to start making arrangements to ensure that my pages and groups don’t blank out the moment Facebook dictators decide whimsically to, once again, disable my account on any random pretext.

This is a starting point of this journey to recover and restore my intellectual property on Facebook. I do not trust this unethical organisation any more.



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Defensive steps against the risk of Facebook unilaterally, without reason, removing one’s content

I must say, that the FB disabling experience [here and here] (along with their blocking my ads without any justification – here, here, here and here ) has made me consider broadening my social media presence outside FB. These guys run a dictatorship. They can potentially, one fine day, unilaterally destroy intellectual property that’s taken years to build.

I often put down some initial thoughts on various topics on FB, then refine these on my blog; and finally include some of the material in my manuscripts.

Defensive steps:
Step 1: Take backups of FB data regularly
Step 2: Get a trusted person to be an administrator of one’s FB pages/ groups
Step 3: Copy FB notes to a blog/ elsewhere; for later use. Never the URL alone: FB can make the content disappear
Step 4: Use Google+ and other alternatives more actively (I now gather that Reddit could be a good, functional alternative)


Facebook has been pretty nasty – all my pages disabled; now have to re-publish each of them one by one. For sure, Facebook has some significant ethical problems.


I had spent well over $2000 on advertising on Facebook. Since they disabled (and then re-enabled) my account, all records of my earlier advertising have disappeared.

I’m sorry, this is not the kind of organisation one should spend money on.

I’m going to take my advertising dollars elsewhere.

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Facebook has unblocked my account, and apologised for inconvenience. But this whole thing was in poor taste

Around 8 hours after disabling my account – and my providing them with my drivers licence, Facebook has unblocked my account.

I don’t know what caused them to question my identity. If someone complains about fake ID, the decent thing to do is to ask the customer first. Disabling the account first and asking questions later is truly bad manners.



Came across another person whose account was blocked by FB (Dom the Conservative).

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A second report on advertising revenues on this blog: around 100 AUD per month

On 13 February 2012 (see this) I provided my first public report on adsense advertising revenues from this blog. On 22 November 2013 I reported receiving my first payment from google.

Since early 2014 I decided to learn a bit more and installed adsense on the various sub-domains. As a result, there were a few months last year when revenues exceeded $100 (AUD) a month. This year, however, most months have received revenues of around $100.

The ad revenue chart below (June 2014 to June 2015) shows an average of around $100 per month (click for larger image).

Note that this particular blog doesn't get much revenues, with most of its readership being located in India. Indian adsense revenues (per click) are a tiny fraction of US/Western country adsense revenues. Most readers on my 'technical' and 'eyestrain' subdomains are from the West, and I receive more per click from them – even though total visits on those subdomains are a fraction of the visits to this blog.

I've now broken even with all (undiscounted) costs of running this blog and numerous other domains (for over around 15 years, in all – including very heavy costs in the initial years, when domains cost nearly $100 per year). However, it will take 15 more years to offset my significant health costs (RSI, eyestrain) arising from intensive typing/ computer work.

Tax treatment? I've concluded based on preliminary research that this "income" should be treated as hobby income. So, I believe that this income is not taxable till I cross around $3-5K per year – at which stage I'll consult a tax adviser.


Google adsense may well be a racket (as it doesn't pay till a minimum amount is accumulated) but if you put in some work you could offset your costs of running a blog.

I would recommend that all Indian classical liberals set up their own blogs.

Of course, I could have earned far more by writing for established newspapers, but I don't intend to do so for some more time. I want to continue researching various policy and political positions. Plus, independence is a key value to me. I don't write to please others. I write as I please.

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