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A weak God that hides from mankind doesn’t work for me. A God of mathematics, might.

Religion involves extreme gullibility, such as believing that there was a "Son" of God who was so weak that there is no record of his existence in any book written in his time. Or there is a "God" called Rama who is so weak he needs an IDIOT called Advani to get a temple built for him in Ayodhya. Or who can't persuade people about "his" existence except by getting the Taliban to kill innocent people and children.

How can anyone believe a God can create the entire universe but is then so weak he can't "show" his presence unambiguously? The UTTERLY weak God also raises many other questions, such as why this God took billions of years (a time so huge it is unimaginable) to create humans, why he could not provide a consistent story to all humans (we have literally as many religions as there are tribes/ nations/ languages), why he is so weak he can't come forward and identify clearly what is good and what is bad, today (such as the mass killings of innocents, including children by some "religious" people). Or answer questions that humans ("gifted" with a rational brain that "he" presumably created) ask.

This UTTER AND COMPREHENSIVE weakness of "God" means he "has" to rely on his "followers" to kill each other through human means, than come over and fix any differences of opinion.

God can't be both omnipotent and UTTERLY AND COMPREHENSIVELY weak.

This persuades me that the God of religions is FALSE. 

All evidence points to (assuming there is any God) a "God" that is pure Energy, who operates under the purest laws of mathematics. Wherefrom came energy, we have no way to find out except through mathematics. Maths can tell us all the answers, if only we try hard enough.

So here's the pillar to God that I MAY be "willing" to "worship". The God of Phi. Nothingness, Infinity, Zero – and all in-between. Amen to the Mathematical God. Such a God can explain everything about the universe. No exception.

All organised religions have failed to persuade me about their God/s. Their God is FALSE. They better bin their "religious" books and start using their brains, for a change. Mathematics is the only true "religion", and along with scientific experimentation, it can never go wrong. At least this "God" is honest and doesn't confuse/ mislead us. 




I've written pretty much on the same lines earlier, e.g. :

Preliminary taxonomy of God (i.e. types or categories of God)



Is there a God?


There is an argument that because the odds of life are so small, out existence must have been designed. [e.g. Is science showing there really is a God?]

This is a fundamentally flawed way to look at things. In an INFINITY of events (e.g. big bangs) over an INFINITE duration, things like what we see ( will happen. The odds of existence of life as we know it are >0, no matter how infinitesimal. That's all that counts. Random chance is not disproven at all. God, on the other hand, has to be PROVEN. That's an entirely different ball game.


Vishal Kumar Singh says it is high time that God appears and clears all confusions about his existence. [Source]


Tim Andrews shared this


This is a fundamentally flawed way to look at things. In an INFINITY of events (e.g. big bangs) over an INFINITE duration, things like what we see ( will happen. The odds of existence of life as we know it are >0, no matter how infinitesimal. That's all that counts. Random chance is not disproven at all. God, on the other hand, has to be PROVEN. That's an entirely different ball game.

GDS's comment:

You make an assumption that there are an infinity of events such as big bangs spread over an infinite period of time. This is just an unprovable hypothesis that you use as a plausible theory to explain away God. The best theoretical postulations and observational evidence posit the current universe in which we live is not of infinite age and it is not of infinite size. There is a reasonably strong theoretical foundation and some indirect observational support for there being multiple universes. While Stephen Hawking has affirmed that atheism is entirely consistent with a rules based universe and there is no no need to bring in a supernatural being to explain the universe, he still does not address the question which I find most fascinating: why does the Universe bother to exist at all?

When confronted with new evidence, it seems that atheism involves as much faith as belief in deity. It is not as comforting as heaven and salvation and doesn't appear to offer as much upside. As I am an optimist by nature, I will stick to my incantations and incense. Eternal life does seem a better deal than being recycled material.

JF's comment:

He isn't talking about infinite age or size of this universe but the cyclic nature of destruction and creation of universes via big bang events.

Science requires you to view observed evidence and either adjust how you believe the world works if there is an inconsistency or explore that inconsistency. Science will never touch on religion, it's a logically inconsistent idea that you can measure or observe god. That's what faith means. Injecting science into it requires you to acknowledge god might not exist.

This is of course seperate from researching the accuracy of the bible. I honestly don't think that has much reflection on the existence of god or not.


G, re: "You make an assumption that there are an infinity of events such as big bangs spread over an infinite period of time. This is just an unprovable hypothesis".

Yes, "my" hypothesis (this is actually the Buddhist hypothesis, which – however – did not involve big bangs and such things) is unprovable. 

However, it counter other equally (or more) unprovable hypotheses. Indeed, it is superior to such other hypotheses on a fundamental ground: that its assumption (that "God", if any, is merely a set of mathematical laws operating on energy over an infinite time), is quite plausible, while other hypotheses (particularly those grounded on "standard" religions) are extremely implausible, with most of them involving events outside the realm of mathematical laws (e.g. miracles). They are fundamentally not believable.

Since all existing religions are ruled out for consideration, that leaves us with a God that is not a 'doer'. If so, there is no reason to believe God is a 'designer'. It is much simpler to believe he/she (if any) is a mathematical law. Our search then boils down to the search for the mathematical laws of the universe. I've provided some thoughts periodically on such an abstract "god", such as a recent blog post:…/a-weak-god-that-hides…/

The question is only this: is a god a doer or a mathematical law. If a doer, then the onus is on such "believers" to prove why he does one thing but not others,e.g. why he creates a big bang but doesn't even provide the slightest proof of his existence in any other form or shape. What's your reason for his not being a doer in our daily lives? And why did he take billions of years to create humans?

Further, low probabilities are no argument for design. The probability that any one of us was conceived, survived and grew up to be able to read this is less than one in **many** billion (I'd argue one in many trillion) but that doesn't mean we were in any way ‘designed’ or 'handpicked'. All it means is that there are certain laws regarding human birth that applied in a (relatively) random way in our case, leading to our specific birth. Chaos theory famously talks about a butterfly that causes a storm elsewhere in the world. Tiny bits of energy, operating on standard mathematical laws, can create interesting things over an infinite duration.

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Blog report, after four and a half years of pounding away. Best wishes to my readers for a happy new year.

I chanced upon the following report in WordPress "Jetpack" site statistics re: my blog's "progress" in spreading the good word about liberty and good governance. And critical thinking.

When I started this blog in mid-2010, it was a "great" day if even six visitors came by. Now this blog generally receives over a thousand views each day (from over 800 unique visitors). Almost an equal number are likely reading posts (or at least the headings) through email subscription, RSS feed reader, and Facebook.

I started this blog as an optional strategy to spread the word about the Freedom Team of India. I was not sure what  a blog would involve. 

In the initial years there was much frustration with software, hackers (lots of them), and problematic server. Last year I moved to Dreamhost, which has alleviated downtime and other issues. The blog is still very slow, but it works. That's good enough. (I don't have time to identify and fix the complex technical issues involved.)

I also finally found time to change the theme. Not precisely what I'd want, but it is a free theme, with minimal maintenance, so I'm running with it. 

After initial teething troubles for nearly 3 years, this blog is fairly low maintenance at this stage. I periodically update new WordPress versions, update plugins, and it keeps going. I would say that this blog strategy has been worthwhile. I would strongly urge FTI members to create their own domains and blogs.

Sometime last year or so I experimented with advertisements to see what happens. I have not taken any professional input (nor spent much time on this) but it appears that this blog is able to provide a small revenue stream (and – if one includes a few of my relative popular sub-domains, some of which themselves receive quite a large number of visitors – a little bit more than a "small" revenue stream) that comfortably covers its running costs. In fact, all hosting and domain costs incurred on this blog since inception have been fully covered by advertisement revenues received to date. In that sense, this is now a self-sustaining operation.

I have no plans to spend more time than I currently do, on this blog. Too much reform work is happening at the moment, and I'd rather focus on organisational work. 

But one day, who knows, I might start putting more effort into this, to more systematically spread the message of liberty.

In the meanwhile, I thank my thousands of readers (and hundreds of commentators) and wish them a happy new year, 2015.

I trust you've downloaded the latest SKC agenda, and will spread word about it among your friends. I look forward to your comments on the agenda.

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A partial draft Hindi translation of Breaking Free of Nehru is now online

Some years ago, Sh LK Kandpal, founder Trustee of the Freedom Team of India, volunteered to take up the challenging task of translating Breaking Free of Nehru into Hindi. I am delighted that roughly a third of the book has since been translated. Although he'd like to have the draft translation reviewed and tested by a professional (and completed), I think it is good enough to give a flavour of the book in Hindi to those so interested.

Therefore I'm publishing both the Word (use Arjun Wide font – download from here) and PDF versions, below. 

Word version

PDF version

I have requested a professional translator for a cost and time estimate to finish this work.  I've not yet received any estimate, so if you know of any high quality professional translator interested in undertaking this work, I'd be keen to discuss with such person. I think the reform work is now beginning to reach the ground and we need to have a Hindi (and other regional language) translation of this book freely available on the internet.

Once again, I'd like to thank Sh. LK Kandpal for his effort. I look forward to his continuing contributions to liberty in India.

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How I got conned by an Indian “call centre” pretending to be from Telstra

I am able to escape scams and cons most of the time, but last week I got suckered in half-way into a phone con. I then had to entirely re-establish my computer from scratch – thus losing quite a bit of time.

Why? I managed to give access to India conmen into my computer.

I've later found that these people have been doing such things from a pretty long time. They clearly have not been caught.

In brief, this is what happened:

1. I was told over phone (by a person claiming to be from Telstra) that my computer has been hacked and is sending out bad information into the internet which is causing trouble to Telstra, so they need to fix it else they have to shut down my internet connection. I asked for the name of the caller. He was Indian sounding, but gave his name as Henry Jones. OK. I noted it down. 

2. They said they'd show me that I had a severe problem. I was asked to run "eventvwr" (windows/run). When the program opened, I was asked to go into "windows log" > "application". They showed me one event which had an "error" message. I clicked on it (and took a screenshot, attached – click for larger image below)

I clicked the 'error' and found this indecipherable information:

3. I assumed that "Telstra" were right, and that someone had indeed hacked into my computer. So I asked them what was the solution. They said they need me to run the following command: That opened my browser and I went to a company website that showed some numbers. They asked me to click "OK", at which a software was downloaded on my computer (AA_V3.3.EXE – it is still with me on my computer) and they got control over my computer.

4. They then showed me that I had over 500 errors. They moved around quickly and showed me a page according to which my Windows version is not genuine. That was absolute nonsense, since I knew this was a fully genuine version. I asked to speak with their supervisor. A person came on (very quickly) and gave the name Ethen Brown, Sr. Technician (another male voice, from India). 

5. He said I had to get the remedy from Microsoft, by purchasing genuine software for $5. A screen would presumably come up on my computer and I'd have to provide my credit card details. I was not satisfied so asked for their supervisor. The person (once again Indian) said his name was Gulla.  By now I knew this was a con. I said I'm happy for Telstra to cut off my internet, so I can pursue this separately. 

6. I then powered down my computerAt this foul abuse was showered on me (in Hindi). I was then asked whether I understand Hindi. I said that's none of their business and put down the phone.

7. The person called back in a minute and abused me further. I put down the phone. During the entire call I heard a lot of active voices on the phone while this was going on. 

When I restarted my computer, I was unable to get in. A weird screen came up requiring a password. Clearly, they had hacked my computer. 

Fortunately, I store my program files entirely separate to my data files. I therefore re-installed Windows in another partition in a separate part of my 2-disk (each 2TB) system. Took me around 2 hours to re-establish most key programs. 

I'll report this blog post to Telstra and to the Police for their information. I'm also storing the downloaded software on my computer in case any authority wishes to investigate further. They should (hopefully) also be able to trace the source of origin of the phone call. Clearly some place in north India, most likely in the NCR.

This seems to be kind of CRIMINAL call centre operating from NCR in India – a gang that hacks into people's computers and steals their credit cards. 


MY REPORT TO TELSTRA. Very hard to contact these guys, so I've provided a report on their FB page:

I've decided to not waste time reporting to the police, given my previous experience with them. In this case, since I've not been directly defrauded, they probably won't even start any investigation.


Telstra's quick response:

Hi Sanjeev.

Im sorry to hear that you had to go through this experience. 

This is certainly a known scam that is circulating at the moment. They have been very active and we are getting many reports of this. We are doing all we can to try and stop these Scam Artists. 

For guidance on how to handle these types of calls (Do & Don't s) I have included the following link:

I would recommend you speak to our Unwelcomed calls Team. You can contact them on 1800805996. They can assist you with this issue, and you can log a report against them.

If you receive a Telstra/BigPond-branded scam:
Check our phishing scam:…/warning-bigpond-telstra

Visit Telstra's Internet and Cyber-Safety page to learn more about protecting yourself:

Report it to Telstra via the BigPond Misuse of Service webform:…/Report_misuse_of_service

You can also lodge this via Scamwatch to see if it is a known scam:…/index.phtml/tag/reportascam 

As always, if you are a not sure if it is a genuine Telstra call, its always best to contact us yourself before you give them any personal information or accept any "dubious" sounding offers.

Regards – Tom

Further advice from a reader (I've forwarded this to CBI)


CBI Cyber Crime Cell:
Superintendent of Police,
Cyber Crime Investigation Cell
Central Bureau of Investigation,
5th Floor, Block No.3,
CGO Complex,
Lodhi Road,
New Delhi – 3

Contact Details:

Web site:

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