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Thanks to volunteers Raj Chatterjee and Anshuman Kumar for their draft documents for SBP

As many of you probably know, writers on liberty are in desperate short supply in India.  Without writers no message can be communicated.

We’ve got Sanjay Sonawani and Joyson Fernandes who regularly do some very good work in this regard.  Sporadically we get one or two other SBP members writing a few words, as well, either in English or in Hindi. But the overall talent pool is very thin, with the vast bulk of the writing work falling on my lap – hence limited by my time and capacity.

Fortunately, this pool has expanded somewhat with Raj Chatterjee and Anshuman Kumar. Raj wrote the draft of the press release on trade policy. He also wrote the draft flyer that I’ve published today + the draft contents for the writing contest on liberty. Raj is very good and I have very little to change while editing. Anshuman sent me material on multi-drug resistant TB which was then converted into a SBP press release.

I invite all people to write draft press releases on various topics and to send in any other written products that I can then review and publish, as appropriate.

Thanks, again, to all those who are writing for SBP.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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One thought on “Thanks to volunteers Raj Chatterjee and Anshuman Kumar for their draft documents for SBP
  1. Raj

    Pleasure! :)

    May I just urge folks reading this who may be residing in India, to please commence street-talks. This is crucial to our expansion! Let’s remember: This is *our* fight!


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