One-stop shop to make India 20 times richer

Really angry at the Indian socialists (and David Attenborough) who are destroying Indian tigers

Watched a part of this documentary today: The Battle to Save the Tiger. It is quite old, published in 2007. I wasn’t aware at how bad things have become in India with regard to wildlife.

I was really angry as I saw the movie, but also VERY angry at David Attenborough for his TOTAL FAILURE to understand basic economics, which is causing the wildlife population across the world to plummet.

David is a good man but that’s never good enough. He has not tried to understand human behaviour (economics) and how we can design wildlife policies consistent with human behaviour. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Save the world from good-intentioned fools who are trying to “save animals” even as they promote policies that are guaranteed to kill them.

I was reminded of my blog post: To preserve tigers, let’s consume them. To save tigers, let’s sell them.  Looks like by the time India learns the basics of economics, it will be too late for our tigers.

I’ll share this with some of my friends in the civil service with the hope that at least one or two of them will get involved in TOTALLY changing India’s tiger policy.

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Tiger cub sighted in Sariska reserve

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