India! I dare you to be rich

The jholawalas’ (socialists’) only goal is to exploit the poor to fatten their own pockets

Further proof that the jholawalas' only focus is their own pockets, not the poor.


Hi Sanjeev, Has a thought to this stubidity has been given? Subsidies announced from time to time if totalled amount to seven lac crore. India has six lac eighty thousand villages which means one crore could have been spent in improvement of each village by providing infra for Co-operative societies to generate emplyment and thereby improve living standard of every villager.  Ashok


That's right. Plus if various admin costs are added, there is enough money in such programmes to directly eliminate poverty if transferred to the poor. That's what I've been arguing for 15 years. Also here: http://sabhlokcity.com/2014/01/instead-of-giving-free-water-to-the-rich-lets-eliminate-poverty/

Unfortunately, this kind of straightforward thinking is anathema to the jholawalas who profit from poverty. Socialists have NO interest in eliminating poverty, just exploiting it to gain more power and fatten their pockets. By the time the AAP tamasha is over, its leaders would have become multi-crore-patis and the poor would have remained as poor as ever before, with absolutely no improvement to their education, or access to food, etc.

I'm afraid unless sensible people enter politics and oppose these fraudsters who have ruined India for 65 years, we'll continue to struggle at the bottom of the world.

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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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One thought on “The jholawalas’ (socialists’) only goal is to exploit the poor to fatten their own pockets
  1. Mandar

    Kejriwal has created super illusory world, people are in lines to become aam aadmi. Media is helping AAP to spread this fire. Media may be doing this, to create personality to counter Modi. But they are creating bigger enemy than Modi for country. I am feeling India will never become developed nation if people will give mandate to AAP. India will be on its path of becoming Argentina. Those who understands this, don’t have any option/strategy to stop this dangerous problem in name pro people direct democracy.


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