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What kind of a joke is this? “Indian Journal of Science and Technology”

I was searching for peer reviewed journal articles on "vedic science" and came across the following article:

“Paramtatva”- The great element by Vijay Singh Pal. Coordinator, Society for Development of Scientific Temperament

Let me print it below and lightly annotate (I couldn't annotate after a while – it is RIDICULOUS!! TO CALL THIS SCIENCE). I've formally studied science and browsed through a lot of science journal articles but I've never come across this kind of stuff in my life. For goodness sake! Is this the new Indian standard of "science"? What is this "journal" – a cruel joke in the name of "science"?


Indian Journal of Science and Technology  Vol. 3 No. 10 (Oct 2010) ISSN: 0974- 6846

“Paramtatva”-The great element by Vijay Singh Pal, Coordinator, Society for Development of Scientific Temperament, Pal Mansion, Jamuna Palace, Haridwar, Uttrakhand,  India


The Scientists in all over the world are searching the root particle responsible for the outcome of whole universe. Big- bang theory is unable to provide convincing answer. The fact is that the real source of all the elements (atoms) in the  whole universe is not in the particle form at all. According to Hindu mythology, the whole universe is made up of 5  Tatva out of which Ganesh Tatva and Shakti Tatva are not in the particle stage. God is nothing but the combination of  all the five original Tatva doing its work of Generation. That is why there is a saying that God resides in each and every  particle of the universe.

Keywords:. Creation, life, universe, God

The Scientists in all over the world are searching the root  particle responsible for the outcome of whole universe.  The Science starts with its theory of Big Bang as the  beginning of the whole universe. But the very question of  the origin of the Big element [Sanjeev: What!!!] is still not answered  (Mohammad Shafiq Khan, 2010). After all from where  such a huge mass has come into its being [Sanjeev: Hey guys, that's what studies of the Higgs boson and other such theories are trying to find out!]. In recent past,  scientists conducted an experiment known as Large  Hydron colloidal but the outcome has not been positive at  all. [Sanjeev: what is the meaning of this statement!!!]

Where is the erring mistake left?. The mistake is in the  hypothesis of finding each and every substance in its  particle form [Sanjeev: Indeed, that would be a mistake - but I'm not sure that's really the case with quantum physics]. The fact is that the real source of all the  elements (atoms) in the whole universe is not in the  particle form at all. The answer lies in the Hindu  mythological setup [Sanjeev: so mythology is now cited in an Indian science journal as SCIENTIFIC proof?]. There are five Maha (Greatest)  entities worshipped in Hinduism. These are the basis  tatva of the whole universe. Those are namely: Ganesh  Tatva,, Shakti Tatva, Shive Tatva,, Brahma Tatva and  Vishnu Tatva. Each and every structure of the atoms is  composed of all the five original tatva mentioned herein  above.

Out of all the above five, Ganesh Tatva and Shakti Tatva  are not in the particle stage and they are the root cause of  creation of other three particle stages namely Shive  ,Brahma & Vishnu Tatva. Ganesh and Shakti Tatva are in  Chetan Stage not in Jar state. Anything in particle form is  Jar not in Chetan stage. [Sanjeev: for "God's sake!" can this be converted into scientific language, please? Any definitions? - and proof?] Hence, both tatva give birth to  another three particle stages symbolizing Shive mean  Mahashiv, worshipped for all the activeness, movement  (cosmic dance- Tandav) and the destruction. It is only  electron which resembles the kinetic form of Maha deity  Shiv. Brahma, the ether component making space for the  accommodation of these particles is also essential for creation of other particle structure. Vishnu Tatva is the  incarnation of Maha Diety Vishnu, symbolizing the  Potential power of the atom. Shakti Tatve, the energy  form is further divided into three basics forms and make  the part of each particle as its anti-particle, giving energy  as well making it in stable stage.

Each and every other element is nothing but the different  combinations of all the five basic entities mentioned  above. Hence, the Paramtatva or the Great element is a  basic structure of all the five ingredients mentioned  above. This is the sole cause of creation of the each and  every particle in the universe.

God is nothing but the combination of all the five original  Tatva doing its work of Generation, Operation and  Destruction. It is mentioned in the Hindu Mythology that  the God himself has manifested in Chetan and Jar and  given birth to each and every structure in the universe.  Hence, searching for the original particle is not at all  difficult when you concentrate what is written in the books  of Hindu Mythology. That is why there is a saying that  God reside in each and every particle of the universe.  Then why one has to fight for the differences of religions,  caste and creed?


1. Mohammad Shafiq Khan (2010) Foundation of  Theory of Everything: Non-living and Living Things.  Indian J. Sci. Technol. 3 (9), 955-981. Available on  .

Popular article “The great element” V.S.Pal  ©Indian Society for Education and Environment (iSee) Indian J.Sci.Technol. 

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2 thoughts on “What kind of a joke is this? “Indian Journal of Science and Technology”
  1. Marc

    I concluded that the “Indian Journal of Science(-fiction) and Technology” is some kind of satiric journal for scientists.

    There is another paper that I actually read, “Energy Theory of Matter and Cosmology”, by Mohammad Shafiq Khan. It has some interesting theories on how special and general relativity, as well as the big bang theory are wrong, and how dark matter is in fact the nether that permeates all space and serves as a medium for light propagation.

    According to Shafiq, the universe was created “due to the initiation of the scalar field from the peripheral energy the universal creator. There has to be the reason, desire, timing and capability of the universal creator for creating this scalar field.”

    Seriously, four days later I’m still laughing ;)

  2. Mohammad Shafiq Khan

    It is very strange that the credentials of a registered peer-reviewed journals are tested by just one article. The author of the blog should have seen that the article on the basis of which he declares a registered peer-reviewed journal a joke is under the category of Popular Articles and this category of articles are just not peer-reviewed. Now had he some questions he should have sought the answers from the author of the article and if he was not replied or got the answers which were not convincing he could make this a public issue.
    Coming to Marc’s comments on my article. Before writing the comments he should have bothered to google search my name to find out about my publications. I would like to inform Marc & all those who would read this blog & comments thereof including the author of the blog that the contents of the article “Energy Theory of Matter and Cosmology” have been subsequently substantiated by following research papers which were published in the journal in question & other journal
    1. Experimental & Theoretical Evidences of Fallacy of Space-time Concept and Actual State of Existence of the Physical Universe
    2. Foundation of Theory of Everything: Non-living Things & Living Things (Revised version on World Science Database, General Science Journal, Vixra and in my profile)
    3.Michelson-Morley Experiment: A Misconceived & Misinterpreted Experiment
    4. ‘On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies’ by Albert Einstein is Based on Trickeries ( Feb.2012)
    These publications are available at (March 2012,oct 2010, oct 2011 issues),,, viXra, Intellectual Archives & in my profile.
    Now on the basis of these published papers an open challenge has been put forward, which is standing as on date, which anybody could see at and at and I would like to keep all informed that the open challenge has been sent to almost all professors of physics & universities of the world and so far two retired professors of physics namely Jeremy Dunning-Davies of Hull University & Brian Cole of Columbia University accepted the challenge but both of them finally failed to show a single error in the papers on the basis of which open challenge has been put forward. In this regard exchange of articles between me & Jeremy is available at vixra, General Science Journal & Elixir Online Journal.
    Now every concerned physicist of the world is in total knowledge of the standing open challenge and they also know that they can do nothing about it technically & scientifically. They would have easily accepted the alternative paradigm of physics which emerges as the consequence of my scientific publications but that would reduce their degrees to trash and they will morally have to quit their jobs. Besides there is fund flow of huge public resources annually for research to different research institutions including universities all over the world and once world comes to know that all these institutions are knowingly wasting public money for baseless research; then many (millions) heads would have to roll.
    Thus all the main-stream physicists are maintaining a deliberate silence and ignorance of the standing open challenge and they have blocked every means of this information reaching the general masses.Thus incorrect education is being imparted in the all the educational institutions all over the world and a wrong paradigm of physical sciences has been adopted for research. As moral humans it is our prime responsibility to ensure correct education is provided in our educational institutions and research is done in accordance with the correct paradigm.This is the single issue which could change the world view about everything.
    Let this be the eye opener to author of the blog that it is through this journal the revolution in physics has already began as he could read
    Now absence of Black Holes means Stephen Hawking has finally accepted that there are serious problems with both Newton’s perspective of Gravity & Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity because both require Black Holes at the center of the galaxies.
    This justifies standing open challenge to the adopted paradigm of physics.
    Read also
    Now let Marc continue to laugh on his ignorance.


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