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Are you “white”? Please observe your own soft racism! Sad but TOTALLY TRUE.

I've always defended Australia as a place that is generally not racist enough to kill Indians who live here.

But soft racism is quite a different thing. That is CHRONIC. It is part of life here IN A BIG WAY. (Of course, soft racism is far greater in India where it is mixed with caste, but that is another matter altogether).

Soft racism involves "white" Australians assuming things about your language/background WITHOUT having any understanding about it. It involves STEREOTYPING.

Soft racism involves one's "white" colleagues at work saying that you must somehow "love" hot days and heat. As if the biological functioning of the human body is affected by the presence (or absence) of melanin. Homeostatis prevails regardless of melanin. But most "whites" are particularly ignorant of basic science. (OK I should not stereotype: but just the fact that there are so many of these melanin-challenged people in Australia who are particularly ignorant about basic biology).

Soft racism means that the Council worker (who is expected to be helpful and clean the blocked storm drain outside your house) replies to your question about the long term solution to drain blockage by an uncouthly and peremptorily expressed "Move!".

This is what I wrote to my local council recently in relation to a major blockage of water in my street (see photo below). The blockage led to water entering my car which was parked in the street, costing a significant amount of money to clean it up (but that's a separate matter):

I met a council worker who was inspecting the problem at about 4 pm today. I asked the worker what he thinks is the cause of the problem and what can be the solution.

An elderly man, he seemed extremely morose and unwilling to talk. But when I asked about a long term solution he said "MOVE!".

Basically this person, paid by rate payers like me, has absolutely no customer service goals and no interest in helping the community he services. I would like to request that this worker be directed to not exceed his brief and to behave himself. I could almost sense racism in his behaviour. It was a very unpleasant experience.

The council has reminded him of Council customer service standards. This is what I was told by the Council in response to my note:

In relation to the conduct of the Council officer, he has been spoken to regarding your comments about his behaviour.

He assures me that his comment was not intended to be racist or derogatory in any way and has apologised for any concern his actions have caused you.

He was also reminded of Council's customer service standards and protocols.

The reality is that NO AMOUNT OF REMINDING or teaching people will remove soft racism. This is an innate mindset among the "whites" to imagine that others with a little bit more melanin are worthy of contempt.

The ONLY way they "whites" will learn about basic biology and some respect for others is when countries like India rise and PERFORM as top notch countries. That is one more reason why I'm so keen for India to rise up and take the No. 1 spot in the world. I often (well, often enough) feel terrible about living in Australia – otherwise a great country. Yes, I learn a lot but don't feel part of this country.

Today China is feared by the world and that fear will soon translate to fear/respect for all Chinese worldwide. That, I'm afraid is the only way human nature works. Through stereotyping.

It is better to be feared than to be loathed. I'd much rather that India becomes No. 1 and therefore Indians are feared, than face the situation where Indians are treated with contempt.

I'm not blaming anyone here. This is all about human nature.

Now, does this mean that Australians are particularly racist? No! In fact most Indians are far more racist. Just that in India "elite" Indians like me are at the "top" of the pyramid so we don't experience such behaviour. In Australia, Indians "automatically" land up at the bottom of the pyramid.

Indians in Australia must be content with the fact that they will never progress in their career to the extent they would have in a purely merit-driven society. And if – God forbid! – you are Muslim on top of being melanin surplus, then you can expect EXTREME reduction in your career prospects! I recently advised a Muslim Pakistani girl with excellent qualifications from USA but who was getting no job compatible with her skills: to get used to it. Being Muslim AND woman AND Pakistani is just such a terrible combination if you live in Australia.

I know of so many outstandingly qualified Indians in Australia who are rotting at the bottom of the "pyramid" that it is no laughing matter.

Watch this to learn what soft racism means. NO ONE IN THE WEST CAN CONTROL IT. I guarantee that.


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2 thoughts on “Are you “white”? Please observe your own soft racism! Sad but TOTALLY TRUE.
  1. AD

    You are totally right sir, that is exactly what I feel too. I agree with you on almost every single point here. I too feel the only way to stop this is by proving our worth – by making India a developed, rich nation.

  2. ASHOK



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