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A review of Mr Rao’s recommendations

A short review of Mr Rao's recommendations, below

ensure Inclusive Development for all employable Indians in the 250,000 Panchayats by transparent & relevant Skill Development Programmes linked to regular evaluation & monitoring for their success

[Sanjeev: Will the government do this? How - what are the details of implementation? How can government which has entirely failed to date, suddenly do this?]

A Swadeshi movement like campaign is to be initiated wherever felt necessary so that we stop using MNC products of daily use like Tooth Paste, Soaps, Shampoos .. when our rich culture has better and cost effective alternatives

[Sanjeev: Social reformers are welcome to preach their message, but why should bureaucrats tell citizens: their masters, what to buy?]

ensure economic development at Panchayat by increasing the productivity of Employed and bring more Employable and currently unemployed or seasonally employed to Productive Employment mode

[Sanjeev: How?]

ensure that Education and especially at the formative age be properly imparted to everyone in the country

[Sanjeev: How?]

ensure proper healthcare to all Indians thru Wellness Programmes & Affordable medicines including Indian Forms of Medicine

[Sanjeev: How will wellness programmes run? How can medicines be made affordable? Subsidy? If so, where will money come from? ]

ensure protection of our Biodiversity & arrest Bio piracy by MNCs

[Sanjeev: How? Through the same forest department that has to date looted India, and the same environment protection agencies that have done the same?]

ensure minimum use of Chemical Fertilizers & Poisonous Pesticides for Agriculture and encourage safe & healthy Organic Practices for Sustainable Agriculture

[Sanjeev: Again: how?]

ensure proper protection of our Natural Resources and ensure full transparency in their handling

[Sanjeev: What is the meaning of "proper protection"? Needs explanation]

ensure to improve Food Production and Food Security for all by established Organic Agricultural Practices and exploiting the 127 agro climatic Zones and corresponding Indian Centric Crops

[Sanjeev: will the government do this? What's the proof that organic practice will ensure food security? And if it is good, why does farmer not use it?]

ensure ‘Energy/Electricity’ to all by exploiting Renewable Energy sources like Solar/Wind/ Hydro/ Biomass besides Thermal etc and reducing the Transmission & Commercial losses which today stand at a whopping 35%

[Sanjeev: Why should expensive energy sources be used if cheaper ones are available? And who will reduce transmission losses? The corrupt government system?]

ensure proper storage & handling of Food Stocks and encourage Food Processing to reduce the large wastage currently existing due to lack of Energy/Electricity

[Sanjeev: Who will do this? And how is going to be different to the corrupt practices of FCI?]

ensure proper water management and work out strategies to see that proper charging of surface & ground water happens and sweet water does not flow into seas as happening now

[Sanjeev: This sounds promising but needs detail. This is an area where government can step in - but radically new solutions will be needed]

ensure Judicial Reforms so that quick & fair legal recourse system so that people regain faith in the Judicial System

[Sanjeev: How?]

ensure police reforms so that police becomes more accountable to people

[Sanjeev: How?]

ensure media reforms so that irresponsible and paid news becomes punishable

[Sanjeev: This is a good idea. How will you prove in court that something is paid news?]

ensure that Corporate Governance is followed by Business Houses and Bribery/Corruption to be dealt with Iron Hand

[Sanjeev: Agreed, but first iron hand should start with corrupt Prime Minister. After all corrupt PMs and CMs are hanged, we can consider those who are forced by them to be corrupt.]

ensure transparency in all government departments by installing Information & Communication Technology supported models including CCTVs & SMS based Grievance Redress System

[Sanjeev: this is a promising idea. Please elaborate]

ensure bring back of stash money in foreign banks and use the same for Infrastructure & People development in the 250,000 Panchayats

[Sanjeev: How will black money come back?]

ensure protection & development of Girl Child/ Women thru a sustained mechanism of revival of our Value Systems coupled with Safety Measures

[Sanjeev: How will you revive values? What additional safety measures do you have in mind?]

ensure a firm but humane handling of all Insurgency activities in different parts of the country

[Sanjeev: Can you please explain what this means in practical terms?]


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2 thoughts on “A review of Mr Rao’s recommendations
  1. chandrasekhar

    On the subject of imparting education at school level I can say that what is required as a first step  is the basic  administrative job of making sure that all government schools [ both central & state, particularly in the rural areas ] work to plan– appointed teachers attend school, conduct classes as per laid down lesson plans and handle students with understanding.

  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Chandrasekhar, “the basic  administrative job of making sure that all government schools [ both central & state, particularly in the rural areas ] work to plan”.

    That’s where the policy failure comes in. You CAN’T do it under the current system. Indeed, in almost any system.

    We have to design the system from scratch. Read BFN.



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