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The catch 22 situation in India. How does change begin?

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Comment from a reader:

dear sanjeev

glad to hear about ur india visit and sincerely hope it will bring out something positive and would be worth.

i have read some of ur writting and blogs etc. i have been in india for last 3 weeks on family visit and have been to various places in maharashtra. i had chance to see S class merc's/bmw 5 series 4×4 etc running alongside the slums where naked kids are playing on the pile of rubbish/plastic bottles. doesnt matter which city/town one visits, its full of posters related to political party (ranging from zilaparishad level players to nationa ones). air pollution/quality in cities is horrible. politicians r promising free mobiles,laptops,grain etc to get votes (on top of the cash for vote which none talks but most politicians know/do). i just get the feel that its a catch 22 situation that we cant change system without getting into parliament and we cant get into parliament untill the system is changed.

in every walk of life corruption/unethical practices are rampant and seems to have been accepted by all classes as part and parcel of day to day life. i fully agree that honest and capable people (not just good people as you say) need to get into the parliament. however i strongly feel that the changes you want to implement in the policies and system need to reach to the common man in the way/language they understand, so that they will vote FTI/similar groups. i feel ( and i might be wrong) there has to be some way to mass communicate ur thoughts about liberty/freedom and equality , wealth and economic policies to majority of the people (who still unfortunately live in villages and havent got electricity on regular basis, forget about intnet). sometimes i feel there need to be mass education movement so that ppl will understand what needs doing so that they can then vote for FTI similar groups…sorry that i am raising more questions than asnwers..

one more there any chance you could say something in your blog about national debt/debt/gdp ratio, its relevance and importance in todays world as lots of people including myself are confused about this issue..

kind regards

My response

Sure. I agree with you on everything you say.

Re: debt, it is simple. A government should take only that debt it can repay thorugth growth of revenues. India's pre-1991 debt was unsustainable. It went (nearly) bankrupt. Today, as growth slows down, its debt is once again a problem

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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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4 thoughts on “The catch 22 situation in India. How does change begin?
  1. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Voluntary recall is a useful idea. It may not easily work for those who need to be recalled (the corrupt: who’ll merely pay off the organisers of the recall movement).

    A genuine solution doesn’t focus on punitive things. A genuine solution should aim to allow good candidates to enter.

    Why should bad people enter? That’s the key question. Not what should be done AFTER they have entered.


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