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The world’s top 10 living economists

The world's best living economists:

This list of the world's 10 best living economists is supplemented by my list of good Indian economists. Please note that this list is in no particular order.

  1. James Buchanan [Since dead]
  2. Deirdre McCloskey
  3. Gary Becker
  4. Douglass Cecil North 
  5. Deepak Lal
  6. Ronand Coase [Since dead]
  7. Harold Demsetz
  8. Jagdish Bhagwati
  9. Armen Alchian [Since dead]
  10. William Easterley

Also very good:

  • George Selgin
  • Timur Kuran
  • Daniel Klein
  • John List
  • Steve Kates

As you'll notice I give priority to economists who can explain the real world and whose work helps me offer REAL solutions. Or those who challenge shoddy thinking (John List comes to mind). 

This list is not comprehensive. There are thousands of others worth reading. But if you read the work of these 15 living economists, you'll become capable of dealing with most problems in the real world.

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