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The imperative of govrank: opposing views on Modi’s governance – from BJP

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I came across this piece that reports the claims of Keshubhai Patel, a senior BJP leader, no less. This seriously questions the hoopla about Modi that has been generated by so-called "liberals" of India.

If any of this is true (I suspect it is, since a Transparency International survey showed that Gujarat was not the least corrupt state in India, just a middling one), the need for an independent business that ranks all governments on performance becomes even more clear (govrank). Investors from all over the world are possibly being misled by smoke and mirrors.

== EXTRACT==The veteran BJP leader …

During my meeting with veteran BJP leaders Lal Krishna Advani and Venkaiah Naidu held in Mumbai six years ago, I brought (to their notice) many instances of corruption against Modi

The dissident leader said the chief minister was "misleading" people on developmental front by twisting reality.

Patel told the gathering that Modi's claims fell flat on yardstick of reality and alleged that more than 70 per cent of tribals in eight districts of eastern Gujarat are undernourished.

"About 1.90 crore people out of total population of six crore fall under the below poverty line while the number of school dropouts has mounted to 82 lakhs so far after Modi took over as chief minister in 2001," he said.


The CAG report says this government has mis-spent more than Rs 45,000 crore. The report indicates that some sort of corruption is going on in the state [Source].

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