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Sugata Mitra, the most fascinating IIT Delhi graduate I’ve come across

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We all know about the famous hole in the wall experiments of Sugata Mitra. Suresh Anand shared the following TED video. It is amazing, astonishingparticularly given my recent readings on the human brain. It all makes sense now (particularly why memory is enhanced through group discussion, etc.). 

It is not going to be possible to explain this video, so please watch it. It will totally open you mind.

I'd particularly recommend it to Anil Sharma, senior FTI member (in case he's not seen it yet) who has been working on an education project in the heart of UP. This might prove very helpful to him (given his contacts in UK, where he could tap into Sugata's granny network: I had actually spoken on Skype with his students in UP from Melbourne and found it a brilliant idea, but getting grannies from England would be even better! ) I'd suggest that Anil consider catching a train on the weekend to meet Sugata Mitra for new ideas.

What I liked particularly was the Hayekian message that Sugata brings. That interests me a lot.

Somnath Bharati (FTI member and the new President of IIT Delhi alumni association) may please consider writing to him about FTI. FTI would be very fortunate if people like Sugata with EXTREME innovation and vision join.The goal, the challenge, of providing HIGH QUALITY education to millions of Indians drives me to desperation, at times. Sugata's new ways of thinking could just make it happen. 


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One thought on “Sugata Mitra, the most fascinating IIT Delhi graduate I’ve come across
  1. Anil

    Thanks Sanjeevji, I will surely try to get in touch with Sugata. His study and findings are inspirational.

    Jai Hind.


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