India! I dare you to be rich

Nehru was a Brahmin. Ambedkar was a Brahmin. But Rahul Gandhi? What a joke!

Dirty politics seem to be in the BLOOD of this two penny "leader" Rahul Gandhi.

Not only has he keenly clung on to the BILLIONS of dollars of corrupt money that his grandmother, father and mother accumulated, he is bringing his so-called "caste" into play.

during a recent review meeting when the upper caste/Brahmin argument was invoked by a local UP leader saw Congress leader Rahul Gandhi rebutting the claim by remarking "I am a Brahmin [Source]

From the (current) traditional Hindu perspective, there is SIMPLY NO DOUBT that Rahul Gandhi is NOT a Brahmin.


His mother lost her (father-transmitted) "Brahminhood" the moment she married Feroze Gandhi, a Parsi (Zoroastrian). In (traditional) Hinduism, no "Hindu" ceremony can allow a Parsi to become Hindu. Like the Jews (and Hindus), Zoroastrians can never change their religion – unless they renounce it specifically. But most problematicallly for Rahul Gandhi's delusions of "Brahminism", (traditional) Hinduism does not have ANY mechanism to accept someone from another religion. Thus, his mother lost her Hindu roots immediately upon marrying a Parsi.

Not only that, in traditional Hinduism the woman gets the "caste" of her husband – in this case casteless (thankfully) Parsi.

In other words, Rajeev Gandhi was a Parsi, Zoroastrian (regardless of his belief, if any).

And Rahul Gandhi is CLEARLY Parsi (regardless of his mother being Christian). Rahul Gandhi CAN NEVER be accepted into Hinduism under traditional rules.

This, in any event, is the traditional Hindu story.

So Rahul Gandhi is LYING.

But I'm an opponent of the caste system and this stream of thought (howsoever interesting to some) is irrelevant.

What may be relevant is the original meaning of the word "Brahmin" that was pointed out by Sureshan on this blog the other day:

Story of Maithreya is very important . Here explains what is the real meaning of Brahmin- a person of high thoughts and high knowledge can be Brahmin. Since Maithreya was born to a domestic servant he did not know who was his father. After attaining knowledge he was became Brahmin. So the basis for identification of four different sects was their duties and nothing more. By birth no body entitled to claim any caste  [Source].

Assuming this meaning to be true, only someone of high knowledge and high thoughts can be considered Brahmin.

Thus Nehru was a genuine Brahmin (I hold him in high esteem as a thinker, despite vehement difference with his ideology). And Ambedkar was a Brahmin.

But Rahul Gandhi??

He must be joking.

What a clown.


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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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13 thoughts on “Nehru was a Brahmin. Ambedkar was a Brahmin. But Rahul Gandhi? What a joke!
  1. Munish Raizada

    Good analysis. This information needs to spread to masses. It will be a dis grace and misfortune if India is a clown like Rahul Gandhi ever becomes Prime Minister of India.

  2. Kishan

    Let us leave the tradition of Hindu families aside for the sake of argument.We can accept that Indira was a devout Hindu.Dhirendra Brahmchari was her yoga teacher.She must have visited almost all famous Hindu temples and prayed there. One knew from her these and other acts and her attitude towards religion in general that she was Hindu in her mind and in her actions. But the same things cannot be said for either Rahul’s father or her mother or even for him. So from this view point his claim to be a Brahmin is duplicity of the highest degree.
    The other viewpoint i.e. how Manu defined a Brahmin, a Kshatriya, a Vaishya, and a Shudra, you have already dealt in your post. By that definition Ambedkar was a Brahmin of the highest order.

  3. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Kishan, I have clarified (unless I’m proven wrong) that Indira Gandhi was NOT a Hindu according to the strict interpretation of Manu’s laws. True, there is no restriction on non-Hindus visiting Hindu temples or praying to Hindu gods. But they cannot become Hindu under the strict interpretation of Hindu laws.

    I oppose all such laws, but I do want to make clear that either Rahul accepts in these laws or he opposes them. If he accepts these laws, then he is NOT Hindu. Can NEVER be Hindu, leave alone Brahmin.

    If he denies these laws (as I do, since I have effectively abstracted the best from Hinduism), then he still is NOT a Brahmin.

    Either way, Rahul Gandhi seems to be lying, BIG TIME! – unless someone can show that my interpretation is incorrect.


  4. buddha






  5. Raghav

    Nehru did not born in Brahman family, neither he was not brahman by deeds
    How Nehru could claim himself as brahman?

  6. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    I’m not very good at such things. What’s the “caste” of a “Kashmiri Pandit”?

  7. s sanyal

    Feroze Gandhi was not a Parsee. Please correct yourself. His original name was Feroze Khan and he was Muslim by birth.

  8. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Kindly provide proof of your statement.

    Wikipedia states: Feroze Jehangir Gandhi was born to a Parsi family at the Tehmulji Nariman Hospital situated in Fort, Bombay. His parents, Faredoon Jehangir and Ratimai (formerly Ratimai Commissariat), lived in Nauroji Natakwala Bhawan in Khetwadi Mohalla in Bombay.[5] His father Jehangir Gandhi was a Marine Engineer in Killick Nixon and was later promoted as a Warrant Engineer.[6] Feroze was the youngest of the five children with two brothers Dorab Gandhi and Faridun Jehangir Gandhi,[7][8] and two sisters, Tehmina Kershashp Gandhi and Aloo Gandhi Dastur.[9] The family had migrated to Bombay from Bharuch in South Gujarat where their ancestral home, which belonged to his grandfather, still exists in Kotpariwad.[10]

  9. jalwan

    thanks sanjeev ji ur views / lines of action highly appreciable n great . certainly u r light for the society as a whole for the mankind . none is high or low by birth but actions make so . due to enmity n pride of vasisth n viswamittra all sons of former got killed none except his son’s pregnant wife whom parasar was born. parasar while crossing the river raped the fisherwoman resulting baby biyas was left in jungal . later on biyas was biological father of akshtriya duryodhana , pandava who could not be father whose wife kunti n madri had akshtriya sons from diffrent persons , sudra vidur from maid and brahmin sukhdev from own wife . if everybody in the society is really educated , they may understand the nonsense creation of caste where brahman protected by akshtriya ,financed by vaishya n served by sudra no longer exists because of great brahmans like ambedkar with whose blessing low caste person heading the greatest democracy of the world and otherwise brahmans proved shradh khanewale brahmans by killing the congress who made ambedkar to elections in own state however he won from bangal where converted brothers voted for him to win ,which area is in banladesh . caste divides, brotherhood unites