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Why the Narendra Modi saga is not going to end as the BJP wants it to end

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Do read this article and watch the video. Then also read the article linked below.

I'm unable to form a clear opinion either way, but things don't look good for Modi in the court of public opinion. Too many things are happening to witnesses (threats, disappearances), too many dots are not being joined, too many questions being left unanswered.

ArticleThe 2002 Gujarat Riots: Key Cases


Counter article: Tehelka lies


The reality is that it is VERY HARD (IMPOSSIBLE is the word) to believe that this man (Babu Bajrangi?) was not involved in at least some heinous way. 

In the court of public opinion, Modi remains a likely criminal. I am unable to give him a clean chit. I do hope I'm wrong and that Modi is making FERVENT effort to catch and punish criminals. But I await evidence that this is indeed happening.

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