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One fears for an India under Narendra Modi: intimidating those who speak against him

Sanjiv Bhatt, the officer who filed an affidavit showing that Modi DELIBERATELY went slow in the 2002 riots, has been arrested because one of the two witnesses he cited has now been either intimidated or bought out by Modi.
Fortunately for Bhatt, it appears that another key witness has NOT changed his statement. But one worries for the security of that witness now (apart from the security of Bhatt). Expect Tarachand the driver to meet an "unanticipated" accident if he doesn't renege on his statement.
I fear for India should Narendra Modi ever get to the position of becoming PM. This is totally unacceptable. Here is a person who has risked his career to state the TRUTH about Modi (a well known truth, by the way), and now he has been arrested.
Syed said that Tarachand Yadav, one of the two key witnesses to the fact that Bhatt had attended the meeting called by Modi of February 27, 2002 — after Godhra train burning incident — had not changed his statement.

"Tarachand (driver) and Pant, both had accompanied Bhatt to the meeting. They both sat outside while Bhatt attended the meeting," he said.
"Tarachand has not changed his stand, but Pant has been cleverly picked up by the government and made to change his statement and file FIR against Bhatt," Syed claimed. [Source]



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