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I chanced upon an interview with Stewart Brand, the author of the above book, in the Weekend Australian Magazine of Oct 30-31 2010, which, unfortunately, is not available online. 

The main thing to note here is that Stewart Brand was a fanatic eco-imperialist till he finally started looking at the facts. 

I still think he is confused because he supports the idea that mankind can cause problematic global warming. But leaving aside that aberration, he now supports nuclear energy, GM crops, and geo-engineering.

I've not read the book (nor can I read it in my present really bad! physical condition), but it is good to know that there are some eco-fanatics who are slowly coming round to the sensible views long advocated by critical thinkers like Julian Simon and, more generally, by the classical liberals, who have enormous faith in the ability of mankind to, through freedom, resolve any problem that they may possibly come across. 

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