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Welcome to World 2.0

The common man now matters. Finally we are rid of the obligation to only read inane commentary in newspapers by opinionated boors and politicians masquerading as the sole custodians of wisdom and competence. We can now, finally, talk to each other and learn directly from each other. The world is now able to speak to itself through Web2.0, without the need of intermediation by 'priests' with bloated egos.  I like to call this new world, World 2.0.

World 1.0 was when we were talked "down" upon by others. Now we talk "up", and the press and media listen. The press is therefore in precipitous decline while the world is fighting back from its million year curse of anonymity. We are now not just faceless voters, not just the "common man" (or woman), but people with a face who demand that the world pay attention to their thoughts and ideas.


A friend on Facebook complained today that: "Plugins that aggreate social networks are evil, get rid off…"

HERE'S MY RESPONSE (slightly edited)

(Dear XX) Marketing! This is about marketing one's message. Everyone has the choice of switching off. It is not spam. I'm linking up my blog to everything else now. The results are positive. The common man has finally found a voice. Very feeble, but a bit stronger than the anonymity imposed by the powerful, corrupted media. 

I prefer to read comments by my good Facebook friends (most of whom I've never met in real life) to inane news about the goings on of our politicians (or film actors) in newspapers. 

The common person has much wisdom to share. A bit more noisy perhaps, but there is sponotaneous clustering of like-minded people together, now. That is nothing short of a miracle. 

Sitting in a remote corner of the world here in Melbourne, thousands of miles from civilisation, I've helped people wake up in many corners of India – and work together towards a common cause. If this is not empowerment then I don't know what is. 

Welcome to World 2.0.


An excellent example of the common man's wisdom:


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