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Five falsehoods that most Indians believe

  1. That India’s large population size is a problem (e.g. “we are too big and other country lessons don’t apply to us”).
  2. That British rule harmed us so much that we are unable to recover from it.
  3. That capitalism is about exploitation of the poor by the rich.
  4. That Indians are fundamentally dirty and therefore litter their environment, as such nothing can be done about it.
  5. That India is a complex society with different religions and castes and so it can never succeed.

There are many other falsehoods they believe: the list is almost endless. But these are perhaps the main ones.

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Rabi Kant Bharti explains SBP’s key message in Bengali

Please share this widely with anyone who follows Bengali. West Bengal has been DECAPITATED by socialism and communism. It is the state which has forgotten Tagore’s Heaven of Freedom – and is in most need of liberty.

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