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First impression of Delhi and Gurgaon after two years – a stinking, broken, run-down hell-hole

I reached Delhi early today morning – my first visit to India after two years.

Delhi inner roads are as bad as ever. Massive potholes, rundown and ramshackle walls, filth strewn around everywhere. Looks like India has absolutely no idea about what development looks like. And my good God! the smell, the stench. Spoils one’s day completely. India STINKS. The big sewer.

Even the half-capitalist China – which was far behind India at the time of India’s independence -has whipped India in the competition to succeed.

The Modi government is failing BIG TIME. By mid-2017 I can see social unrest and agitations arising across the country, as people give up hope and take to the streets.

The world has passed India by. We are seeing a country in terminal decline (even though it boasts of “great” growth rates). The administrative and political system has entirely failed. The country is moving glacially forward, at a time when the rest of the world has gone far, far ahead.

And I can report that the brain drain – or rather exodus – from India has gathered pace. Almost all my relatives’ children have left India, and others are being asked to leave. That must be happening to all children across the country.

This is the time to do or die. Fight for liberty, fight for reforms.

This is China

This is India


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“The Rise and Fall of Socialism” – highly recommended video

Mr Govardhan Desai, a staunch supporter of liberty from India, sent me information re: these videos:

Sir, I saw three videos on you tube  titled THE RISE AND FALL OF SOCIALISM.  If you have not already watched them, I feel you will enjoy watching them.  In the third part they have shown how in  communist China initially eight  people in charge of collective farm unofficially divided the property into eight shares, with exclusive rights to cultivate and appropriate the crop to themselves. They even took the risk of getting arrested in this process.  This resulted in doubling of the output and slowly this paved the way for restoration of private property rights.  Similarly, in Israel the Kibbutz experiment also failed.

I’m linking the first of these. The others will automatically show up.

I’ve not had a chance to watch them, but given Mr. Desai’s recommendation, I have no hesitation in sharing these with everyone.

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Modi is unfit to govern India – the atrocities in Jammu and Kashmir are consistent with his atrocities in Gujarat

My FB comment on Ghulam Nabi Azad’s recent speech in the Indian Parliament  (speech linked below):

Thanks a lot for [sharing] this, Mr Zafar Jung. A truly inspiring speech.

And it points the blame where it belongs – to the violent “preachers” of organisations associated with Modi.

Modi is unfit to govern India.He has totally failed. After conniving with atrocities in Gujarat, he has now been conniving with Hindutva fanatics in destroying the peace and amity among the various communities of India. [Facebook]

My further comment:

I had said this some days ago:
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Initial stocktake of private cities

To my mind, a city can be called a private city when it meets the following conditions:

  • it is “owned” by a private company or a consortium of companies on perpetual lease from the main territory in which it is located.
  • the city’s territory is ultimately owned by the territorial government. Allocating this land to the city on lease does not involve forcible acquisition of land from existing private residents. If any private residents already live there, their land is purchased by the private city. In any event, no coercion is used.
  • security of territory is assured by the territorial government
  • the lease agreement contains a commercial quid pro quo, e.g. a share of “revenues” raised by the private city.
  • all other institutions of the are designed privately, not imposed by the territorial government.

As far as I can see, there is no private city in the world today. Jamshedpur perhaps started off as a private city but I’ve not had time to investigate. In any event, it is not a private city today.

Here is a stocktake of some related efforts. I’ve not had time to study/list all of them, so this will remain a placeholder post.


Greater Springfield, Ipswich (Brisbane)

Charter cities

  • the concept explained by Paul Romer

Seasteading [website]

  • a talk by Joe Quirk

The key idea behind seasteading is that governments will not permit private cities on land, so the cities must be started in the sea.

LEAP-zones (e.g. in Honduras)

LEAP Zones: Faster growth with less conflict -by Michael Klein July 12, 2013

There Are No Peasants Here: Honduras’ brave new economic experiment is buoying an era of development by kicking poor farmers off their land. BY LAUREN CARASIKOCTOBER 23, 2015

The Blank Slate State

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The head racketeer: “Swami” Nithyananda – usually found cheating people on the outskirts of Bangalore

Well, whose lying “followers” are the ones who duped RM? (see my previous blog post)

Turns out they follow one “Swami” Nithyananda.

His website: http://www.nithyananda.org/keywords/3rd-eye-reading#gsc.tab=0

His “demonstration” of “third eye”:

I’ve also downloaded this fakester’s video, since he may well delete it.

I ask him to get a million dollars from Randi and 5 lakh rupees from Nayak before cheating the people of India any further.


It turns out (that’s a separate issue) that the man has had a major skirmish with the police: “Sex with me a divine act, Swami Nithyananda told devotee” also here, here, here). Also video below.

I have no time to go into details, but the man has had numerous police issues in his life: India police quiz guru Nithyananda over assault claims, etc.

Apparently “medical tests” exonerated this man from rape charges. So I won’t go there – let the matter rest – no time to comment.

But this is clear: there is no smoke without fire. Almost all “swamis” of India are fundamentally crooked.

This is the kind of man RM thinks is honestly capable of “third eye” vision!

Either RM is a dupe or himself a scamster.

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